Spirit, no matter what we may want to believe, never leaves us to fend for ourselves. She really only patiently stays nearby in our times of turmoil, like a good Mother will, to make sure that as we are learning, we do not end up the prey of our own emotional hurricane.


Right now there are a whole, whole lot of us humans here on the planet who are experiencing a whole, whole lot of turmoil. At this moment, a whole lot of us feel like we just want to stop the train and get off, but we can’t, because this is not a train – it is more like a hurricane, and unlike a train which we can stop, we cannot stop a hurricane. Like all else in the natural world, they are merely and simply a big, giant scary fact of life, much like the very ones which we all end up having to face and to deal with from time to time. At this time, collectively, we are all going through a phase of what seems like we are only just losing everything that means anything to us, myself included in that group. Right now a lot of us are in pain, in emotional turmoil, and not one of us wants to deal with it all, but deal with it all we must. 

My own life is rife with contradiction, on many levels, and with many people. There are very few with whom I can share my trust with, and the ones who I can share this with know who they are, and these who I share that trust with also are just like me – very guarded, not only because of all of the losses that we each and all have already gone through, but more, because while it is that we are trying to heal our pain from the previous losses, we are now being given more and more of them, and for the life of us it seems as though we have become the step-child of the Mother Goddess. I have to tell you now that it is nothing like that at all. It seems like it, but it isn’t. What is really happening is that we are all being thrust into our higher selves, being lifted another level in our own consciousness, and it is not a fun nor happy time for a bunch of us. 

I suppose I chose to write this today because there are some in my own inner circle who are very dearly in a LOT of pain right now, and it is all due to the idea that, yes, even I, need to think about what it is that I feel for real about these things that I am going through, that we are all going through, and not try to change a thing other than our ability to accept it all. 

Yup…kind of sucks, right? (right).

Okay, so, since we all know what we cannot do, we have not each and all, meaning the every one of us on this planet, and much like knowing what we like versus what we do not like, what it is that we CAN do about this all. In the physical world, we have to face these things, because the way that they have been presented to us all has caused there to be an insurmountable difficulty in trying to remain as who we are no longer. I didn’t realize this one thing until, in the wee hours of this very morning, it hit me on the head like a ton of bricks – the things and ways of being and doing and having that we each and all chose to have are about to become what we want them to be, or better than what we want them to be, and in order to get there, we have to go through this part, and yes, this part sucks okole.

Yet, when we think about it for a moment, and we think about the things that we haven’t got in our own control, and think, too, about the things that we do have in our control, and we realize that there is a balancing act going on here, and that we are bristling from the pain which is caused by it all, even as it does not make things feel any better, I know that I can speak only for myself when I say that, just like the scales of Libra, it is actually time to celebrate and really, time to look forward to the finding of the treasures in the rubble caused by the havoc.

That really is it, guys, and yes, this is likely all I am planning on writing today, because I am just not feelin’ it….I am just not feeling like I can say more, and really, I am just not feeling like I am going to get through this day without more tears falling. The only thing that we can look forward to when it is that we are going through all of this turmoil is just simply to look for the beauty in it all.

What else can I possibly offer you than that I am human, too, and that I can be all the healer I am but…today?

I am just Rox, and Rox is tired….

I Love You All


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