Things are actually moving quicker than you want to believe

Lots has happened, and lots is still happening. We want so badly for our lives to be “better” that we are not paying attention to the fact that right this moment, when you think about it, things are better than they have been in a very long time…



There is no one who can or will convince me that the things that have happened to us all and in all of our lives these last few months and weeks have been without cause or purpose.

Many times in our lives we have been met with things that have come into our lives without our thinking that the things that were happening somehow were happenstance. Lots of clarity has happened. Lots of people finding their other half has happened. Lots of completion. Lots of endings, even if those endings were somewhat and somehow more symbolic, even as the truth of those things are yet in manifest. Yes, you guys…the things that we each want and see and pine for are in manifest, and I have learned very well over these last few and harrowing weeks that it is best that we all just chill and let Spirit do Her thing, because when She does Her thing, everything else just seems to turn out exactly how it’s all meant to.

We might not like the way things are right this moment, but I have to remind us all that EVERYTHING we are going through right now is as it is meant to be. This simply means that as we are waiting for the things to happen that we each and all know are going to happen that we should try to do other things that are as important. I had to learn this one very harsh lesson, and it was a lesson that was well needed, not only by me, but also by the others who are all so dearly and deeply entrenched into these things that we are going through. There are things that I know that in my life are supposed to be as they are right now for a reason, and while I do not know the actual reason, I do know that the reason for the reason is in learning something. It is not only my lesson, but also that I am meant as a lesson for more than only one other person. In fact, every single one of us is a teacher as well as a student, and every single one of us is teaching other people, even if we don’t realize that we are.

Sometimes, the things that we learn are more along the lines of our having stepped away from something for a while just so that we can make sure that it is really what we want and need. More times, we are likened to stay in a situation long enough to drive us mad in some manner, to the point of tears and feeling stuck and not realizing that the stuck feeling is the lesson and is a lesson about endurance and how much of any one thing it is that we can tolerate. I found out, at least where it is that I am concerned, that it is a whole lot.  I can tolerate a whole lot. In fact, a lot of us can tolerate more than we ever thought we could, and it is only now that we are each scratching the surface of the things that we want to have in our lives, and the things that we know we need in our lives, and more importantly than anything else at all, what it is that we have learned that we really and truly do not need in our lives anymore.

This is not to say that we don’t need to be reminded of things that hurt us, because the hurt that has left the wound is waiting to scar over and become a battle wound that is the beautiful reminder of where we have been. Without the things that have happened, seriously, nothing that we want to happen will happen. Nothing that we need to happen can be, and nothing that we know is meant to happen is going to be able to do that unless we are willing to wait for it all. If there is anything at all that any person with a brain in their heads knows about that is irritating to no end, it is the waiting for the things that we know are in manifest to become the tangible reality. The funny thing about tangible reality is that while it is that we have been told “it takes work,” what we don’t realize is that the more important work is the work on the inside of us, the work that does not have a paycheck attached to it, and the work that hurts us all the way down to the very core of our Being.

The Core of Our Being is Where We Hurt the Most and the Longest

A very good friend contacted me today, one who I’d not heard from nor seen in quite some time. She stepped away from her learning, and even as I am not allowed, by the whims of Spirit, to tell this young person what it is that she has accomplished, the one thing that stood out the most to me was that she has come to that place where there is something in her reality that she knows she has called into Being, and there are things which are there and present in her own personal awareness that still make her ache. The beauty about this is that she was not afraid to tell me why it was that she aches so very much, or why it is that she now suddenly feels like she needs to have me teach her how to do what she must in order to not ache anymore. When I told her that it was not easy to do, and when I presented her with the thing that she needed the most, it was like I could see the light hovering over her, and sensed the relief she was feeling once it was that I explained to her that the things she has been through were meant, and that no matter how those things make her feel now, they are over with and they cannot hurt her anymore unless she allows them to.

And that is what all of us needs to understand, that our past pain cannot hurt us like it once did, because even though it still hurts, that pain is from another time, and that pain is there because we are hanging on to it like a crab hangs on to whatever it is that is caught in its claws. Like the crab knows what is worth devouring, what is worth keeping in its lair, and more, what is not, so, too, do we humans also know when something is worthy or not, when something has meaning for us that is beneficial and not only something that reminds us of how we ached so much at one time in our lives, over the things that happened to us, and over the things that we did not, at that time or all of those other times, think were temporary or something that we just were meant to learn about and then release back into the blackness that is the never.

The reason that we ache is because we cannot let go. We are somehow, all of us, attached to the lessons that we have already learned, still raw from the fears within us that came to a full head these last weeks and months, and we found out, in many different ways, what was, what is, what will always be, worthy of our energy. When finally we have something worthy of our grip, we fear losing it when really, the tighter we hold on, the more that we do not allow the life through the breath of Spirit into our lives so that She can light the way to the most perfect rendition of imperfection that we can conjure in our hearts and minds that we also cannot seem to believe is on its way to us, no matter what it is.

That’s right…all that stuff and all those people and everything that we have ever wanted is already here, already in manifest, and when we stop and take in breath and we figure out, sort of quickly even, that we cannot change the rate of speed at which Spirit does Her thing. We try and try to make things happen, try to do whatever it is that we can in order to make things go faster, namely when it is something that we really want to see happen a certain way, and to no avail – everything that we do with the intention of manipulating things to happen our way only makes us more impatient. I know this for sure. This is me. There are things that, in my opinion, are WAY past time for them to just evolve. “Get limu on top,” my grandmother always said, meaning that, like algae grows on rocks over time, so, too, does the sameness of the energy of all of these lessons we are each learning at this time. We all know how we feel, and for the very life of the all of us, we cannot figure out what it is that we have missed along the way, that would cause what seems like things going waaaay slow….well, guys, did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, things going on around us are going at the correct rate of speed and that maybe we are all growing so fast that it is US, and NOT the things we want or need or desire to be that are taking too long. It is that we are each and all growing at such an alarming speed, that it seems like life is just a mess.

It is, but at the same time, you are way ahead of the mess, with the end, or at least something close to the end, very near in sight. And …ugh….it feels like everyone else is dragging their feet, or like the weather won’t cooperate, or the bill collectors won’t stop calling, or the rest of life that is likely thinking the same things that you are right this moment. It just feels like you are all alone in it, even though consciously, you are not. You know you are not, but it feels like it. Imagine, though, what it would be like if we didn’t have all of life attached to someone else’s idea of time. Think about it. It seems like we are going through things again and again, and some of us are going through the same things, again and again, thinking that we already learned our lesson from these people. It never crosses our minds that maybe it is not we who are learning, but are now at this time teaching. It is like raising kids. At some point, as many of my friends and I are learning about our twentysomething offspring, we stop raising them, take a long look at them, and come to terms with the idea that we are now teaching them. None of us would know what it was like to be able to recognize what a hungry baby sounds like, or a tired one, or an irritated one – they all sound alike, even though they are all unique- if these tiny little people who’ve come into our lives and who turned into these larger regular sized ones who, at some point, no longer need us to raise them and they no longer need to teach us how to care for a human life that is so fragile for so many years.

Eventually, the tables turn and it becomes our turn to teach them. No, not how to pay bills, but that even their lives away from us will have grief, will have heartaches, and that how they utilize what they learn is all their own. Most of all, it is our turn to teach them about a lesson called Life, and not about how to create one in the biological sense – they all already know about that one- but about Life, and how to live it properly and without doing a whole lot of damage along the Path.

In that same manner, we expect other peoples’ lives that mirror our own in one way or another, to “get it” in terms of what we are trying to accomplish in our own live. When we get to a certain point, it feels like we have to stop and wait for the rest of the world to catch up, not even thinking that maybe what needs to happen is that we who are becoming impatient, need really and simply just to chill…myself very well included in this.

Think about it for a minute and wrap your head around what you just read and think about everything in each of our lives, as well as everyone that this could apply to.

Now think about your place in it all and understand that yeah, it sucks feeling impatient, feeling like we are waiting for one single solitary damned day to just not feel like we have to think about what we have to do, or what we don’t have, or anything else that seems like another thing that we cannot or seem to not be allowed to do, and think about how it seems like you have to go back again and again, just to make sure that you didn’t forget to do something…and most of the time, you didn’t forget.

It was just that, you didn’t remember, and really, that is what this is all about…remembering.

Remembering, because we really never forget.

…Loving You All …

ROXMaika'i Ka 'Oiwi o Ka'ala - Splendid is the form of Mount Kaʻal


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