When All Else Fails, Shift Into Neutral

All human beings have the ability to cause major changes in our lives, but the thing that we need to do is learn to let go of the outcomes we see in our head and want so badly to be the truth.



To have an epiphany means to end up having a sudden understanding about a thing. There are a lot of us who have had such things happen for us over the last few weeks, and over the last few weeks we have all been changed in some manner or another, and the change, by any means, is not a small one and neither is it the only one.  In fact,  inside of the one epiphany are gathered many others, and that is the reason why shifting into a neutral energy is important.

Think about it

When I was told by someone that instead of putting energy toward an outcome of something (because the outcome was what I’d wanted so badly, based only upon the things that I was feeling at the time), that I should think neutrally about it, it dawned on me that the way I had been going about things was really very much a large and annoying mass of confusion because the truth is that at that time, none of the outcomes that my logical human thinking could conjure were “good enough” for everyone involved. There was always going to be that one person for whom even as what I wanted, even as what it is that I still see as being the outcome of things, who would be involved and would somehow be the one who would be the difference in how things turned out.

And I can still see the same outcome, but the energy that I once had toward that same outcome is not what it was just recently. In fact, the energy now is very neutral in that no matter what the outcome turns out to be, it will still be what I need it to be, will still be what I know it is going to be, but without the negative energy which was produced by that outcome and the energy placed toward it in the manner that it was being placed toward it.

Once it was that I did what I never thought I should do, because the thought never crossed my mind, because for the very life of me I could not figure things out due to the idea that what I want I also need, and when push came to shove, there was only a handful of people who not only could help me figure out in black and white what I needed to do, but really, there were only two people who willingly told me what I needed to do and how to do it. That was the thing that I needed the most. It was not that I wanted anyone else to do anything for me, but that I needed to be told what exactly needed to be done.

And so, I did it.  I shifted into neutral, and when I did, even though at first it didn’t seem like anything was happening, all the while, behind the scenes, I knew something was indeed happening.

Bigger than I had expected

Make no mistake – the person with whom these epiphanies were brought to me, at least a few of them, that is, was not the person who anyone would think they would come from. Needless to say, the thing that needed to happen among all the other things which are in utero in the womb of the Universal vibe happened, and still, even as it is two days later, I am not so much in shock as much as I am in the energy of much needed (yet guarded…I am still human, guys) relief. And when I say that I am relieved, I mean that I am relieved that there has come to the surface a mutually agreed upon energy that is made up of a long time of pain being placed into the lives of myself and others, brought not only by one person, but somehow cultivated through the energies of the entirety of the whole of the group.

Were that it were not for the ugliness which ensued throughout the time from this past Friday to right this moment, these epiphanies brought about by having been through way too much as is, and finally, that moment of forgiveness of the self for not having been able to understand something for a long, long time came and draped us all with itself. While the relief is a long time coming, and while it is that there is still the rest of the journey from here on out, this is the starting point rather than an ending. It technically is an end, but not an end which is not somehow very dearly wanted and needed on so many levels, by all involved, that to think that having been trying so hard, for so long, to even gather a tiny bit of understanding from what has been a very big and ugly mess for a very long, long time, is impossible to wrap one’s head around. Yet, it is here, and it is real, and all those who need to know what has happened know.

It was not more than an actual shift in thinking that brought this to this point.

Like shifting a car into neutral

No. It was not that simple. It took many years for me to grab onto the idea that hanging on to the outcome that I would like, that even collectively EVERYONE would have liked, was not going to make things happen any easier. Had anyone at all just put it plainly to me that the thing that needed to happen was akin to shifting my thoughts from 5th gear to neutral, I might not be writing this right now. For a long time all I wanted to do was have some relief, and for as long, all I wanted to know was what I was missing – which step it was, that is, that I was not taking. While it was and still is that I am learning what I am supposed to, sometimes, when things are at the point of desperation, and the thing that is needed and wanted is just out of reach, and the things that we are taught do not include what it is that we need to do, and also when it seems that people expect that I would want anyone to do anything other than to just please tell me what I need to do, in plain black and white, without the shroud of mystery so included in all of this weirdness that I am still very much learning my way around.

Sometimes, we need to be given very detailed and strict instructions. When someone is hurting, it is our choice to either tell them what needs to be done, or make them continue to seek the answers. And mind you that neither of these two ways are bad or wrong.

While I am one who is willing to seek answers, the thing that would have been what I needed the most were the set of instructions, or at least a little hint, so as to allow me and anyone else to follow said instructions and test it out for ourselves. It took me a long time to think about what it was that I wanted and needed and still need to happen.  It really doesn’t matter to me what other people think of the way that I have handled this to this point, because there are truly very few people who totally understand what it is that I have been through, even though I have told my own story for a long time. I never wanted anyone to think that I was depending on anyone else to do this for me – I know better than that. All I really needed was a set of instructions, so that I could, through my own shifting of energetic gears from high gear to no gear at all, breathe again and have that ability to clearly see where it is that I now am. Where I now am is far better than I was just a little less than a week ago.

When we have the chance to let someone in on the secrets that we know they need, and so long as we are aware that we are going to have to do the work ourselves, it is not our duty as much as it is our choice to give them that alternative means of getting to a place which is agreeable to all involved. I won’t ever say that it is this person’s fault, or that person’s fault. It isn’t. I will say though, that, when I got to the very end of my own rope, and on the other end of the line was someone who had finally had enough of my hurting, enough of my pain, enough of my telling them that there are days when I just do not want to get out of bed, this person very gently gave me what I needed, which was simply a set of instructions. What I chose to do with those instructions were mine alone.

This is what anyone needs, but they do not need it until they get to that point where, in reality, the pain is so great and so looming that to not ask for the help is about as foolish as it gets. I asked for the help, in the form of my crying out to the Universe with all of the pain that was gathered throughout the time that I have been walking the crust of the earth. Only one person would be able to give me said set of instructions in the manner that she had, the way a best friend is supposed to, and as always, she was right. She is always right. It was not until someone gave me exactly what I needed, which was to tell me that I needed to simply just shift into a neutral position on what I know is supposed to happen. I needed to be trusted enough to be able to handle the thing that I had to do. It just took someone to tell me the black and white instructions, and the black and white instructions were put into play and here I am now, one week after the energetically violent nature of things came to a head, one week after the turmoil felt on several different levels and which had several different layers of hurt, of feelings of a lifetime of emotionally being abandoned by some of the very most important people in my life, are much easier to deal with.

When it is that we cannot bear the pressure of the energies which are within us is when we are meant to stop and take a look at what is pressuring us and why we feel the way that we do. It does not take a whole lot of things not going one person’s way for anyone to think that no one wants to help us. It might not be that they do not want to but that really, they are as tired and taxed as we are. However, there is always that one person who is always going to give us the hints that we need, and it is through our crying out to the Universe that this eventual shifting of gears happens for us and to us.

Where there is a lot of pressure in our lives and in our spirits is also where we need to take the pressure off of that one thing and shift our energies in to a neutral position, where the emotional nature of things which are created by our egos have caused us to become needy for things that are not of the best nature and are made to feel like this because the truth is totally that we need an end to things. I won’t lie – I still feel the way that I did in regards to the outcome that I would love to see happen, because it is an outcome that would benefit everyone involved. I will also not lie again and say that I have to have that one thing, because what I was given was so much more…insanely cool…that to bother with the other outcome that I wanted so badly is like not only looking a gift horse in the mouth, but also kicking said horse in the eyes.

Shift into neutral when it seems like you have exhausted all other means of relief. Neutral takes away the confusion and replaces it with logic.

I Love You All !


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3 responses to “When All Else Fails, Shift Into Neutral

  • mihrank

    Wow – This is very informative, valuable and to the point. All my compliments to you!!

  • ReverendRoxie22

    My good friend…I must apologize for not yet having been able to look at your posts – the truth is that along with what I have written about here, the other thing that has been impeding my ability to do any kind of work at all in so far as writing online is concerned is my internet connection which has been possessed for weeks now lol

    I thank you for always having such kind things to say !!


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