Do you see what I see? (Probably not)

Awareness. It can serve us or, through our not wanting to look at what is the truth and the reality, it can hinder us. What is in your awareness, and more – do you know why it is there?


It is my opinion that being aware of things is far more than watching one’s own okole. True, in our physical awareness, and with everything that we see within it, we can see the basic truths of things as they are in the physical sense of things.  We are not really sensing, unless we have been taught to do so, what else is there, in our awareness, and why it is there.

In the lives of Light Workers and Healers, it is awareness which makes us seem as though we have some sort of magical ability to sense where it is that other people are in need of healing (we do, but that is for another blog post). By healing, I do not mean of only the physical sort, but of the emotional and soul sort, which really is where all of our ailments in the body come from. Our thoughts dictate our perception of things, and our memories and the imprint left there by past events help to confirm for us what has come into our awareness.  How we see what has come into our own awareness is how we will always, until we learn to replace whatever it is that is symbolized by what we are looking at, feeling, smelling, hearing, etc., through the limited capabilities of our five physical senses, see what has come into it. The things contained in those thoughts become the symbol of whatever emotions we have behind those thoughts.

And for real, that is where our own personal reality begins – with our own symbols of what we are aware of at any given time.

Turtles, Sharks, Pineapples, Crabs, Alligators, Teeth…

You are all likely wondering what these seemingly random things are about.  For each of these things, there is a corresponding reason for the symbolism produced by each of them, for me, which relates to something or someone else.  Each of these things carry specific meaning and energy for me, and each of these things is related to something as well as someone else.  However, what each of these things means to me does not mean that each of these things will also mean the same things to you.

What are my personal symbols and the reasons behind them are mine. This does not mean that someone else does not have the same symbolism, for the same reason, but normally, what is my “Gator” is someone else’s “Monkey,” and what is my “monkey” is no one’s business but my own.

Symbolism plays a huge part in our own personal awareness of things, of situations, of people. It also is sort of a holder, a container, if you will, of memories which give us each its own personalized energy that was not only created by us, but also has been stored in the capacity in which it was presented to us.  If someone told us something years ago, and we mentally relate that thing to something else, usually a visual, like a mental picture of even a movie scene (no, really), the way that we will remember that is either that it was a good thing (such as the word “Pineapple,” and how it has always made me feel) or perhaps a very bad thing (such as the word “Turtle,” and how, from time to time, it makes me feel), and that is how we will store the memory – it was either good, or it was bad. It is not the actual symbol, but the event related to that symbol that is also where the energy, at least in each of our heads, is stored, good or bad.

What is my “Pineapple” will not be yours, but it could be your “Coconut”

Now, while I am sitting here writing this, and as I read my own words, I am given to a bit of laughter, because what those two words symbolize for me, at least, will not be what they are for a whole LOT of other people, unless those other people know what each of those relate to (only a small handful of people know what either of those two words mean for me…I know they’re  just fruit to you, but they mean a whole, WHOLE lot to me…). My whole point here is that, with just the opening sentence to this portion of this writing, I have effectively planted a seed, not about pineapples and coconuts, but about other things that you, the reader, relates those things to.  At this time, there are some of you whose immediate mind picture was of Hawai’i, and for others, summertime, and yet others, people (yes, people). No matter how anyone looks at each of these words, and knowing what they are technically, no matter what – each of us at this very moment is seeing a different mind-picture, even as we are all seeing the very same words.

It is our awareness of things, of these things which we each have and call our own symbols that bring to us the pieces of reality which we have created.  This is what is meant by anyone at all saying that we create our own reality. Everything that we see and know and feel in our lives, somehow, we drew to ourselves.  What we are not aware of at the time that the things in our awareness is created is that, really, we called what we have in our lives into our lives, because through those things and of course, through those people, there were and are lessons that we also called into our awareness.

Reread that. Reread it because what might seem like I have said that you invited that horribly abusive spouse, that you invited those less-than-desirable people who stole from you into your life, that you invited the way you were treated as a child, that you invited all of the turmoil to your life that you are faced with, in reality, what was really brought by you was the lesson you wanted to learn. It was through means that you could understand why it is that you did not understand why you were someone’s victim (…really, it was so that you would find out that in reality, you were never anyone’s victim, but that you were your own survivor), why those people who swore they were your friends went out into the world and said some really awful stuff about you (…really, it was so that you would know that you truly were NOT with the people who you were meant to hang with, and now look at who you are hangin’ with…yay you!), why it is that anything you have gone through and that also sucked, sucked as badly as it did – it is because you called the lesson into being, that’s why.

You wanted to know some things, and, in wanting to know some things, you needed to have something, some sort of symbol, that you would recognize and that would stick in your brain-cave.  In those things that you needed, there were symbols that you attached to them, and throughout the time that you were learning, you were also cementing into your head whatever symbolism it was that you associated with that person, that place, or that thing, and no matter what way any one of us looks at where we have each been and what we have each gone through, it cannot be denied that whatever it is that you were meant to learn, you probably learned, because you bothered to pay attention to your awareness.

I recall being a little kid and hearing my “Tutu Aunties” (My dad’s aunties…they were ancient to me when I was a child) always scolding us all to ” ‘auhea wale ana ‘oe – PAY ATTENTION!,” and yes, that is what that phrase means, to make sure you are paying attention. I say it often, mainly to some of the teens I coach, that they will want to learn to ‘auhea wale ana ‘oe, because it is not only through what I teach them that they need to retain, but more, what it is that their own good thoughts produce for them as their symbolism and why it is that they associate certain words with certain pictures.  No matter what their reason is, it is their thought associated with a past event which brings to mind their symbols, just as it does for the rest of us.

It is our own symbolism which shows to us, in the manner which only the Mother Goddess can give to us, from our own souls, which help us make the most sense of things, namely when it seems as though there is nothing but nonsense about certain things we have to deal with.  In thinking that we would like to have a better life for ourselves, and for those who we love the very most, we create things that remind us of things associated with the people who are a part of our soul tribe, a part of our family, the family which we were not born into and have instead created for ourselves.

We created the family for ourselves that we do have by calling into our lives and into our awareness the lessons needed so that we may, not seek out these people who we call “family,” but so that at just the right time, when our souls were ready to receive them, and theirs, ours, we just sort of happened for one another. To our lives we draw the people who mean something to us, the very ones who remind us of things, of places, and whenever we think about these people who mean so very much to us, automatically, there are our symbols, our signs telling us that indeed, these people are truly the reason that we went through anything terrible at all with anyone else who is no way associated with the people who hurt us the most and who were also the greatest (harshest) teachers we have ever known or had in our lives.

These new people (and many who are not new and who just happen to happen upon our lives) are the evidence of our awareness, of our paying attention to our symbolism, and about how much we really, really thought well enough of ourselves.  No matter what anyone thinks, the people in our lives are there and there with purpose. They are meant to share with us, and they are also meant to teach us. For those who were treated poorly by someone, the end result has been that the people who show up when we are going through our own healing process are also people who, themselves, need to heal.  The beauty is that, even thought it may seem that you are all somehow out of your minds, you aren’t, but above all, you are with and in the company of people who are worthy of you, of your soul and everything beautiful and magnificent that is contained within it.

The people who mean the very most to us are the ones who seem to show up just in time, who know us without really knowing us, and who seem to be the breather that really no one believes will show up. When they do, it is like being a child again, waiting for the fat guy in the red suit to show up on Christmas morning, except now, the child is an adult, and everyday can be called a reason for childlike, Christmassy excitement.

And hell yes…we all earned whatever it is that we see and feel and know that is within our awareness…no matter what, you brought into your life what you see there now.

Love it…or not…you created it.

Gee…I wonder what else we are all capable of?





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One response to “Do you see what I see? (Probably not)

  • mihrank

    Purpose is very unique, a phenomenon that’s so individual that I believe only you can actually know it or figure it out, though others can certainly help provide input and guidance.

    So, no matter what your thoughts and beliefs are around this concept, or what your thoughts and beliefs are around yourself and the value of you and your life, prepare for life to have some delicious, marvelous surprises in store for you in this area.

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