On Purpose

We were all born to do one thing in this lifetime, and the similarity of that one thing that is shared and between us is our initiative to get on out there in the great big world and “get your good on.” Gettin’ one’s Good On is what we are all meant to do in this time in our lives. So what the hell are you waiting for, permission?

This week alone I have been left speechless by the things that I have heard and been witness to, and all of it has been, even as something that is happening cosmically has left us all a bit weary, very, very extra-special good.

And this is applicable to a whole lot of us. What is also applicable to a whole lot of us is that there are still those of us who are somehow waiting for a sign that now is when we need each other the very most. Now is when we should be happy to be the “Sherpa,” so to speak, for those who appear to need help finding their way down the Path they chose.  Yet, some folks do not know what path they are on, and many more don’t realize that the one they are on will only lead them back to where their own madness began. And there is not one light worker on this or any other planet who will disagree with me when I say that in terms of gettin’ one’s good on, a whole shitload of us are still very dearly trying NOT to do that.

You can try to not do what you are meant to do, but it isn’t going to happen – your good is needed

Your goodness is needed at this time. It doesn’t mean that you cannot be a bad ass – it simply means that it is time to raise you and your vibration and your purpose through the things that you are gifted with to the forefront and no longer fear the idea that you really don’t need other people anymore. You have come this far. You have been able to heal your pain to the point where you can sort of see where you are headed. You have, all this time, thought about the thing that you are good at, and at the same time, you have told yourself all these lies about how you know you are good at that one thing, but that you are not sure that other people will love or even like what it is that you do.

Knock it off. You are never going to know what the truth of you is if you do not allow other people to at least take a glance at it. I get it when talking or writing about trusting people. There are a lot of people who share the air with us who are just about the most untrustworthy folks in the world, but we would rather trade who we are and what we need and desire the most in exchange for some person’s hollow compliment. Compliments are nice. They make us feel like we are someone, but the truth is that they are also, in some cases and ways, akin to cotton candy. Cotton candy can be fun, but it ain’t chocolate. In comparing these two sweets, we find that one is for little kids, and yes, some bigger little kids might like the one for the kids, but everyone, even kids, can’t resist chocolate unless somehow they are allergic to it.

The point is that we can continue to listen to others about the things that we love to do, the things that we are supremely awesome at,  and listen to them about how they like what we have done…until they inject their “but” into it, and that is when we find out not what is in our world, but is in theirs.  If we have or think we have nothing to look forward to, ultimately we will have nothing that appears as though we can look forward to. If we are wise, though, we will see that those things we think are “nothing” are waiting to be transformed by us into “something.” We are meant to create meaningful “somethings” with the people who we share our lives and our times with, and with them we are also lending to the grander energy of purpose, of our singular mission which is paradoxically also collective.

…again….there are some of us here with us who simply just do not get it in terms of doing what they were and are still meant to do. They are not willing to believe that the things that they have lost fortified them to this point and brought to them many times and many chances to not only fix who they are and adjust themselves so that their own growth might happen for them, but they are more inclined to not even bother to look at what can be. We fear so much as it is, and then we want to add to that fear their own fear of failure and their own fear that no one will love them if they should happen to not be awesome at something that in actuality, they want to do, but are afraid they will not rate very high in terms of being able to use what it is that they have been born with.

I know of a whole lot of people who could bring a whole lot of happy to their own lives, and through that happiness brought to their own lives, ultimately they would also bring that same measure to the lives of the people within their awareness. The thing is, for a long time, we have been taught that we are the only one who matters, and that we have to take care of number one, and that is the truth, but there, in that truth, is another truth. That other truth is that our intent behind the energy is what the Universe responds to. Whatever energy it is that we are emitting we are surely going to have right back in our faces. It is the reason that I am always telling people to be very careful of what they wish for, that when they hope things will befall others, to be careful of their own intent behind it. I tell them to look further than only what has happened to them, and try hard to understand that what they have been through is terrible, but who they are is not. I remind them that what they have in their possession is not only a set of memories that will haunt them forever, but also that they can make it so that those memories will be like a gigantic research project that they can refer back to when the time comes and they start feeling like they are not worthy of whatever it is that they offer to the world.

Yes…not worthy…to give to the world what is their particular brand of goodness. I am reminded of people who are incredibly astute in business, who have a certain acumen for just being able to come up with ideas that no one else can (yup…always gonna be that promoter and that marketing ‘suit,’ even without shoes on haha), and unfortunately feel that allowing others into that thought and into that energy somehow will leave the person who thought them all up to somehow lose what they feel is theirs. What they are not thinking about is that the idea will always be theirs, and that no one else on the planet can make that idea come to life in the manner that they have seen it with their third eye, and they abandon any hope for such things to become reality. Then they go further with it, and blame other people for having gotten in the way and stealing not only their idea, but their energy toward that idea, and never will they see said such ideas live.

These people would rather take what has been given to them in terms of help getting to where they want to be and see where they can be, not use it all, blame everyone else in the world for their own self-created “non-happenings” and then proceed to drive other people crazy with their whining, with their “woulda-coulda-shoulda,” and with their all around stink attitude.

You can take what I have said here as being just another cosmic weirdo spouting about things that really, not a whole lot of people will understand without said such weirdos, or you can take it as a weirdo just giving people a clue about why it is that their lives are not as magnificent as they ought to and can be. No one said that being happy was going to be as easy as a few people make it seem. It takes work and self-examination of the soul sort. It takes being able to accept what is both good and “bad” about one’s self. It takes a lot of forgiveness of not thinking when thought was all anything needed, and it takes a lot of parenting the child who still lives within each of us and making that inner kid accept his or her own brilliance.

Yes, people have a hard time accepting that they are awesome. They don’t believe it because all of their lives they have been told that they are “awesome…but…” and to continue to believe that someone else’s big fat “but” is and should be the thing that makes anyone at all be all the them they can be is not the greatest place to be at all. It takes some doing to be ourselves. Really. It takes some doing to be able to no longer believe that what someone else told us is the truth. I say it a lot, that other people will have their own truths about us and that it is not up to us to try to change it for them by our doing anything at all. That is their kuleana, not yours. I say it a lot, that while it matters to us a bit, what other people think of us, it should matter more what we, ourselves think of us. If we know that we have certain things and ways of being about us and talents and abilities that we know are great, and will allow the opinion of others to steal away from us the shiny brilliance that we each possess, we are allowing someone else to control us with their opinion.

How insane is that?

How insane is it that many of us know that we have these things we are great at, and because one person who is not us, no matter who they are, is somehow not thinking about their own gifts in terms of lending to the greater whole of humanity at large, and they are more inclined toward taking and taking and taking and not living up to what their own words are, this is not a person who anyone should be listening to. In fact, send that person to me so I can tell them that they need to stop telling other people about who they are not and figure out who they are all on their own.  How insane is it that any one of us will listen to anyone at all about what it is that we were born with and that they might not have been and believe what they or anyone else will say about who and what we each are, not only to the world, but to ourselves?

Who gave these people the right to orate and opine who they think we are without first taking a look at themselves and seeing there what it is that they want to believe does not exist in us? What are these people so scared of, that they might actually have to live up to something called their purpose and their mission in life? What the hell makes it anyone else’s business what we will do with who we are, and why is it that these certain others want to make us miserable because they are? Why do we even bother to do anything at all anyway in terms of what anyone will say about us? It is not our problem to have to overcome. It is theirs. The reason they tell us what they tell us is because maybe, in all of that telling anyone within their awareness that those “anyones” are anything in life at all is because they, themselves, feel like they have nothing worthy to offer the rest of the world that is the blessing that they truly are. They have not been taught this, have not been taught that indeed, they have their own measure of greatness or that their own greatness is meant as something to be used to help bring out the greatness in others.


If you know who you are, and you know what it is that you are meant to do in this lifetime, dammit get your okole out there and do it…

…the world is waiting…

I Love You All !



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