Bring on the Happy !

One thing that lends to the energy of now is that people are struggling in a lot of ways, but the one way that we are all very well learned about is the one where we have worked at what it is that we do in our lives and have not been compensated for it…that is about to change…

Make no mistake – the life of a creative person who also has a brain in their heads and who has chosen to follow that creative spark, not only as the thing that keeps them sane but more, as the thing that feeds them…it isn’t easy. I know this one personally, and for a lot of years I made it all work. I wrote (still do), and I taught and performed dance (still teach), and I created artwork (still do this one, too), and in between all of those things I managed to live a pretty fun life, given all of the circumstances at the time I was living.

Yet, even as I know and knew that to choose to live the creative life, where it was and is that I am who not only creates my own life, but creates my own living through that creative means within me, that it would not be an easy thing to do in the manner that is being paid the money that I would be paid if I chose to stay “a suit” and in marketing and promotional event planning. I knew that the last “real” job I had would be the last time that I would be conforming, not only to what is acceptable in the eyes of the greater society in which I live, but more, within the community that is made up of who used to be the most important people in my life and who are no longer, because of who they are in relation to me and regardless of who they are in the confines of my life, able to be who they were when first the things and reasons that we were to know one another were apparent.

And let me tell you something, right now – there is no artist who will read this and who will not agree with me when I say that it is not an easy time trying to make your bills vanish and your money not. I am using money and bills and livelihood and the like to illustrate bigger things…in fact, I am using it to illustrate how the tide is about to turn for us, and no, not only us artsy types, not only us writing types, not only us professional weirdo types, but all of us.

All of us are about to realize what it is to be rewarded for all the hard work, whether it was on an emotional level and you had to heal from the things that were presented to you by others in your lives, or if it were that you were trying to create a life through a living which you, yourself and by your own hand created….whatever it is that you have been diligently working away at and whiling away the hours, days, weeks, months and yes, as in my case, years, putting forth energy and effort toward the things you want to do, the things you want to have, the things which you have set as goals and things that you have set as being a goal to reach so as to not have to deal with certain things anymore, regardless if they are people or situations or whatever…whatever it is that we each have put forth energy and effort toward, our rewards are about to meet us, and meet us in a very, very big way.

If you have put effort toward something that you have wanted, or a situation which you have asked Spirit to bring into your life, you are about to get what it is that you have put effort toward. And that is the key here – knowing what it is that you have placed your heart, soul, energy and efforts toward. If you have been waiting for a big pay day in some manner, it is upon you, right now, and you will start to see evidence of this being the truth very soon, if you have not already.

If you thought about it in the manner that is what it is that you do in exchange for money, and what it is that you are passionate about that you could or would do for money, and what it is that you chose to do in either regard and that has brought you many pleasurable hours but very little money, that is going to change and soon. I say this for a plethora of reasons and I say this for other reasons that are just really and dearly based in common sense. (That, and it helps a lot that I got confirmation of all of this from the Good Doctor herself – Dr. Loretta Standley, and her weekly horoscopes…you should check it out!)

I know that not everyone follows horoscopic prediction, and because I am a science geek who loves reading about things which happen to happen and why, reading the good doctor’s writings about what is happening up in the great big blue yonder, I found out that what we have been doing all this time is not only looking toward our goals, etc., becoming reality, but more, we have been actively, physically and in the real, building toward it, and a lot of us don’t believe that this is the truth.

Well folks, I promise – this is the truth. Most of what a whole lot of us have been through these last almost 6 years is nothing short of maddening, nothing short of miraculous that we made it through it all without having to do a whole lot of things in terms that suck and that we knew we HAD TO do. While it might be true that the situations which were helped to be brought into being through this sucky energy that we have had to experience are all things that we would rather not look back at to ponder or even acknowledge anymore, what we are also not looking at while we are looking at these sucky things are the things which were culled and mined out of the deepest parts of ourselves and that we now are able to have at our disposal.

Without all those things that sucked for us we would not have been brought here, albeit on the sucky scenic route, to where we are now, with ourselves polished and sharper, and our ability to reason at a higher level and with a higher vibration would not be what they are now. When our levels of such things are higher, and we are at a more pure vibration and that vibration is and has been geared toward things of a higher purpose and calling, and while we did not know that the things that were sucking for us were for a purpose, what was happening was that we were being prepared for what is right now and what is right now, if we all looked at everything as it is at this moment, still in a jumblefuck of what it is supposed to be when all is said and done, there is not one person who can tell me that what they have in front of them at this point is not something that is undesirable for them, for their life path and purpose.

While it is that we might have put in immeasurable energy and hours toward something that we, ourselves, knew we would have to create ourselves if we were to be able to get to where we are now, even if where we are now is nowhere near where we want to be, we have to admit to it that it is a lovely thing to be closer to it now than we were just a year ago. And if we thought about “a year ago” we would see where we have been in that time and we would know where it was that we lost a piece of ourselves and that the piece(s) that we lost, while it hurt to lose them, were no longer of any use to our purpose or our mission.

And really, that is what this all boils down to – Spirit preparing us for the thing that is our purpose so that we can carry out our mission.

It is the mission that we each have to carry out that also tells me that this is what is happening, that this is what is occurring for us all in the cosmos, and that the things that we have worked toward, no matter what they might be, good or bad or neither of these two things, no matter what…it is time to bring on the happy.

For so long we have believed too many gurus when they told us that happiness is easy, that it shouldn’t have to be worked for and that it just “is,” but those are easy things to say to anyone when you are a guru with a following and people who are willing to pay you to “guru-tize” them. There are the rest of us, the people who, as much as anyone whose timing was right when they set out into the world as their own guru, also have worked as hard, as much, as diligently toward their own ends and their own means to have whatever it is in their lives that they both want and need…your, my, everyone’s proof of hard work is about to start revealing itself to us all, and really, there is nothing that any financial analyst, nothing that any job expert in any field, nothing that any guru, nothing that anyone who is too lazy to chase their own goals, will be able to say in regards to things like this NOT happening.

If you have been waiting for the day that you can go back to college and have been putting in the hours toward that happening, keep your eyes open and remain aware, because you are about to get an education. If you have been trying hard to make your life become whatever it is that you want it to be in terms of things that no one else would think to be, you are about to have those things become your reality and there is nothing that anyone else can nay-say for it in hopes that it won’t happen – it is going to happen. No matter what. If you have been waiting for anything, have put forth energy and light and hope, and yes, Love, toward anything at all that you want to see happen for you and in your life and you have done everything that you knew you should have…hang on to your okoles, folks…

…you’re about to get straight paid, in dividends even…and all because you never gave up !

Of course, if the only thing that you wanted was for someone else to NOT be happy?

Yup…you are about to get that right back at you, in your face and up your okole, and here all this time you thought you were gettin’ away with stuff…


Remain aware and with your eyes open, guys, because very truly, we are all about to receive our just desserts….

…and really, I hope that yours are as awesome and sweet as mine have been since early February…





“Medicine Dance”

“Chick Wisdom”

…both coming soon to

Gorgeous Camera Artistry by none other than

Hawai’i’s Camera Artist, Randy Jay Braun


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