…ain’t nothin’ but a you thing, baby…

It seems as though, of late, with all of the current planetary alignments that we have happening for us all at the moment, that there still are way too many people thinking in a manner that is pointing fingers and not seeing what they are pointing as also being their own…

I am about to rant about something, and will do so without the raving part. Know now that I am not pointing fingers and that really, this is somewhat of an observation for me that I am seeing a whole lot of people pointing out the proverbial splinter in other peoples’ eyes without also seeing on their own why it is that they are pointing out anything at all about anyone else.

I would like to ask all those who believe that they have very little work to be doing on themselves why it is that you people seem to believe that what you are is the model and the standard for the rest of the world. When the hell was it that you were told that you are above all others, and when the hell was it that you chose on your own that whatever it is that you assume about other people and their motives were somehow their truth when in reality all you are doing is trying to point out things so that you do not look like a moron to other people.

All of us don’t like losing, and we hate not being right, but I have news for you all, folks, and that news is that sometimes, you are gonna just have to deal with the FACT that other people are going to live by THEIR standards and rules and not yours, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you live with the person who you are judging, and it doesn’t matter that you, yourself, would not go about whatever it is that anyone else is going about doing that you would not do the way that they are doing. That shit doesn’t matter. What does matter, though, is that you need to really think before you open your pie hole and start waggin’ that tongue of yours because really, you have not realized yet the truth, and the truth is that you are not the standard for anyone, at all, and you might not believe this, but you, at this moment, are not even the standard for yourself.

How sad.

Just because you …YOU think you know what someone else is going to do, it does not mean that they are going to do whatever it is that you want to believe they will…

…and the reason that you believe or even think or have the assumption that they are going to do whatever it is that you are assuming they will do is because you cannot see past your own self. I said it. Deal with it. You are so buried in the idea that to be wrong about anything is somehow akin to being the lowliest creature on the planet that you and others like you have set out into the world to seek these others out, simply and only for the purpose of your being able to believe that you are superior to anyone at all. You are not.

You are not better than anyone else, so you might want to check yourself prior to further wrecking yourself and think before you assume anything at all. Yours are the rules and the standards and the things that apply to you and you alone, and you have no right enforcing those things onto anyone else at all. Only a moron would think that they could bully someone else into what is not another person’s truth, but when you are involved, somehow, you seem to think that what you say is the gospel of Christ and well, dolls, not everyone follows that – or your – lead. You might not realize this much, but the things that you are doing that you keep telling all these other people is “for their own good,” are the things which are making people think and even know that you are a bully.

No one likes a bully, not even the bully.

When you do not get your way, and when someone else presents something to you that makes you eat the words you thought might curse your target, you get hostile, and you start pulling things out of your ass that make no sense at all, and the only thing at that point that anyone even gets is that the point you were trying to make is not being made, and the only thing that is real to anyone at all at that point is the fact that you are looking really, really foolish the moment that you have chosen to assume that you know what is best for anyone else, that you know what they are thinking and that most of all, you know that no matter what, you are the boss of them.

Let’s get something absolutely crystal clear, okay?

No one on this planet is the “boss of” anyone else, and if anyone reading this is going to take the guarded position of being the adult sized bully in the sandbox that is life, let me make you aware, now, that people like you are no match for people like me and the rest of the weirdos. You want to think that what and who you are is the model for acceptability, when in reality is only the model of what you, yourself, will accept from other people about you. That is really sad. The idea that what other people think of you is somehow your guiding force, is something that everyone needs to be excited about, when for real, it ain’t nothin’ but a you thing, baby.

Snoop …Dre’…and that G-Thang

Nope…I am so not switching teams here haha, but I have to defer to a song entitled “Ain’t nothin’ but a ‘G’ thang,” which was composed and performed by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, many years ago when my oldest was but a teeny tiny wee little thing. The reason for this song? Well, that is simple, and it is because the song itself  is all about being true to who you are, not caring about what other people think, and damned sure not straying from those truths . It doesn’t mean that I agree with what they have to say. It means that they are not willing to be anything that they know they are not able to, and more than that, you can go and do what you do according to who you are and not to what anyone else tells you that you are.

While we might not agree with the lyrics, or with what these two people portray as their own lifestyle, and while it is that some of us, myself included, might well become sick to our stomach based on the lyrics of a whole lot of the songs these two have written and produced, it does not take away from the thing at hand, and the thing at hand is that they are not willing to change for others, so others should just deal with it, but more, they do not expect others to change for them, as it should be.

This is lost on some of us, the idea that we need to live and let others live and be who they are and not think that we have all the answers all of the time, because our answers do NOT apply to anyone else, because everyone else’s rules do not apply to us, much as ours do not apply to anyone else. What no one teaches us through their example is that we have the option to not be a bullying asshole. Lots of times people want to believe that they have what is the right answer without thinking that the right answer is applicable to the person who comes up with it (duh).

And yes, I will go there, again, with the whole abuser thing, because they are phenomenal at making it seem as though they are the smartest person on the planet, and they are phenomenal at pretending that they are better than everyone else, and sometimes we get lucky and get to watch the show called “The downfall brought through Truth” and we get to see what happens to them that they said would happen to us.

We need, as a species, to learn to accept that we are not going to be right all of the time. As a species, we need to use our ability to reason rather than to always and only go with what is based solely on our gut reaction, even though our gut reaction is what is always right, so long as it is coupled with a lot of reasoning. That is the problem here, really, that not a lot of people realize that ALL of humanity has this awesome ability to reason and to think, and ALL of humanity has the choice to do so, but only SOME of humanity is taking advantage of these things and making their lives all which they are meant to be, which is nothing short of completely bad ass.

But, no one can be bad ass and will always and only be short of being so if no one is also willing to see things from someone else’s perspective. Even though we cannot truly see things through the eyes or the experiences of others, we can try. We can try to use our own method of empathy, and we can try hard not to be douche-baggish about things when what other people tell us is not in agreement with our own stuff, and from that, we will not have to try to cull from the ashes called “ourselves” the wreckage that is other people when we think that we know what they need.

…and guess what else?

We can’t know what anyone else needs if we are not aware of what we need.

We cannot fix someone else’s problems anyway, but we also cannot help anyone become aware that they have the same fixing thing going on that we have (yes, I said it…if you can see it, you ARE IT)  and really, the only way that we CAN help them is if we are bothering, too, to see what is there and in us that lives in them and that we can acknowledge.

This is lost on some folks. Some folks like to take other folks’ accomplishments and make them into somewhat of a joke, and they do this because they are threatened by another’s brilliance. Some folks like to think that they have the only way of getting somewhere in life, and that the only way to measure that progress is tangibly, and this is not the truth. What some folks do not get and will never understand is that the world is not ruled or measured by their personal measuring stick, and that they alone do not hold the or even are the very example of what anyone else needs to be or to emulate. Some folks want to think that no matter what, whatever it is that fits for them automatically is the absolutely perfect fit for others as well, and this is not the truth, either.

Some folks just need to worry about their damned selves, not be so inclined to compare or compete, not be so inclined to belittle what they do not understand, not be so jumpy toward the idea that what other people like to do somehow is not good enough by some folks’ standards, because the truth is that some folks really just do not get it in terms of other people. Other people are on this planet with us, and other people are going to be different than everyone else because guess what? OTHER PEOPLE ARE FREAKIN DIFFERENT AND YOURS IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO GET ANYWHERE, NO MATTER WHAT.

You might have the answers for yourself, and you might even have an answer or four for someone else, as well, but there is no way that you have all of the answers. You cannot see past your own self, and lots of people cannot, and they prefer it this way to any other way, because the easiest way to not see what is in need of fixing that is within you is to not bother with knowing that other people are not meant to be told who they are, what they are or anything else about themselves because of you. You are not the reason that anyone is able to do anything. You are not the reason that anyone thinks in a manner that is anything other than about you, and really, you probably don’t want to know what it is that they are thinking about you because what they are thinking about you might not be the thing that you thought they were thinking.

You cannot be everything to all people, not when you are not even everything to your damned self. Besides, all your issues are not a “them” thing…it’s a you thing.

Again…I said it, so deal with it…







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