Practice what you Preach (like for real)

If there is anything at all that will irritate anyone at all, it is someone who does not walk their talk. If there is anything that will irritate anyone at all who is NOT a follower of any mainstream religions it is when certain set of mainstream believers will preach their gospel so it suits their needs at the moment, but who, for the life of them, can’t see themselves as being anything other than “good.” I’ve got news for ya…you’ve got another thing comin’ !


Yes…hell yes, indeed, I did write a Judas Priest lyric into this writing, because for one – I am tired as hell of “fine, good, and upstanding” people – most of them Christian followers (but they cannot possibly be true believers – true believers have a problem with lying or acting as though they are really what they say they are…keep reading…).

Note that I wrote “followers,” rather than “believers,” and I did so for a reason.  There are a few of you who are reading this, who know me well enough to know that if there is one thing that I am VERY good at, it is not only speaking the truth as it is in my head at any moment, but more, the idea that if I am able to see someone being a phony, I am very truly inclined to call them on it. Yet, I am also one of those people who can see it when it is there, the energy that is fear, and let me tell you something, once it is that the fear sets in, you are pretty much done with.

With that much known, it prompts me to continue on this…I don’t know…quiet tirade about something that I just was witness to, and that something was not anything, really, other than an epiphany about the way that I was raised, versus the way that I see a lot of people behave, versus the way that I know it right. What I saw was nothing short of very…”Marie Antoinette” in that, the way this “good” phony behaved was so very NOT like what Christ would have wanted to happen.

For a group of people who, at least and measured by the thing that I saw just a little while ago, want everyone they come into contact with to believe what they believe (which is normally everything that their guy up front in a way too pricey suit says is the truth…sorry folks…I ain’t buyin’ it), and a lot of them are very pushy about it, so that they, the people who they come into contact with, can also make it through the pearly gates…well, there are quite a whole lot of them who seem to think, too, that there is somehow some magical pass that makes them more forgiven if they live a lie.

This is not to say, neither to assume, that they all live this same lie, the lie that sounds like so many politicians trying to win votes and favor. Neither is it to be taken as though I somehow hate all Christians. I hate no one. I mean, I come very close to hating someone, and then someone else gives me a distraction and I am no longer trying to stop myself from wanting to poke needles into the entirety of a tiny little doll, a doll that should never be used when angry, or filled with rage, or thinking that you hate someone.

It is to say that if your religious beliefs state somewhere within that belief’s holy texts, that you are to love all, to show compassion to all (you know…like that guy who you all tell everyone else died for our sins? duh), to fear nothing, because God has you, then the last thing you want to do is stray from that belief, namely if you are trying to make it so that (ahem) “others” don’t make people like me…’sin’, because what you are doing when you do that shit is you are showing people like me (the original sinners of the world) that not only do you NOT trust the god to whom you kneel, you also like believing that all of those rules which were set out long ago (yes…rules…I said it so deal with it), that some of them somehow do not apply to you.

And you all know who I am talking about. I am talking about those people who will be in your face about “the lawd” this and “the lawd” that, but that is all just a buncha crap. I say this because while it is that they are lawding everyone in their midst, they are hiding who they are. These are the people who you hear in church, who are the loudest and the most inclined to kiss the pastor’s okole, garnering his favor (rather than God’s), and being very vociferous in their incantations to “the lawd.” And they behave as though some of us are not clued into one thing – the idea that while they are lawding everyone, they are, after service, outside the church, committing every single one of the seven deadly sins.

What I heard was not as upsetting as what I saw. For a group of people who are meant to be the bastion of what is the “Love of God,” there sure are a whole lot of those people who claim to be what they are who have forgotten that in the book they love to thump people with are the rules by which they – the thumpers- believe and follow, and this is wonderful – until they start doing the very things that they are out on the street (sometimes literally…with a bullhorn even, and in my town, several different languages) preaching to the world of non-believers that we need to do.

I, frankly, have had enough.

I have had enough of the holier than thou, the get out of hell free card mentality that tells a whole bunch of these people that because they specifically are ‘saved’ that they also have the right to judge others, have the right to stick their noses up in the air and pick and choose which of the least of us it is who they will consider as being a human being, or at least a “whole” human being.  I have had enough of people preaching “the word” of God so that it fits their agenda, and I have had enough of people telling me that they trust their god so damned much, but that they do not trust him enough to take care of their every need – somehow, that is up to someone else, because their god makes it so that people like me and you – you know…us godless heathens- never ever are listened to, are never thought of as anything but crazy (because, you know, that the dead talk to me …that makes me a tool of satan….whatever, crazy lady) and never are we taken as being as serious about our own beliefs as they are theirs.

It is almost as though these people haven’t the thought in their heads that they, through their absolute energy of being a fraud, are not the cat’s ass, are not the only people on the earth who follow a belief, and that sometimes, when you come into contact with someone who is not like you are, you tend to think that you are better than anyone else. I am sorry, cookies, but you are not better than anyone else, not at all. In fact, that many of you seem to believe that you are allowed to get away with things that the rest of us are not tells me that these people are great at one thing: being really awesome phonies.

Deal with it. It is the truth, and I like the truth. The truth, while it might truly set us free, it also levels the playing field. No one likes it when someone else chooses on their own that God will love one person over another. It doesn’t work that way, at all, and I know this because I refer to Spirit, the very one which dictates all of life, as “The Goddess,” and I promise you all that I have yet to encounter anything that I, myself, did not bring into being on my own and with Her help. You see, when we are taught that there is a bigger force out there somewhere, and that we have to be afraid that that force will teach us harshly, the last thing that any thinking human being is going to do is listen to anyone who will have that sort of an opinion of things.

There is no need for anyone to be scary, no need to impose onto other people one’s own determination of who is and who is not worthy of the light of Love. It is no human’s right to speak one truth as it has been read by you, and then take said same truth as being applicable to everyone BUT you. I mean really…they are YOUR beliefs, and since it is that they are YOURS, that is all that should really matter, but it never matters because there are a lot of good people on this planet who have no religion, and yes, I happen to be one of them. I do not need to follow your God, and I do not need to live my life as a lie as set forth by people who have twisted the words for their own personal gain and glory.

What I saw, while it did not change me, it changed my thought about people who enforce impossible rules, set impossible standards for humans who are going to screw up. No one is “sinless,” not even the guy behind the pulpit. The people who this is directed at are not those who attend their various places of worship faithfully and who actually live the truth of what it is to be whatever it is that they have chosen to call their Path.

Some of them stray from their own path, and their own beliefs, and do so right after services, because that is what they are believing is right. To go out into the world and speak one’s truth is one thing, but to go out into the world and speak words that one does not intend on sticking to themselves?

Yeah…that’s called bullshit, and I am done with it all.

STOP making yourselves out to be these people who have it all, including the very keys to the gates to heaven, because really, you have no right to judge…

…it says so in that book you want to keep thumping people with.

Perhaps you ought to try following, and not leading.



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