…like the planter who tills the Soil…

The cultivation of our lives depends upon how we are willing to see and also work with the things in our midst that we would rather not have to deal with.

“…upon us all a little rain must fall…”  This is the last lyric in the song written and performed by Led Zeppelin and titled The Rain Song. It speaks volumes to a whole lot of us for a good reason – because really, in our lives, a little rain has to fall and has to give us the catalyst to at least think about things in a different manner, to see them all through a different lens, and from those two things which can be now seen through a different lens, we can also see how the thing that seemed to hamper our plans no longer is as ugly, foreboding, nasty, painful, disgusting, something we just don’t want to deal with, etc., etc., becomes the very thing that will be what is needed – the seed, if you will, of what is to become.

Becoming. It is something that we are all prone and privy to. But in order for our becoming to …well, become… we have to go through a few things, and those few things are the things that we think will be too much for us to deal with.  Reread that, and see that I wrote think will be too much to have to go through and deal with. This is what we humans do not like very much at all – pain, and things that we just don’t want to deal with.

Right now, in my life, there is one thing that I just DO NOT want to deal with, and it is for no other reason than that, really, I am DONE WITH IT, and really, the Guides need to get up off of their asses already and help me, you, all of us with this – all of our collective yet separate “one thing left.” There are some who have said it would be easy, but that is not the truth, because anything at all where other people are involved is never easy – this is what makes being human so awesome, our ability to hone in on the energies of other people. Once in a while, we happen upon an energy that seems to be immovable, seems to be akin to a light pole in cement and that the only thing, like the light pole in cement will only be moved from that cement with heavy equipment, so, too, will it take some heavy duty guavas for us each to face these things that we each call ourselves being done with.

Believe it or not, our Guides DO indeed get lazy. Seriously. Mine are, at this moment, somehow seemingly on vacation or something, even though I know what the current “as above, so below” thing at the moment is what it is (freakin’ gnarly is what it is). Yet, if there is one thing that I am really horrible at, it is giving up hope. There are a few people who know this, personally, that when I am looking toward something and I have something in my thoughts and I really, really want to see it happen, I am unstoppable. However, at those times, namely when I happen upon what it is that I am looking for, I know that it is in those times that I have been guided by something that is outside of me. Right now there are a LOT of us who are, for one reason or another, in complete and utter turmoil.

The turmoil seems endless, as though someone forgot to turn of the faucet and flooding our lives are these…things…people…thoughts…ideas…whatevahs…that are like a blob of glue that someone allowed to fall onto the living room carpet and which has dried, is stuck, and it seems as though it is going to either be forever, or not at all, that the blob will be no longer there, or that it is harder than hell to get the now-dried up blob to be removed from the place it was left.

There are many dried blobs in our midst, and the thing about the blobs is that they ended up there, somehow, and because of that much knowledge, that they got there somehow, we should also have the knowledge, and believe that knowledge, that tells us that the blob is removable, but that it is going to take some work and some effort. In my case, I know this. I know this very well and there are things and beliefs that I have held onto for long enough for me to still believe them, or at least be scared a little bit to do what I have not yet thought about. If that makes no sense to you, reread it, because always, no matter what, where there is a will to change things, there will always surface the way that may not have seemed so obvious previously, but that is, none the less, one more option.


Options. While in the dictionary definition of this word it means almost the same thing as choice, the two are markedly different. I have explained this again and again, how the two words, while maybe the same thing, carry a different energy within them. Having an option means that there is more than one way to go about a thing, but having choices means that there is a limit. Options are limitless, and choices, even the way that the word makes at least me feel, is restrictive.

However, that is aside of the point in this writing. The point here is that we have lots of options to us all, that there is more than only one way to deal with something, and normally we humans only see that one obvious option without also recognizing that there are other ones. Regardless of the others, to each of them there is going to be a small amount, or perhaps a very large amount, of pain, of not wanting to deal with a thing or two,  of trepidation and of the fear of not knowing the outcome. And really, that is where this all comes from – the outcome that we want versus the one that we actually need. Normally, what we want is not what we need, and sometimes, we get what we both need AND want, but it is not without a bit of effort, without a bit of failure, without some tears, gnashing of proverbial teeth, of things that we would rather just not deal with.

I am no exception to this. In fact, in more ways than only the impatience part of things, I am really no exception to this.

There are going to be times in our lives when we will be faced with things that scare the shit out of us, that make us want to run for cover and not have to look at what it is that we maybe are not really scared of as much as we are tired of it.  If any of us would take a moment to see exactly how far we have each come at this point, we would see how the patterns which we have always had in our lives are playing out and how they will play out. This is not something that can be changed, at least not the way that we think it should or can. This is something that, because of these patterns and because of their absoluteness, we must learn to either deal with them head on, or, work with the energies which are provided by the pattern.

Planting the seeds of our Selves via the ever-constant pattern

If we each were to look back on our lives and look at the gigantic events which visited us, and we could pinpoint those events, while the events themselves might not be exactly the same things that happened throughout the course of our lives, the one thing that WOULD be the same is the pattern.  While it is that we cannot change it, we can do other things within it. That is what this pattern thing is all about.

It is like the farmer who plants his crops and who knows when it is the right time to clean the field in which to plant his seeds, and knows when it is time to plant the seeds, and when to water, weed, and tend to the plants which sprout from said seeds. The farmer just knows that there is a lot of work involved in, not so much growing his crops, but more allowing the soil to do what it is supposed to do for the seeds, and what the sun is supposed to do for the plants, and for the water to do what it is meant to do for the roots of these plants.

In that same manner, we, too, are the ones who are meant to care for the things that we see in manifest, before they manifest, and if that means that we have to weed our lives of people, of activities, of things that no longer serve a purpose or things that are not lending to the greater whole of the entirety of us, then that is what that means. While it might a huge pain in the okole for us to have to deal with the weeds which visit us in the manner that is rage, that is sorrow, that is depression, that is anything that appears to have no purpose, in the end, regardless of the result we want versus the one that we need, everything that is meant to be will happen for us.

And that is like money in the bank

I Love You All



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