It is Inevitable – the Past must be let go of

Lots of stuff at the moment make no sense. The overwhelmingly obvious theme of things at present time is cleansing, is that of saying goodbye to that which no longer serves us, and making room for the things that we have each intended. 

When things become ugly, and those things that we see in our lives begin to take the form of things that we would rather not know about, see, or have to deal with, these are the very things that we have to ponder, not why we love them so much, even when they turn ugly, but more, why we think we need them to further our intended Path and to see to our intentions as they manifest.  We have come so far along this shared Path that we travel, even as our Paths won’t all intertwine, that the time is Now to see to it that that which no longer serves us, or that which hurts us, or that which we just have no time to see to its care anymore, for whatever reason we might have, for real, guys…it is time to let it all be given back to the Mother Goddess. We simply have, at least a lot of us, that is, no more time to care for painful things which we are emotionally attached to but really are things no longer needed.

Obviously, there is a definite need, on a collective level, for the All of Us to finally heed The All That Is in that it is time to let go of a lot of things. Many of those things look like fear, like anger, like hatred, like revenge, and of course, looks like those who have been less than kind to us. We are entering into a time in our collective lives where everything matters, so long as it holds the potential of the future, not only of the world as a whole, but more, as the things that we each and singly will need in order to be a part of, even as we are apart from, this tangible world we currently are living in and the tangible world that is Becoming.

The Tangible World that We Live In

If you think that what you see in your life and that is tangible and that which can be held with the hands is permanent, you are being called upon at this time to rethink that thought, to see those things that you hold in such high honor as being symbolic rather than “real.”  What some of those things that you are hanging onto symbolize is the thing that is making this transition harder on you. Yet, you are not alone in that energy, in that pain that is borne from letting go of things from the past and that we believe are needed.

Yes, I know…there are a lot of things in this lifetime which are needed, but the things that I am saying here are things that are not tangible but are connected very dearly, through our emotions, to everything tangible. Right now is when we are being called upon by Spirit to, if we intend to hang on to some things, to ask ourselves why it is that we are so emotionally connected to those things and more, to ask if we genuinely Love those things or if it is more about how we feel about them each.

When we look at certain things that we own, we are given the gift of the memory that was also a gift at the time that we made that memory, and that really is the thing that we should be more inclined to think about for a moment, and then release, with Love, into the Cosmos, where it can be rebirthed as something that is akin to the Now and to the things that make sense on an ethereal level.  When we hang onto things from an emotional place is when we find ourselves perplexed in regards as to what we need to do in order to understand the things happening at this time. Really, it is not, as I stated already, the actual thing that we have a hard time releasing, but the emotional energy that haunts us and reminds us of what perhaps might have been for the each of us considered as being “better days.”

Better days are not the ones that we pine for from our past, but lie in wait for us in the future which we are each and collectively creating

We can continue to look back to the past all we want, but Life is not lived back there, but right here in the Now. We can keep on hanging on to the things that at one time made us smile and made sense to us and actually fit into our lives and the grander scheme of those lives once lived and we can try to be happy for the things that have already been and gone, or, we can stop trying to recreate what it is that we think we want, deal with what we have right now and learn to release what was, so that we can forge forward into the scary-excitement that is not just the future, but a future of our own creation.

By hanging on to that old energy, no matter what that energy might be, we don’t leave room for the new things which we have been calling into our lives to become our reality.  When we hang onto the things that hurt us and we seek revenge, this is our allowing the control of others to remain as part of our energetic selves. This is not okay. We have to ask ourselves if those who have hurt us deserve to be a part of us still, if we are willing to allow them even the tiniest bit of our good selves. And don’t get me wrong – I do live with one foot on each side of the Veil of Reality, and I realize that there are things in our personal tangible existence that has to be seen to, and really, the only thing that I can say to or about that is that these are the lessons, the things that we are learning and which all are lent to the common manifestation of the collective energy that we all live with and within.

By hanging on to the things which no longer serve us we do ourselves no favors. It is like hanging on to a suitcase with a broken zipper, one which we insist on still using because contains memories, even though it can no longer be there to serve us correctly and in the manner that it once had. This is the same thing that is referred to as being “emotional baggage,” and it is this stuff that keeps us where we are at, and this stuff that drags us down and this stuff that normally, other people have given to us. I am not in any manner suggesting that maybe there is not a lesson to be learned from those things that we each hang onto. I am saying that when those things no longer can teach us anything, that we should be more inclined to release them to the Goddess so that She can, in turn, make those things, and us, as well, new and more applicable to our mission in life in the Now.

However, we cannot know that this is what is in store for us, and we also cannot ever have what else is in store for us and neither have those things in completion or when we actually desire for them to be in our lives until we and our egos can just learn that sometimes, hanging on to useless things, and more, the energy that is behind the love that we have for those things, only makes traversing the Path we are each on that much longer, and that much more seemingly harrowing than it needs to be. The reason that we have a hard time with so much is because we are holding on to so much and most of us do not want to accept that we needn’t embrace them anymore.

Think about a kid who is holding onto a favorite thing and we tell that kid to please pick something up for us. That kid will be more inclined to hold that favorite thing while trying to also do what we have asked them to do, and more times than not, we have all seen this same kid (the one who calls us “Mom” or “Dad”) try, over and over, to accomplish that one tiny little task with his or her hands full with this other thing, we all know that, while it might get accomplished, it will take a little longer for the task to be done.

I am reminded of things that we, as adults, hang onto from our childhoods that hurt us and that we choose to hang over the heads of the parenting adults in our lives from our childhood. I have done it, and sometimes, when the energy hits me, I still do it, and for the very life of me I know better than to hold onto it. Holding onto whatever pain it was that I had received as a child from people who also should have known better is the choice that I make, that I have always made, and it also and only points to my being able to have a connection to where I came from. Even though where I came from is not where I am now, I still, from time to time, traverse backwards, against my own better judgment, and go there to the past where everything that hurt me or are simply just no longer purposeful for me  comes to life.

It is not easy to just let go of things sometimes, and it is not easy to make it so that we do not have to live there, at least in part, through the memory that keeps us where we are and where it is that we might not need to be. Right now we are all going through something, and as hard as it is to believe this next thing – that everything happening right now is meant as the catalyst of things that are meant, are pending, and are in manifest, and are magnificent, and most of it points to the balance that we are seeking out.

Our sense of Balance comes from our ability to see what is no longer needed, and to be able, through that balance that is becoming bigger and bigger every time we go through things that make our lives feel like they suck, to cleanse our lives and ourselves of such things. It is not that we will ever forget what it is that we have been through, that we have encountered, that we are attached to for whatever reason it is that we are attached to it, but that we will, as time passes us by, even begrudgingly so, allow the release of things, through our own intent and our own involvement of no longer believing that we need to hold onto the past. You read it correctly – humans…we hang onto to stuff that no longer serves us, for the singular purpose of having something that our ego can throw us a pity party in celebration of, but more, because the one thing in our human lives that any one of us can claim to owning is our pain.

And yes, this really is the reason that, unconsciously, anyone will hold onto anything at all…because ownership, still, unfortunately, is really the thing that we have been trained and programmed to think is the very highest thing in the world. To own something means that we have some sort of power over it, and really, giving that much power to anything or anyone else is the first step to going back to those things that hurt us and dwelling on them. This is why it is that we seem not able to heal, from the soul, out.

We cannot heal, because we refuse to let go.

Letting go, sometimes, is really the only way that we can heal. No one that any one of us knows likes their pain and sometimes, their past, but they embrace it as though it is the only thing that they have and will ever have had.

Right or wrong, if you think this way, you’re right…

…but you can totally be right another way, that, while it will hurt, it will not hurt forever, and from that temporary hurt, the lesson learned will remain in the wake of the pain and the memory of how it got there.

Really, as hard as it is to do, it is time to heed the Goddess and let go.

You can’t let anything new in to all of those places if you do not let go of the things that occupy your life, your thoughts and your soul and things which make the pain of our former lives and selves linger.





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2 responses to “It is Inevitable – the Past must be let go of

  • mihrank

    Even after you let go, the past is still part of who you are. Every one of us lives in the present and makes choices based on some part of the past. This fact is simply unavoidable. You are only able to read these words right now because of your past. Your brain relates past experiences (or learned knowledge) to these words.

    Oftentimes letting go has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength. We let go and move on with our lives not because we want the friends, family, and the universe to realize our worth, but because we finally realize our own worth.

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