I am feeling upset with myself today…

I know that there are two people, and with Ms. Bianca, this makes three, who felt like we were totally unproductive yesterday…not so, because now, even as the things that we needed to get done yesterday did not get done, we have this new list, and this new attitude about these things that did not get done. So, if you were feeling like you were just so, so lazy yesterday, the truth is that you were not, not really, because I am finding that I was not the only one, HE was not the only one, Bianca, the young lady who wrote this blog entitled “I am feeling upset with myself today,” also did not get what she wanted to get done yesterday. Like her, I will tell anyone that when it seems like you are getting nothing done, sometimes, getting nothing done is totally what needs to BE done…don’t be so hard on yourselves, because even though the work and the crap that you did not get done, did not get done, there is always the next day, and really, sometimes, that is what has to be done – TO WAIT TIL THE NEXT DAY !!

I Love You All !! ROX

Sunshine Thoughts

I am feeling upset with myself today. Today was not a good day.

It started out well. I had a fabulous amount of sleep and I was wide awake. I had planned to do many things today, to be productive and get things done. Then somehow, in the matter of a few hours I managed to get completely sidetracked and unproductive. Now it is almost 10pm and I have barely managed to achieve anything.

  • I did not go to class.
  • I did not eat well.
  • I did not get far into my homework.
  • I did not go to yoga.
  • I did not go to the grocery store.
  • I did not leave my house.
  • I didn’t even watch the new episode of Suits.

    I did sit on my couch and look on Facebook a lot. And Reddit. And Instagram. (Isn’t it funny that in doing this I watched others show off their…

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