Experience the Power of Your Love

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I have More Love Deposits for your heart today

You can create your life of love in this moment.

Powerful love is the power of Love which inspires you to create positive experiences for your life and the life of those you’ve come into connection with.

Love is the creative energy that allows one to manifest their divine purpose. Whatever you love you will create it within your life. First by (air) thinking, the thought and the action becomes connected through the fluid / water of (emotion) and fire (desire/ action / passion) of  your conscious creation ability will manifest.

Thought: “I love to write”

Emotion: “Love”

Words” I love to write”

Action – I write

Whatever you love (whether on a subconscious level or unconscious level) you will create.

Whether you are conscious of this or not You will create either positive energy or negative energy and you will…

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