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I will use the term “witch hunt” lightly, even though that is what is happening right now. As time goes on, so, too, does the blatant and most likely voluntary misunderstanding and judgement of people who follow Spirit in the ways of the Ancients

I will not lie, neither will I shy away from the fact that I am nothing and no one who follows anything at all that can be considered as being “mainstream.” This very dearly applies to my life as a Spiritual Woman. I have been, for a long time now, referred to as being a witch, a devil-worshiper, as someone who “should know better” than to follow the path that I have been on for the majority of my lifetime in this consciousness.

At the moment, and as has been confirmed by people within my inner circle, we are back in the days of the Witch-hunt. We are back in the times when, it seems, there are more people trying hard to make the things that I do, the things that I am, and the things that can be called my life’s work and passion, as being somehow ‘evil.’ Often times I make the joke that if someone wants to burn me at the stake just to prove themselves right to other people who are as foolish as that or anything like it would be, that they can use my lighter if they like. But the truth is that there is no need for all of this judging of people who are strange like I am, at all, because there is a lot of room on this planet for all of us. Perhaps if those who would and do vilify people like me would just tone it down with their bigness of rhetoric and more, their deep hatred, not for people like me, but really, for people who are not like them, we might have enough room here for us all.

Haterz gonna hate

It is the truth, as has been evidenced by the dead guy who used to lead all those ridiculous protests and who led that bastion of hatred he called faith, all these years, when really, if it were my opinion of the man that mattered, I would chalk it up to ego and its need to be seen, no matter what. For anyone to hate on anyone at all is ridiculous, but for people to hate on others because one guy said that it is right and good in the eyes of the lawd, that guy has a lot to learn. It is too late for the leader of those haterz to save himself from the constant nature of his self-imposed shame, a shame that he was blind to because he felt that he was doing the lawd’s work.

Well, I know a thing or two about the LORD’S work, but the lawd’s work is different, and the lawd’s work is work that permeates the world with hatred, with judgement, with things that are preached about to the masses, but rarely practiced by the few, who, by their own saying so, have been ordained by God to spread the hate, rather than what Christ taught, which was to Love the least of us.

This is something that NOT a whole lot of fundamentalists can grasp, the idea that other beliefs are just part of the package called “life on Earth.” I know this, because for a long time this was the thing that I learned – that we are supposed to seek others like ourselves, and if those others are not exactly like us, then they are somehow bad. If we were all the same, life would be boring. If we were all the same, things would be too easy. If were were all the same, we would have more issues than we do now, not for any other reason than that it would be our sameness that would make us want to compete with each other more than do our differences do in the real.

There are a lot of people who will read this, who will pass it off as my not having anything better to write about than this, but the truth is that since the evil Baptist moron passed away, there are more people now than ever thinking that they need to take over the reigns and spew the hatreds that their leader always had. This would be the same thing everywhere, with any kind of leader, no matter the beliefs. When was it made okay that the beliefs that I hold are somehow subject to anyone else’s judgment or approval? When did we become so dearly full of ourselves, in the name of the lawd, that we would make it so that we would choose our own blindness to things and people who are not just like us, who do not believe the same things that we do, and more, when was it our right to do any of this and without the thought in anyone’s heads that the tables will end up turning and we will, ourselves, be judged just as we were – harshly.

The really peculiar part is that the very people who judge others the most are the very ones who, in that book they like thumping people with, are taught, by their lawd, not to judge. (Matthew 7:1, in case you were curious…yup…I know that book like I know how to spell my own name…middle name included…and it is 26 letters long) Where in that writing is it stated that we need not judge, unless someone is different than we are? It isn’t. It is not in that big giant book of things that too many people take way too literally and for the life of us all, we cannot figure it out.

We cannot figure out what makes us all so high and mighty, what makes us want to think that somehow, we have and we know and we are the best way to Paradise. And it is a paradise that too many fundamentalists want to believe is the only one that exists. If more people who were blind to the rest of that book, who only use what they can and that which will further their own “stuff,” they would find out with a quickness that that particular book is meant, just as the Rig Vedas, just the I-ching, just like every other holy text on the planet, that the messages within those pages are all the same. They all speak of love, peace and joy, and of course, the hell which is written about, which is within each of us.

When people begin to see these things as more of a guide, more of a group of thoughts, penned into a book, written, not to divide us further by the picking and choosing of things the lawd said that will make another group of people feel like they are less than anyone else, but rather and only to show us that even as we each call the gods to whom we kneel and pray to by a different name, they are all and essentially the same Spirit.

If anyone bothered to think about it, and to think past what it is that they know as their own truth, and see there, in that truth that is their own, that not even they are the same as their own parents, and that their kids are not the same as they are, they might know, for sure, through this simple act of checking, on their own, the validity of claims that someone else made out to be the truth, they might see there, in the sameness that is not the same at all, that even though we are different, we are not that far apart from one another in similarity.

It isn’t that people, after they have read this writing, are suddenly going to stop judging each other. In a perfect world there would be no reason for people like me to explain anything like this at all to anyone at all.

John Lennon had it right… “…nothin’ to kill or die for, and no religion, too…” and it is well known that more people on this planet are killed or die for things that are not their truth, things that they have to do to please a god who will never be satiated. There are, sadly, people on this planet who willingly and blindly follow a belief that they grew up with, and this is okay, but it is not okay that we use what we have been taught and accept as our own truth, against others who do not believe how we do. It would be wrong of me, even though it would be a lot of fun, to stand outside of a church, on a Sunday mid-afternoon, waiting, in protest, of people who believe what they will, and only because I know that they do not believe as I believe. This is the thing that no one seems to take into consideration – that there are other people on the planet, and again, that we are not the same, even though inherently we are exactly alike.

We all want to be loved, and we all want to be validated, and we all want to feel okay in the skin we were born in. We all want to be part of something bigger than we are, and we all want to be able to have happiness and joy in our lives, and we all want the very same things, even if those very same things are a different color, or a different flavor, or a different anything at all.

Bottom line, all you holier-than-thous, ( and really, all you not so holier than thous…please…do share this writing with those people who have shown you how big their lawd is…it is about the same size as their egos…) is that you are no longer the only game in town, and it is not because the creep down south croaked, or because the snake pastor was finally taken from this lifetime because he kept daring the Snake Goddess, but because that is just how evolution of everything works.

One might think that our human ability to see, with our physical eyes, how things grow and change, would also be the thing that shows everyone, namely the people with their eyes closed to the truth that is not their own, how alike we are, even in the ways that we are so passionate about the things that we believe and the things that constitute as being our truth.

We can continue to see what is different about us from anyone else, or we can finally choose to see the truth, and the truth that tells us that while we are unique in and of ourselves, we are not so far removed from each other at all. We are more alike than we are not, and that alone is enough to make us, or at least should prompt us, to seek understanding instead of furthering this ignorance we have made the center of everything we believe.

Take the time to talk to people, no matter who they are, no matter what they believe.

The world is a big place. I am sure it would get lonely for anyone to make it so that they have hated on people so much, that their own karma comes back to them in the form of their own self-imposed isolation.

I Love You All…



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