The Dimensions in Which We Live

Just like it was found out that the world is not flat, it is also not so unbelievable that there is more than only this 3rd dimension reality that the majority of us are choosing to believe is the only one which exists. It isn’t.

I need for you, the reader, to come away from the idea that what you see in front of your face is the only reality, and dimension, that we live in. There are a lot of us who, because of the things that we have seen, done, heard, been through, KNOW, in an unwavering manner, that this third dimension is not the only one that exists.

To believe that this were the truth, one would have to put aside things like synchronicity, have to stop believing in the God to whom they kneel and give homage to, would have to really just not think with more than only that tiny ten percent of their own brain’s power.  The third dimension is nice. There are people here, and there are things to do and see here, but there are other dimensions.

The reason that a lot of folks don’t believe this is because they are stuck in 3D. Being stuck in 3D means that some folks are not able to think past what they have been taught. Meaning also that the things that are only here and now and in your face are the only reality.

This is not correct, at least not for quite a few of us.

The illusion of there only being a 3-Dimensional consciousness

I am sure that you have heard about the Fifth Dimension. No, I am not talking about that great band from the ’70’s – I am talking about this reality in which we live in that, because there are like, billions of us on the planet, is a chosen thing. You have to choose to be beyond the consciousness of the physical Now, of this one reality, and be able to accept that we are, ourselves, NOT 3-dimensional, but rather are infinite in the dimensional thing as long as we all realize that this is the truth.

These dimensions exist, but they are within us, on a collective conscious level. This is the reason that meditation is very important in the lives of those seeking their own measure of what is “The Truth.” There is so much more to us than only what we have been taught, only what we have been told, and if we were more inclined to jump at a situation because in the tangible, 3D sense, we will end up with more than we had, we are not living at all in the manner that is meant for us to. We were never meant to remain in the linear fashion that we think we can only exist. We are finite, but not. We are the ultimate paradox of all paradoxes.

This is possible, this whole…dimensional thing…because of our brain and its amazingness. You see, as children, in school, we are taught, told even, that we only use 10% of our brains, and as those children, the very ones who were taught to believe everything that our “elders,” including our teachers and whoever else was an adult in our lives at that time, we did not question what it was that we were being taught.

We just believed what we were told, trusted the adults in our lives, and went along our merry way. Then, one day, our own personal levels of rebelliousness set into us, and we began, at least some of us, not only questioning every authority figure in our lives, but more, we began to question everything…from the things that we were taught in church, to the things that we were taught at school, and even the things that we were taught and shown at home.

It was at this time in our lives that we knew that somehow, what we were being taught was somewhat not complete, that it would never be complete, and on our way we went to find out our own truths, and from those truths, form our own beliefs.

Dimensions…we have to believe they are there before they are there for us

Like anything in life, belief in things that seem unbelievable is tantamount in importance when we are talking about the idea…actually, the fact…that there are more than only the three dimensions that we know and have been told exist.

Some people believe that they only exist here and now, and while this is physically the truth, what is also the truth is that there are some of us who know differently, that there is another whole bunch of dimensions that really, my thought is that they are all and collectively, scared to know that other dimensions exist.

People fear that they cannot quantify the things which are intangible, cannot make it so those things count as proof of the measurement of who they tell people they are, or at least want to believe they are.Some things, you see, cannot be labeled as anything other than things that are not seen by the eyes yet felt by the senses which are beyond the five we are brainwashed to believe there are.

Beyond the Five

There are a lot of people who still, to this day, even with all of these strange and collective things happening in the world, give credit to “happenstance,” when really, it is not happenstance, not coincidence, because there really, at least in my own Knowing, is no such thing as either.

There is nothing real in thinking that things that happen are not connected, and this is the part that negates the idea, the thing that people want to believe which is also called “coincidence.” Coincidence, while it is a fun word, only fits when putting together long sentences at a spelling bee. There are no coincidences.

If you are still convinced that this is the only dimension that exists, and that coincidence is just a fact of life, you will not believe it when I tell you that the reason coincidences are not real is because everything in existence is part of a great big …thing…that is akin to the domino effect. This means that, perhaps a long time ago, you did something that you didn’t even think would matter right now. After that one thing that you did, you forgot about it, and so ensued the madness of the after-affects of the things that happen when we “get the ball rolling,” not realizing that that one thing that we did was the catalyst.

So, time rolls by, and something happens and very suddenly that thing that you did, thought, said, knew, way back when, came back to life, good or bad, and this was after you’d put it out of your mind and went on about the things that were your life to that point when that one thing came screaming back at you. This is NOT coincidence, but it can be loaned, the credit, that is, to our collective inability to see that a long time ago, no matter what it was, there was action taken, words spoken, etc., etc., that would bring to life something that was then, but in the Now.

While time rolled by, of course, you might have reflected back to that one thing, and when that one thing crossed your mind you passed it off as something that you just…recalled, and not really thinking that maybe the reason that you are thinking about that one thing, about almost anything, really, is NOT because you are just recalling it, but more because of the here and the now and how it pertains to then, and more, how you have grown and now know the possibilities of “stranger things have happened.” If you live in a world where possibilities are endless, you have graduated beyond the world of the 3rd Dimension and have gone on to not even believe that you are now living in a dimension where the here, the now, next week, last year, twenty years ago, twenty years from now, are all right here, right now, and you can see everything contained in them, where you are headed, where you have been, what you have done, what you will do, and so on and so forth.

If you cannot see past this 3rd Dimension, it is due to the things that you have been told to believe, the things that not a whole lot of people, until these recent generations of human beings came to this consciousness and who are being parented by generations of parents who have, throughout the course of our lives, been trained, by our very souls, to see past the things that we were told, and taught, are not real, are not there, or, my favorite, are not meant for the common human being to see, to partake in, to be part of.

What I do not and will not ever understand is that, if we are not meant to know those things, the unseen things of the All That Is, why, then, is it that there are some of us who have never not known, and why is it that those who are Ordained “God-Men” seem not only to hate people who are like me, but more, tend to fear the things that they cannot see that folks like me CAN and DO see?  These people are who tell us that there is only the finite energy that is what is tangibly in front of us, and they are also the ones who are “privy” to pointing out the sins of others for the world to see and to judge.

Let someone like me into your life and you find out that there is more to consciousness than what really and tangibly meets the eyes.

We have been taught by religion, by the things that particularly human males of the cloth want to not share with the rest of us, want to keep us ignorant to the things that truly could help us all, and it is because of their patriarchal training by other unenlightened males, who were also taught by other such humans, to teach the rest of the world how to fear the God they tell us has given them the right to be judgmental and who feel that this alone – this thing called a piece of paper which reads the words “Certificate of Ordination,” which is also a piece of paper that I, a mere woman, also has – gives them not only the power to, but more than anything else, the very right to screw with the collective energy which is the human race.

Well, I say to hell with that crapola. I say that we ought to look this particular set of god-men in the eyes and tell them, without telling them, that their time for keeping the masses of people who they have brainwashed in that brainwashed state, that they are  longer in charge.  My thinking, and this is just me being me, is that just like those crazies from the deep south did, whose leader (the man hated everyone and everything and said God hates the same things and people he did) recently croaked, we ought to, in a collective manner, protest their churches, just like they protested people for being who they truly are, and we should be out there, in our finest Pagan, Wiccan, Native and Earth Bound type ensembles, laughing joyously, carrying protest signs that tell them all that even though their message is one of hate, ours is not but one of Love.

Word to Your Mother (Goddess, that is)

The blindness that is chosen is the blindness set forth by multitudes and generations of purveyors of patriarchal belief systems throughout the ages. These people who knew these things many, many moons ago knew the power that belongs to us all, and they chose to suppress it, chose to keep it hidden from the masses and chose to, many, many moons later, keep it hidden so that a few of these god-men, even the ones who roam in the same circles that strange women like I also roam, not only could keep it hidden, but more, so that they could profit off of it and make millions of dollars doing what women like I do, for free even, which is basically impart onto the masses, information and knowledge that has always been there and waiting for us to have and to learn.

We are prompted by The Mother Goddess, by She Who is The All That is, the very one who gave us life and gives us the energy to get out there into the great big gorgeous world and do as we are meant to do. As we are meant to do is what it is that we know is the right thing, and the right thing is NOT suppression, but more and really the  injection of the Universal Truth that every single one of us is able to traverse the Universal Light Fantastic. Yet, we have not, as a whole of people, been taught this. Collectively, we have been taught and many of us believe that we are born, we live our lives, and then one day, we just die.

This is the biggest lie of all. There is so much that we do not know, that we are not willing to know, and it is because we are scared to death to know that for real, we are as powerful as we have always truly known we are.

It is our doubt, collectively, that keeps the majority of us in line, like sheep headed for the slaughter. I am here to tell you all that you are not sheep, that you are every bit as powerful as anyone else is…even that guy behind the pulpit wearing a 3000 dollar suit and a politician’s smirk.

Believe that you exist on a greater plane than only what your human-trained eyes and thoughts will not allow you to believe, because the truth is not only out there, but is also in there…

…in there, buried deep within the Bones of The Soul…

I Love You All



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