The joy of being charitable

When we all finally wake up and see that there are other people who share the air with us, and that sometimes, those who we share air with us on Planet Earth need some measure of Love and assistance given to them, be the person who assists.

“…and before it falls apart, yeah yeah…live a little, give a little, straight from the heart. If this whole world gets you down, yeah yeah, you’ve gotta pick it up and toss it in the air, kick it all around…and if you don’t like the way the music plays, the way it sounds, hop back in the kitchen and change it all around…” (Tesla’s “Stir it up,” 1991)

I earned the right to sit here and say that I am very proud of the life of charity that, not only have I lived, thus far, but that my children are also living. I taught them that the greatest measure of aloha that we can give to anyone else at all is not only our time and our love, both freely, but to help those who we know would never be able to repay it. Yes, this is how we roll.

Everyday we are given the chance to help others, whether it is with a group effort where we each put in our time, or if it is just because and with anyone at all. This is what my life is about – the giving of time, energy, Aloha to those who could be considered the meek and the least of us. This is not limited to the homeless, or those who were born with certain conditions which render them as not being able to do things the way that the rest of us do. This is not limited to those whose world seems to continue to crash in on them, neither limited to those who would find themselves miserably addicted to something, and not only for those who have been met with the heart-ache that is domestic violence or children whose mothers and fathers have somehow just forgotten that they are kids. It is for everyone. 

Charity begins at home

Indeed, my children are proof that charity begins at home. They love to give, they love to help other people, and most of all, they love knowing that they have done something for someone else, namely when it is a perfect stranger. These kids were raised like this, raised to know that no matter how much we might have at any given time, that there are always going to be people who haven’t got anything at all. They know that it is more important to give to people who cannot do for themselves what someone else can and should. They know that for every little thing they do with their souls completely in place and in the mode that is “for someone else,” that the Goddess will do for them the next time they need help.

If we want the future to look like what we see with our mind’s eyes, collectively we have got to begin at home, with our own children, so that they will not only know the joy inherent in helping someone else, but more, so that the world, through each of them, along with us, can realize a much kinder energy. The reason that the world seems unkind is not because it is really unkind, but because there are too many of us roaming the planet still who also still hang on to the idea that we have to do better than anyone else and that we don’t have to help anyone, that our contribution to the world happens in the form of the taxes paid on the wages they earn throughout the week. These people believe that their one tiny effort means nothing, and since, in their minds, it means nothing, that it won’t help anyone, that it is going to not make a difference for at least one person, that they feel that it will be a waste of effort and energy. They end up not helping anyone at all, and then one day they want to know why it is that they are in the position that they are in when they, themselves, are in need of some sort of assistance, no matter what kind it may be.

If we bothered at all to see things through the eyes of Love, we would be able to also recognize the great need for it and it is a need that never goes away. We would see there where it is that the majority of us still are lacking. We need to learn to give, not just with money or things, but with ourselves.

What would you do?

What would you do if you were homeless, or you were being beaten, or you were born with a condition that would stand you out apart from the rest of the populace? What would you do if you were stuck between being free from the abuses of life, and what would you do if you were locked in the grip of addiction so dearly that one day, you just gave up trying not to be addicted? What would you do if your house were taken from you, if you lost your job, if anything at all that you were not or are not prepared well for? What would you do?

I cannot speak for others, but I knew when I was helped by the organization which helped me get back to my Self and helped me to accept what had happened to me, to embrace that I needed help because I was such a wreck, to know that no matter what, I mattered…I knew that the things that I had been involved in throughout my lifetime to that point and what had been in a measure of love and giving and the sharing of Aloha were the reasons why that kind of help fell right into my life. I have never been the same since, and this is a very good thing. There was a whole lot that they taught me there, but the one thing that I was so very dearly aware of was that when the time passed and I was able to, that I would be there, helping those women whose lives became wrecked by abuse, by addiction, by every ugly thing that one can imagine happens when you are someone else’s victim.

Paying dearly, almost with my life, more than one time, prompted me, years ago, to never NOT help others

My thought about things that we go through is that we have to go through them. We have to experience that pain and that energy that is harsh so that when the time comes, and our souls are ready to truly give, we are completely ready in that energy to give what we have within us. It is never that we are not capable, but that maybe, in our souls, we are not ready to give part of ourselves away. This happens to a person when they have become the victim of anyone else’s at all. You want to cling to everything that you think is real, and most of the time the only thing that can be called real is the lesson through the pain. Everything, at that point, is not as real as is the Love energy.

It was through the measures of the Divine that I was able to come through what I have experienced, and came through it all like a champ, not only because I knew that I was a worthy human, but because The Mother Goddess knew that my mission in life is to help others, as is all of our mission in life, but Spirit wanted me to be able to totally relate. And, unfortunately, I can relate to the things most abuse victims experience. It used to be hard for me to talk about it, but anymore now, I am very willing to share what I dealt with, not only with the person who was bad to me, but more, with anyone else.

Giving makes our creativity open up

It’s true. Think about it for a minute and you will agree. Think about all those times you went shopping for the best gift that you could give to someone and how much thought it took for you to come up with the perfect thing. Think about how creative you were when you came up with that perfect event to raise money for charity and think about everything you think about whenever you are getting ready to give anything to anyone at all.

What we create, just with the thought that we will help someone else, anyone else, is the energy that is Unconditional Love. What we give to them, we also give to ourselves in return. Take for instance, when we help the homeless. We are giving these people the sense of home when we feed them, when we offer them clothes, blankets and assistance. It is not in their thank yous, and not in the way that they shuffle away, back to where they came from before we showed up, but that somehow, we have shown them that they are worthy to be treated with Love, respect and dignity.

These three things cannot be had with dollars, cannot be had through the energy that we owe anyone anything at all. They can only be had in the exchange of energies between people.  Any kind of contact between people, really, affects the energies surrounding them. In this case, where giving of who we are is concerned, we find that more than anything else, the one thing that any person needs is Love. We have an abundance of it. Some people use the Love within them for personal gain, and that isn’t really Unconditional Love at all, because always there is the trade of tangible for the intangible. When we seek to gain anything at all, always, at the root of it, no matter what, is Love.

This, guys, is how you show Love to people who you do not know, and this, guys, is how you give back, how you pay it forward – by doing for others, straight from the heart and soul, without any kind of reserve at all. When you give others your Love, in whatever form it is, guarantees are that you will receive what you have given. It is like a Karmic debt in reverse, and rather than putting into the fracas of things more reason for a karmic debt, instead, you are putting there what should be – not but Love for your fellow humans.

We do not realize that tangible things come from the intentions within us that are not of a tangible nature. What we think about becomes the reality. So, if you thought about your own life for a moment, and you really thought about what is there that should be there, what is there that no longer serves you, and more, what is there that is in excess, you would find that more than anything else, you have an abundance of Love, of the Soul type, and that is the type that the world always needs. 

The next time someone asks you to volunteer, think about your answer prior to your giving it. The next time someone asks for a donation, grab a buck and do it. The next time that you are called upon by the Angels to help, even in some very small, seemingly insignificant manner, remember, please, that the one dollar bill you just gave to that person has your energy attached to it, and when we give willingly, it is with an energy of Unconditional Love. 

Remember the last time you needed what you are being asked to give, no matter what it is, because one day, you may actually need someone to help you and knowing that the Mother Goddess never forgets, that the Universe always balances itself out, that everything you give, you will receive right back, possibly ten-fold. Nah, I ain’t talkin’ just about material things, but about anything at all. When you give, you will receive.

What you receive, though, depends on what it was that you gave. If you are giving people are hard time, you can bet you will get it back. If you share the Aloha that is in you, you can also bet that you will get it back.

Be of good cheer when you are giving. Remember always that at the root of that giving is who you really are and who you will always be, and mostly, is grounded and rooted in the Love within you.

I Love You All !




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3 responses to “The joy of being charitable

  • mihrank

    Winston Churchill famously said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

    Nearly a hundred years ago, aviator Amelia Earhart observed, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” Her inspiring words were borne out by the results of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that showed how a single altruistic kidney donation set off a domino effect, resulting in 10 successive transplants.

    • ReverendRoxie22

      That is the beauty of giving – it is infectious. We love to love one another, and it is really hard to believe this sometimes when we are more inclined to see what is said about the general whole of things that are considered “newsworthy.” We are so dearly able to hurt each other, that simple acts of kindness seem to not be thrilling enough for the world to want to even bother with.

      And this is the sadness of it all – that really, it is the simpler acts of kindness that bring the greatest amount of joy, as you have so well pointed out here regarding these medical transplants.

      If people would simply even and only just share a smile with a stranger, the world would be a much kinder, far more charitable place to be part of.

      I guess that, since we know this is the truth, it will take good people, such as yourself, to help me and the rest of the healing community bring a smile to the world of broken souls!

      Thank you for reading, and also for being you!

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