Getting what you most desire requires patience

There is a whole lot said these days about the Law of Attraction. But there is not a whole lot said about what happens in the in-between time when we are waiting for what is in manifest to become real. 

So, so much is said these days about how great the Law of Attraction is. And this is the truth – when we know what we want, and we know that we cannot do our lives without that thing, those people, that situation, we also know, at least a lot of us know, that it will …WILL take time, and a lot of patience. We human types are not very awesome in the “have some patience” department. In fact, while it is that, for generations, we have been taught to reach for the highest levels of satisfaction that we could, these same people who taught us that it is right and good for us to be all who we can be are also the people who, while telling us this, did so with negative energy.

This means that what should have come out of their mouths as something inspiring, came out, instead, sounding more like a warning, like if we did not follow what they did, who they were, what they wanted, that somehow, who we were, what we did, and what we wanted would pale in comparison. What may have been right for our parents, or their parents, and really anyone who is not us, is not always going to be the same things that we want. In some cases, it will be the very polar opposite. No one taught them this, that we each have the right to be who we are so that, when it comes right down to it, we each can be who we are meant to be when we are meant to be that person. This is lost on a few generations, the ones which had it so much better in a lot of ways than we do. This is not to say that we have it bad, but it is to say that in the grander scheme of things, in the idea that we are to make a life for ourselves so as to brighten the lives of the many, we were not taught a few things.

When it is that you have what you need as provided by someone else, and it seems that the rest of the world believes, too, that the someone elses have it locked, and these someone elses tell people that theirs is the only way that things will work, and then things work, it gives anyone at all a reason to never pause to wonder if there were a better way, or perhaps if there is something more suitable in terms of anything and everything, so as to give to ourselves that thing that is needed in order to get anywhere at all.

It is not the drive toward the goal, and neither is it that we so dearly and badly wish that we could have things be different. In fact, when thinking in terms of what is making it seem as though things are crawling at a snail’s pace, it is nothing other than that we are being impatient for an outcome that we have not allowed ourselves to remain focused on.  Think back to when you were a little kid, and everything you saw on television in commercials that were geared toward you, you wanted it, all of it, and then one day you saw this one thing that you just HAD to have. You go with your mom to the store and there is that way cool thing. You have salivated over it and wanted it and everytime you saw that commerical, the only thing in your head was having that thing, and one day, seemingly out of the blue, your mom got it for you.

This is called focus, and the more that it is like that of that child you once were, the better you will learn that what you want in your life is not farther out of your reach than is how willing you are to remain childlike in your focus, to remain with only the thought in your head that you will end up with that one thing and that as soon as you have that one thing you know that you will feel like the biggest person on the planet. You feel that way NOT because of what you have in your hands and at your disposal, but because you know that you got exactly what it was that you wanted and that you somehow, with and by the grace of Spirit and every bit of patience and even more thinking, not about NOT having that one thing, but never not having it.

Focus, not frustration

The reasons we get frustrated are many. The thing that frustrates us the most comes from us, and it is that thing called impatience. We all get impatient about different things, and we all have different reasons for our impatience, but the frustrations that we all feel from whatever it is that we want in our lives and which is not yet “in the real” in our lives is for a lot of reasons. One reason is that we might feel our lives suck, which, really, they actually might, and another is because we are so needy for things to happen the way we want them to that we are not realizing that Spirit is making things like this.

Yes, Spirit. She is a funny trickster, really, in that the Mother Goddess likes…LIKES to take us all on the scenic route to anything, even the ugly things in life. Wherever we are in our lives at this point is meant to teach us what we have to know about what we don’t know yet. Reread that – what we are learning now is so that as we walk each of our singular paths, even if we have company, we learn, not only to deal with what we are dealing with, but more, so that when we get to where it is that we are manifesting right now, through that frustration we will unearth things within us that are not worthy of whatever it is that we are striving forward to.

If you thought about it in a distant kind of way, we would see the pattern, the machinations of what it is that is truth in manifestation. There is truth in the idea that what we want, we want for a reason, and no matter what our reason is, if there is someone else involved, that which we so dearly and Divinely want will come to us, or, we will get something better, but it will not be without its price. When we vacate certain ideas and energies that we have held for a very long time, it is like we are proverbially cutting off a thumb in that we have to change our thoughts about things. In order to change our thoughts about things, we have to agree with ourselves to do so. When we agree with ourselves to do so, we are making a pact with the Goddess, and no matter what, the Goddess NEVER doesn’t collect.

While She is collecting, we are, in one way or another, hurting. We are hurting because the pain that is so dearly there to begin with is revealed to us in a manner that sometimes is not the way that we intended for it to happen. We try as we may to hide things, to get away with things, to take shortcuts and everything else that we can think of to avoid the pain, but in the end, it really just does not matter because by the time that you are through the turmoil, you have learned a lot about you. What you have learned about you and that was painful to you was that you had to look at you, perhaps for the first time in your life, and you had to say goodbye to something or some way of being that no longer served you or your Divine Purpose in this Lifetime.

The frustration is meant to be a catalyst, a thing that makes you want to get to where you want to be faster, but there is the thing involved in all of this that is we all have to pay the piper, all have to dance with the Goddess, all have to do what we have to do in order to get to where we are going, and all of that entails a little thing called looking at yourself. As it stands at this moment, not one of us is perfect. At all. As it stands at this moment, there are lots of us who are dreaming of the perfect life and the perfect mate and the perfect job and the perfect whatevahs, and we want it to fall perfectly and without any kind of crap getting into our way, into our lap.

The frustration, as sick and as odd as it sounds, is meant to be there, is meant to be the thing that you need so as to know what it is that you do not need, do not want, would never invite into your life. Things that frustrate us teach us about what we don’t want to experience again, about what hurts us to the core of us and how we do not have to hurt in a similar ways that we might be hurting right this moment. And that is the frustrating thing about all of this manifestation stuff, that we have to have patience and that we have to go through whatever it is that we have to in order that we will learn something.

I am taken to the thought that in our lives, we know that we are meant for better, that we are meant to seek out things that will thrill us and that will somehow fit into our lives.  There are so many of us who believe that since they arrived on this planet, that they are somehow entitled to EXACTLY what they want, and the bitch about that is – like Mick Jagger has been crooning for years – You can’t always get what you want.

And the lyrics are correct when followed by “…if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need.” They are correct because even as we each tend to want to hang on to the idea that we know what is the best, not only for us, but for everyone else involved in our lives in any manner at all. What happens to us, in regards to being frustrated and there being other people in our lives is that we start seeing these other people getting in their lives what they want, and some of us who are a bit more douchey than others will, in all of their frustration, latch on to these people, believing that just being in their presence will somehow, via osmosis or something like it, ramp up the speed to what we want getting to us faster.

Now, imagine how frustrated you are going to be, or perhaps have already been, with these people when you see them getting theirs and you are there frustrated and angry because you think you have not gotten yours. The simple fact that, at that moment, you are being taught a lesson. I know this because I can see the lessons playing out daily in my world, of people wanting what they want but not seeing what is there for them to learn through these other people. What are these people doing and how are they going about getting what they want? What is their energy and what is their attitude? All of these things and more all play a part in manifesting our lives.

It is not easy not being frustrated, or impatient, or feeling like the kid at the birthday party – his or her own birthday party – who has been made to wait for their own piece of the birthday cake.  What is easy though, is paying attention to everything that you are not paying attention to. When it comes to that point and you want to throw a tantrum, stop yourself, and really look at, with your Spirit’s eyes, and see there what is NOT there that all these other people in your life are showing you. You will know how it was that they got to where they are now if you pay attention to everything happening around them. You will see that they have a certain air about them that is one of ease, one of trusting The All That Is and the greater energy that is universal.

You will see there that they have yet to let go of one thing about them, and that one thing about them is that they know patience, they know focus, and they know what to do with that energy that at one time was exactly like yours is – frenetic, harsh and seemingly slowing you down. And really, what seems like it is slowing you down is not really slowing you down. You are focusing on the thing frustrating you and not on the thing that you would rather have, which is whatever it is that you want in your life.

You will have to learn patience, but that comes with learning to focus, as the two go hand in hand. You will have to accept that what you want WILL take time, perhaps a lot of time, even a lot of years, but if you have learned what you have had to by this time, you won’t even see the thing that you are looking for coming to you and when it finally gets to you, it will be almost unreal, as though it somehow is a dream that you never want to wake up out of.

And once that happens, there is no turning back, and really, you won’t want to go backwards. In fact, you will be too happy to look forward because at that point you will have gained the proverbial keys to the kingdom.

And yes, it really is just that easy. Learn to be patient and then sit back, pay attention and watch what happens all around you.

Be prepared to be completely amazed at just how very dearly powerful you really are.

I Love You All





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5 responses to “Getting what you most desire requires patience

  • Carol Balawyder

    To have patience really is a blessing:)

    • ReverendRoxie22

      Aloha Carol…

      Most people, unlike yourself, do not understand this. They want to curse the very ground that some of us walk on because we know this one very important thing about manifesting anything, and that one very important thing is that patience is one of the most important factors in manifesting.

      It took me MANY years to learn to truly have patience with people, but mostly with myself. I found out a lot about life the hard way, and then one day I got tired of crying everyday, of sometimes waking up and not realizing that in my sleep I’d had tears.

      Once it was that I realized and more, accepted, that the world did not revolve around what I wanted, that there would be some sort of painful workings that I had to involve myself in is when the real pain started, but the real pain was needed because without it, and I am talking about all of us now, we cannot recognize what is NOT pain.

      Patience serves as both a salve to the wounds caused by others, and more, as the Teacher for ourselves when we get so out of control with what we want and our not getting it right away.

      If there is one thing that the past heart aches have taught me, it is that they are all temporary, that they are meant to teach us, meant to make us shine like diamonds after they have been culled from the coals.

      I thank you so much for your comment, and more, for reading my words.

      Mahalo nui loa

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