What have you learned?

Learning never stops. We learn from the time that we breathe our first breath, and we learn until it is time for us to return to our Spiritual Home. Learning is the thing we are meant to do in our time on this earth.

We are meant to learn. We are not brought into this lifetime without a mission and a purpose. While our mission, in some part, might be a collective effort with others, our purpose, I have found, is singly our own to do with what we are meant to. In order to find our purpose, we must be willing to learn, not only about other people, but mostly, about who we are and what is our place in the grander scheme of things.

For centuries we have been herded like sheep to the ideas that we have to stifle and never see become anything, and throughout that time we have been told who we are. Only now have we, many of us, chosen to, not only figure out who we are, but who we are in relation to everything that we see, know, hear, sense. While we are unique, there are things about us all that make us know that there is no way that we were meant to be on this planet, neither in this lifetime, all by ourselves, even though sometimes, when it is that we are at our lowest point, it may well feel like we are just that.

But we aren’t. The one thing that I have learned, thus far, is that we are not now, nor have we ever been, and neither will we be truly all alone. Spirit, She has a funny way of smacking us around with the hot spatula of truth, and the truth that we get smacked with is our very own. The reason that things seem to suck so much is that we cannot see the beauty in the things that have hurt us, that have maimed us and have scarred us to the very marrow of the Bones of the Soul.

We have been told that we only use 10% of our brain, but these days, I find that if we believe that lie, then we will make it a truth, and this is the thing about lies that we are told about us by others – that a lot of us make someone else’s truth our truth, too, and that is where the hurt and the pain is at. I refer much to Einstein telling us that since fish have no ability to climb trees (shoot…let you tell it…whatevahs, bruddah haha), that the fish will think it is somehow not good enough neither able enough to climb trees, unless, of course, someone tells the fish that it is not meant to climb trees.

We learn a whole lot about ourselves from the things that we cannot do, and we cannot do them, sometimes, because very simply, we are not meant to. We are not meant for anything that is going to hurt us, and we are not meant for things that will make us so angry that we feel like we cannot return to our state of peace and loveliness within. We are not meant to compete with each other to the point where winning seems to only thing we can think of. We are not meant to rise to the top of whatever it is that we think we are supposed to be doing by using others in the wrong manner that is selfish and does not also include other people.

We learn that, too, we are not meant to be alone, that along the path that we each walk there are others who are walking in the same direction, and even others, going to the same proverbial place that we know we are headed. We learn that sometimes, it is okay to hurt, and it is okay to be pissed off, and we learn that we don’t have to stay that way, that we can learn from the things and the situations and yes, of course, the people in our lives who we can’t stand but also are not able to see to it they are gone from our lives when we want them to be, because maybe we are being taught to build to that point of learning.

We learn that while we are each unique, that we are similar in that we want the same things, or at least the same energies that other people also want, and those energies include the ability to rise up above the things that shattered us, that made us so angry and hurt us so badly that the only way to get to the other side of it was to, is to not ignore it but to face the monsters head on, even if the darkness which surrounded us was thick and heavy and harsh.

While we are learning everything that we are meant to, and while we are trying hard to make certain that there is a minimal amount of pain that we have to deal with, and while we are not realizing that when it hurts so badly, we are being taught to get through the pain by simply plodding through it, because if we do not face it and go through it, we will not recognize it the next time it shows up. And it always shows up, perhaps dressed differently than it did the last time we hurt badly, but it shows up, the pain, the hurt, the everything that makes us grow and become better through our becoming stronger and through our delving into our own selves for the truths that we each seek that really, we don’t know that we are creating.

We don’t really know, no, not even us who can be called ‘Psychic,” (really…not matter what you might think or have been told and no matter what you have seen on television – each of us is gifted this way, but in different ways..but that is for another blog at a later time) what is in store for us. I mean, yes, there are some of us who might have an idea of the energy, and others who can ‘see’ the end result without knowing what the start of something looks like. My point is that not one of us can accurately predict the future of anyone or for anyone. It is not meant that there will be people who will know everything there is to know all of the time. If that happened, we would never learn anything, ever, because there would be, at our convenience, this thing that we would be able to turn to. That is just too easy.

Life is not meant to be easy. It is meant to be beautiful. It is meant to be a gift that is unwrapped everyday of our lives that we have at our whim and our disposal. Unfortunately, we share the air with people who feel otherwise. There are people, as we all know, who could just say goodbye to their ability to breathe, and while it is that I value life, I also value free will, even and namely when it is something as personal as when we slide into the next level of awareness.

Life is meant to be beautiful, and is meant to be that way by each of our individual hands. We are who create Life, out of nothing at all but the Love within us each, not only for one another, but for Life itself. True, many of us wake up everyday of our lives disdainful and thinking that things just will never get better, that there is no chance for any one of us to have what we want in our lives. No one ever promised us anything (okay, so there are a few I have made that I can think of that I will keep because they are that important) upon entry into this lifetime other than that what we each make of it all completely belongs to the each and every one of us. No one said that it would ever be easy, only that it is worth being here for every moment that we are each meant to be here to experience, no matter what they feel like. We are meant to be here, so we might as well just deal with it already.

No matter what, and unless it is our time to go, we have a chance everyday to look at things as though we are each the author, and the day, a new piece of paper upon which we have the opportunity to write a brand new story. Everyday, we have the chance to wake up, look outside at the sunlight or the rain, hear the birds or the silence, smell the Sun as it wakes the world up, feel the gentle breeze as it caresses our face, and taste the joy that is Life.  Every single day of our lives, we are given this gift, and everyday too many of us take this gift as being a curse. It is not a curse.

Without the ugliness, we cannot recognize what is beautiful, and really, if you bothered to look around you, you would most assuredly find the beauty that is there, because the beauty that is there is subject to change, become more than what you see there, become the embodiment and the actuality of the Divine at work in our lives. Once it is that we can see the reasons why we go through what we go through, things begin to take on a new color, begin to breathe differently, begin to be whatever it was and is that they are meant to be.

Whatever anything is meant to be, it will be, even if we think it will not be, given the things that we see in our awareness at the moment. Everything, at all times, is in a state of evolution, meaning that everything, just like you, and me, and that guy over there with his finger up his nose – all of us are in a constant state of flux, flowing through the ever-presence that is the All That Is, and surprising us in ways our human understanding cannot or will not comprehend on the top of things, but underneath it all, we get it, we understand.

We understand that it is our Kuleana to make it through the days and the nights, make it through the heartaches and make it through the things that crush the very Bones of the Soul.  And there will be a whole lot of things that will give you the things that you might not want, but that you so dearly need, and those things will be what build you, strengthen you, make you know what you are made of. We cannot know what it is that we are made of if we are not willing to look the monster in the eyes and and tell it that we are not scared, that we will be who takes the reigns and that no longer will we fear the things which, on the surface, have the ability to break us, to tear us down and make us bleed from the soul, out.

Eventually, we tire ourselves emotionally, and then one day, without our expecting anything good to happen,  we figure out that all along, we were fine and good, just as we were, and just as we are.

The years go by, and the things that we needed, wanted, knew were ours, finally  find their way to us, and at that moment, everything we went through suddenly makes a whole lot of sense. It is in that moment that we have the proof that we need that on our own, we are powerful, and on our own, we have the ability to change the world we live in, as long as we believe nothing that sounds or acts or seems or feels like what we want is an impossibility.

I am living, breathing, tangible proof that nothing is impossible and that yes, sometimes, the impossible coming into fruition is a pain in the ass.

Deal with it, because the end result is always way better than what we, with our human faculties, can imagine being the truth of us.

I Love You All…





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