Heroes and those who vilify them

We hear so much about bad things, and sometimes, in those bad things that we hear, we also hear about the people in those bad things who can be called a hero. The saddest thing in the world to any of us should not be the bad things that happen, but the bad things that people seek out about the heroes in life. 

We just cannot leave well enough alone, ever. It seems like no matter how many good things people do, other people will take the time to say horrid things about some of the best people in our midst. I am talking about our heroes, the ones who are on the planet trying hard to make things better or easier for others. Lately, we have seen a whole lot about cops being jack-asses, about the infamous Floridian we all know whose last name begins with the letter “Z.” We know all about things that really, no one cares about. And if they care about it, why is it that they seem to have nothing else to lend their attention or their care to?

We are in love with the drama created by the “Bad things”

It’s the truth – we humans love it when there is drama. We love it when we are able to soak it all in, flounder around in it for a while, and get ourselves worked up into a lather. The kicker is that the drama cannot be our own. It is not any kind of fun gossiping about ourselves, and none of us really or actually do that. We love it when someone else’s perfect little life is interrupted by the ugliness that life brings to us as lessons.

Yet, the hardest part of all of this…crap…is watching people say bad things about good people who can be considered as being also heroes. I am talking about the school bus driver who lost his job because he couldn’t allow a kid to go hungry when the cafeteria would not allow him to eat because he owed a mere forty-cents on his lunch bill. I am talking about enlisted who go to war to fight an old man’s war, who gets injured in battle, and are brought home to both a hero’s welcome by his loved ones, but also by those who believe it is his fault that he is injured because they believe, too, that he is enlisted because of anything but what is the truth – that he wants to protect and serve his country.  I am talking about single parents, and grandparents, aunties, uncles, the lady next door. `

I am talking about anyone who, no matter what reason anyone might have, has been vilified for doing the morally right thing.

I would really like to know when it became okay for much of the collective whole of us to forget what it feels like to be the one who everyone wants to blame whatever it is that they will on them, even when what it was that they did was the morally right thing to do. I would really like to know when it became acceptable that we should dig and furrow for the bad in everything, even the good, and especially in the goodness of people. What sickness of the Soul is it that we should look for the worst in people and then, through whatever machinations we will, bring it out of them? Why is it so hard for us to leave good people alone to their own goodness?

I have been, several times, called a hero, because the truth of me is that I refuse to sit by and watch good people get screwed with. Period. I would rather be a hero than the person who turns a blind eye to the injustices placed upon the soul and into the awareness of good people. I know…It is not our business to be the playground supervisor for the world, not ours to make sure that everyone in our midst knows that if they sin, even a little bit, that it is our job to point it out to them and make it known to the world that this very good person, with a big heart and soul, and that this good person may also have issues that anyone at all can have. This is not ours to do… I know- it is not my job to make other people behave.

…just as much as it is not the job of the majority of the populace to vilify heroes.

If there is anything that irritates me more than much else will, it is when people will purposely make it known to anyone about what is none of their business, and it is doubly so when it is that these people will tear heroes down, just so that they, themselves, will not have to feel like they can dangle their feet off of a dime.

Feeling like you can dangle your feet off of a dime is a you thing, not an anyone else thing, and certainly NOT to be placed on the shoulders of the heroes in life

I know what it is like to try, valiantly, to be in the good graces of someone who just is so markedly, terribly unhappy that they just cannot help but make other people miserable, and more, who have no intentions of NOT being miserable. It is almost as though they like it that way. They up the ante a bit when they begin to pick on and take on the role of punisher when it comes to those in their lives who have taken on the role of care taker, stepmom or stepdad who is not creepy, teacher, parent, civic leader, aunt, uncle, neighbor, the enlisted guy down the street, cop, firefighter, etc., etc., and decide, unreasonably, that these people need to be picked on. It is the Overlord of Douche Land who does this. We all know this person.

I know this person really well. These are the ones who like to pass judgement on everything. I will be the last one to say that I have never judged another person in my life. We all do it. We all have an opinion, and in that opinion we end up judging who we are looking at in front of us. In that split second moment we are also called upon, at the same time, to not judge them harshly. There are people who have no idea how to not judge people harshly. They bully others to believe that if anyone knows best, it is them, and that if anyone has the right to talk all that gnarly bullshit, again, it is them.

They are the ones who like to think they know it all, are the ones who think that their truths are also the same truths that others hold. They are the ones who, for the life of them, want to call themselves a survivor when in reality they are just opportunists. These are the people who, no matter what, feel somehow threatened by the heroes in our lives and are also the people who will pitch the biggest bitch about it if their own good deeds do not get the attention that someone with good intention may be receiving. These are those who are in our lives and who take on the role of leader and horribly screw things up, and these are the ones who like to make sure that everyone knows about it when the heroes screw up. In fact, they are the very ones who do the digging, who do the hatin’, who do things that are tabloid worthy and who, most of the time, get away with all of it.

They are the ones in our lives who we want for them to just go away and never return, are the ones who, every time they walk into a room, already have awful things to say about that one person who no one has ever raised an eyebrow about.

That is, until some big mouthed moron comes along and starts runnin’ their gums.

No one is born a hero

It takes a lot to be a hero. It takes a lot of heartaches and LOTS of going through stuff. It takes surviving some of the harshest things in life and coming out of it perhaps bruised in the ego, but absolutely flawless in the Soul. Heroes are not only big, burly super-heroes, but are everyday people who just simply give a damn about other people, period.  These people expect no fanfare, expect no thank you, and do what they do for other people, not for the glory of it, but because it is right and good to do good things for other people.

Heroes are those people who, for whatever reason they might have, will not allow other people to not be who they are for real, and when someone else steps in and starts making things terrible for them, a hero will walk on in, do what they do, and no matter what, will stay there until the right outcome is had by the person who needed the assistance.

It takes so very little for any one of us to do the right thing, but the one thing that we do rather than the right thing is wait until someone else says they will. Glory hounds do that. Arrogant douche bags do that.

Heroes do not.

They are here for the purpose of protection – NOT so that people can talk sh*t about them

People talk. In fact, people talk without thinking. In fact, people talk without thinking, act without considering the outcome, hear only what they can take away from a conversation that will make themselves, at least in their own heads, appear to be actually having some sort of clue about who they are talking all that trash about. The most beautiful thing about this is that no matter what – Karma, she is a far bigger bitch than any one of us could even conjure a thought about, and it is in those moments that we think we are passing information, really and actually we are talking shit about someone else, and we are also creating our own karmic debt.

This is the part that people who talk sh*t about other people in an endless manner do not think about. I think my most favorite part about these types of personalities is that somehow they are clueless to the energy that they are creating for themselves. At the time they are runnin’ their gums, they are only aware that at that moment, they are the ones who have the best gossip, and they are who everyone is giving their attention to, and at the moment, it is all about them.

You can sit there and think to yourself that this has been you once or twice, and there are a few people who I know are sitting there reading this who are already okole sore over the things that they have read in this writing. If you are upset because I have pointed out the stump in your okole, don’t sweat it, because someone had to tell you about it, given that you were so busy pointing out the splinter in everyone else’s eyes. When it came time for you to start your crap about someone who actually is an awesome person, and you lied and you did what you did, and you hurt someone else, at that point, not only did you become an Overlord of Doucheland, you also became Karmic fodder. (Yeah, I said it- deal with it)

When you say awful things about people who are good, about people who do good, not only in their own lives but also in the lives of others, you are setting up your own Karmic debt. When you do things that are spawned from lies, from the intention that is nowhere near a good one, from a place that is vengeful and filled with only the pain that you intend to place onto someone else, not only are you a piece of garbage, but you are, at that point, also giving those people who you keep messin’ with the energy that is coming back bigger than life, who,at one time, may have been a perceived zero, but none the less, is now a hero in the making.

I say hero because once it is that you have been screwed with enough, and once it is that you have had no reason to be reasonable, and once it is that you have been to hell and back, and once you have come to the conclusion that you can either allow all this garbage to fester and rot within you and you decide that maybe you can come back from this event called “life” that was happening to you and not for you….once it is that you have survived all of the heartache, and once it is that you have been made, by your own hand even, able to deal with damned nearly anything that any one Overlord of Doucheland throws at you…

…well, that is about the same time that you realize that you have become your very own hero and that you can, without a thought, also go out into the world to do good for and with others.

And it all came about because someone -perhaps a bunch of someones- decided to vilify the good works of people who truly and only wanted to do something good for other people.

Don’t be douchey- the stink you create that comes from your overblown ego will need a lot more than vinegar and water…

Heroes – they are not ever born. They are created from the ashes left by the coals of the fires of Life.




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