The Force (Use it- don’t abuse it)

“Your overconfidence is your weakness…” (Luke Skywalker)

Manipulation is the thing that every single one of us is good at. Whether you believe it or not, it is needed. It may seem otherwise, but the truth is that we all are born with this singular ability to manipulate other people. The difference between us and others is that some of us have honed this skill to unimaginable heights.  Now, I am not saying that we can’t or should not do what we need to do in order to get to where we need to be. I am not saying that at all. What I am saying is that it is not all the time that we really need everything that we want. This is where it gets a little – or perhaps a LOT – sketchy.

The people who are in perceived power have this, or maybe HAD this ability, down to a science. It was not something that they hide and still is something that they do not hide – the ability to manipulate people to get what they want, no matter what it is, and no matter who they have to say or do whatever it is that they have to say or do anything to – they will do what they feel they must in order to get their way.

Manipulation is in direct opposition to free will

I am not going to tell anyone that not one person has or does not ever manipulate anyone else. We ALL do it, but when we do it ALL the time is when we are so very wrong.

It is one thing for a business person to manipulate a deal so that not only they come out a little bit “on top,” but quite another when said business person feels and believes that he or she has to take advantage of the person they are dealing with so as to get a MUCH better deal for themselves, even and especially when said person standing there might need whatever it is that is being offered.

It is one thing for a man who likes the company of women to spend much time with several of them, doing what he will with them, and they know that he is not permanent, and even one thing that this man is very honest about it, but when this sort of man does this ALL THE TIME and does so with ONLY the intent of gettin’ himself a lil’ somethin’ from ANY woman, and continues to so do these things is when he is very suddenly a giant douche bag.  Then, when you add what his reasons (read: excuses) are, you begin to see where this person is coming from and suddenly, you can also see his very dear and deep suffering.

It is one thing for a woman to profess her love for a man, another thing to decide that she is meant for him and he for her, but quite another thing when said woman decides that no matter what, he MUST BE with her, even though said man might no longer have the same feelings that he once did. This is the part when said woman believes that there is nothing in this world that is more important than being right, than winning whatever perceived battle it is that she is fighting with him, over him, and why? BECAUSE SHE FEELS LIKE A FOOL FOR HAVING BELIEVED HIM and now she must make up the balance somehow, and the only “somehow” that seems right to her is to LIVE like HE has an ultimatum – either it is her way, or she will make his life a living hell. When push comes to shove, the cycle of sickness starts over and the madness continues.

It is one thing for a person to have a lot of friends, to be with those friends often, but quite another when said person is not sure of their own personal power and is instead empowered by what manipulative measures he or she feels they must take (i.e. being the person who ALWAYS pays and is never reciprocated for it in kind or being the one who always has to wait til everyone else has had what they are there for and the person who is overly giving to these people ends up with the proverbial short end of the stick) and becomes the person who people can depend on for ANYTHING and who ends up, even with his or her toys and tangibles still amply there for them and their own use, feeling very empty inside because they begin to realize that all along the only reason anyone hung out with them is because of what they have, tangibly.

We have all been these people, or, at the very little least, have been at least one of these people. Yes, even I am capable of some very, nasty, dirty things, even being who I am, and it is because I am a Pisces. In fact, ALL water signs are capable of this, and all of us, if we are within our wherewithal and are who we truly are on the inside and in spirit, the day ALWAYS meets us where we see who we are and who we have always been and that is where the difference is. That is where we begin to see that this ability to manipulate others in order and only to get where we want to get and be where we want to be and without any regard for others and their lives happens for us. It happened for me a long time ago, this ability to place myself into someone else’s Soul and think dearly about who they are and what it would be like if the tables were turned.

Yet, we don’t all do the right thing. And this is something that is not only a water sign thing, but an everyone thing.  All humans, because we are, in a primal manner, mammals, have the ability and the instinct to survive. Our ability to manipulate other people, other living beings is nothing short of amazing. When we choose to use it to take from others what we want and we haven’t the intention of giving anything in return is when we are wrong – DEAD wrong.

An “amen,” a “testify,” and a “WHAT?”

I am ordained. It is funny to me that, throughout the course of my life, I have been witness to a lot of “Holy men” who employ tactics of political style manipulation to sway their followers into enriching these “evangelical men of God” to the point where said men of god believe that they are owed these things, because, and I have heard it said – God wants these men to live in prestige, to have all the trappings of a lifestyle fit for royalty, and hell yes – because they feel entitled, as “Holy Men,” to all these things that they are so not entitled to.

They use “The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” as the One Who would be upset with them if these men of holy elephantiasis of the guavas do not get a certain amount of tithes every month, you know, for the “building fund,” (meaning the pastor’s overblown egotistical digs) so that these …humans who think they are the actual mouthpiece of their punishing god, can continue to live a life of sumptuous over-indulgence. And they get every dime they manipulate, usually, from very broke people.

Why does anyone think or believe that all of these guys who are in the spotlight are so closely tied to politics? It is because they are or, at least anymore these days, WERE, the grand manipulators. If we think back to the days of Constantine we can see that we have been scared into thinking that we have to get the best of people when we set out to get what we think we need. We are always provided that which we need – Mother Goddess is a good mom and tends to take care of her children. We have the survival skills and the inborn ability and instinct to hunt and gather, have the instincts that all other mammals have. The difference between us and the rest of the kingdom of breathing land mammals is that we have the ability to reason.

That which makes us strong also makes us weak

Our power is vested in our ability to survive, no matter what. This can be taken as our ability to survive, our ability to see to our own needs, and in this manner, this is not a bad thing. However, in every person’s life, there comes a time, often, when we have to make a choice – to do, or not to do? (Because, you know, there is only do, there is no try – yes, Geek of the Star Wars AND the Star Trek persuasion here, thank you very much) We, in that split second moment, have a choice to make and the choice that we must make, no matter what it is, should always include the thought that someone else, somewhere else, is going to experience the reverberation because of the choices that we make.

In those choices that we make there is the energy that is do, or not do, but in everything, no matter what, we have to be. When we Be who we are for real, the truth of our choices will always match it. When we are being who we are in the sense that is “all mine!” we are behaving in the manner that is that of one who is immature in the Soul. Don’t get me wrong – ALL of us have been this way, even in our adulthood. I have been, but that is what happens to a person whose ego and whose soul are not in alignment. When the ego and the Soul are in alignment with one another is when the fun stuff starts. When this happens, we are given the gift of sight where other people are concerned and become empathetic. When we become empathetic we also grow what is known as a “thicker skin.” It is the thickness of the skin that is the ego in us that allows for us to have compassion for other people. When we lack compassion and are more given to the idea that our ego is what is most important is also when we start to think that we are somehow not as perfect as we need to be.

When we think we are not as perfect as we think we need to be is when we think, too, that what other peoples’ opinions of who we are and what we are able to bring to them matters more than who we know ourselves to be. When we step into the shadow that is our thinking that someone else will not think that we are all we know we are, we are stepping also into the darkness that is worrying about what other people think of us as being the very truth of us.

…but, whatever you do….do NOT shun The Dark Side

Yes, references to my love for all things strange and “Star Wars” is very dearly part of this writing, and it is because (1) I love Star Wars and (2) all the REAL Star Wars movies (the first three without the sadness called the prequels) contain within them some very real wisdom. When the Dark Lord tells Luke that he should come to the dark side, I can only think of our United States Congress. I know, I know…I don’t do politics, but they’re the only ones- Congress – who I can think of when I think of people who manipulate others to get their way.

These people are so good at the Constantine thing, the scaring of the populace to get what they want and to get only their own means met. They are the reason that any one of us is in poverty, why a whole lot of us lost everything – NOT because they really DID anything in each of our lives, but because they knew, all of them, that ALL humans within their earshot were going to hear that it would be easy to do a lot of things, to buy a lot of things that would  make a lot of people who felt like they had nothing finally be able to have something, even if only temporarily. Another good set of manipulators is anyone “gangsta rap,” anyone “Kardashian,” “Hilton,” and whoever else is the flavor of the moment. (Yes…even the Duck Dynasty guys…manipulators)

When we want something in our lives, the best way to go about it is NOT think about who else who is NOT you can give you what you want, but more, how you can go about getting what you need, which may also be what you want, that you may have to ask for help from others to have in your life (because all of us needs a little help from our friends from time to time), but that you will not have to do things unsavory in order to have them. When I set out, a LONG time ago, to start using my gifts as a means by which to also live and pay bills, it was without anything resembling fear. And why? Because it was not the same way that every other healer chose to do what they were born to, but was because I knew what worked. I knew then what I know now – that people need people in their lives who can relate, who understand their plight even before said plight has been revealed.

The reason not to shun our own Dark Side, is, again, for about the millionth time, because we need it. It is our edge, and it is what protects us, really, and it is what works in tandem with our light, so that we not only can recognize our darkness but also how our darkness serves us. We cannot know our own light without also knowing our own shadow. We know our shadow because our light is what reveals it to us.  When we no longer feel threatened by the truth of what is there in our shadow is when we can know, too, that our shadow is ours to tame, and that our shadow is what teaches us how to use our own means to the light and to the most perfect lives we can conjure thinking, let alone create.


Basically, when we really want something in our lives, the last thing that we need to do in order to have it in our lives is think that we need to manipulate other people to get those things that we want. There is not now, nor has there ever been, any reason at all for us to not believe that we are powerful enough to bring into our awareness the things that we so dearly want to have as our own.

Basically, when we really want something in our lives, what needs to be done is asking the question, not of how we will get those things, but why we want them.

Basically, really, there is no need for people to feel like they have to get one over on anyone else, because basically, whatever is meant to be for us will be for us and no manipulating anyone will make it different for anyone at all.  When it is that you are meant to have something in your life that is meaningful, gorgeous and right, it will just happen, and it will happen at the time that it is meant to happen and at the time that it needs to happen and perhaps even when we want it to happen most.

Think about THAT for a second and THEN tell me I am crazy.




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