A rainbow is symbolic of many things, but the one thing that it symbolizes for a whole lot of people is the connection, not only to the Divine, but also to each other. 

There are many songs about rainbows. Rainbows are the thing that little kids are so thrilled to see after the rain has passed. I recall vividly being at my Auntie Charlotte’s house, as a small child, on the Big Island of Hawai’i, her beautiful voice singing and the rain falling gently on the roof. She sang her song, strumming her ukulele, and as she sang, even as the rain fell, splinters of sunlight shone through the clouds, passing in front of it as if it were the spotlight, and the clouds, the dancers. I recall being drawn in by her voice, and then looking out the window, through the screen, to the vast Pacific waters, and there it was – a Rainbow like none I had seen in my very short life at that time. I think I might have been maybe 4 years old.

Rainbows have always affected me in ways that no human could understand unless they are also affected, not only by their natural beauty, but because of the idea that somehow, we are given these things, these signs and symbols as a means for our understanding to grow. Many people only equate the rainbow these days with the LGBTs, but for many more than only those guys (Hi Greg, Chris and Amy!) it seems that rainbows are more the bridge, symbolically, of the beauty of life when the storms have passed us by.

Many more people, namely folks like me, not only see the rainbow as symbolic of a storm which has passed, but also as a connection, a bridge, if you will, to The Divine.  I read a passage written in Hawai’ian, that translates to “The Rainbow of Heaven is Your Name” (O ka’onohi ula o ka lani ko inoa). This can mean a whole lot of different things to a whole lot of different people, but to a quiet majority of people, it means that we have a definite bridge which connects us to the ether, to the things known but not seen, and to every single wish that every single one of us has ever had.


I am a confirmed, and happily so, believer in wishing. Wishing leads us to imagine things, and imagining things makes it so that we have dreams to chase, desires to manifest, and things to accomplish in life. Without the childlike ability to wish for better things, we do not and will not ever know exactly what our power is all about. I will refer back to that one thing, about being powerful enough to manifest what it is that we want in our lives. Without our ability to create these thoughts that sometimes seem very outlandish, we do not know exactly what it is that we can call our own power.

Yes – you read it correctly, that it is my thought, my opinion and my very experience to say that without all of those grandiose ideas, without all of those “it could happens” and without that gigantic imagination of yours, you will never know what your power is or can be. I used to think it was impossible for people who have crossed into the other side to talk to us on this side, but I have been, for about a little less than 6 months now, without my realizing so, until recently, that I am able to be the voice of those who have, completely out of their own control while they were still with us here, gone home to be with Spirit.

I wanted to be able to talk to them, and they, instead talk to and through me.

For the bulk of my adulthood, and there are not a lot of people who are reading this who know what I am talking about, but those who do know what I am talking about, I stand as a symbol of great hope of things we thought were gone forever and the returning of those things, situations and people that we each were thought to be gone forever. In some cases, it is without saying that in the physical sense, some  folks just cannot come back. Yet, the ones who can, if we wish hard enough, do the work involved, go in with an open mind and an open heart, and just believe that what it is that you want is out there somewhere, you will end up with that one thing, or even something remarkable better. In some cases, and I may be only speaking for very self this time, that one thing that could be better and that you have pined for and wished for – they can be and sometimes are one and the same.

The importance of the connection between ourselves and Spirit

We use the rainbow as the symbol of hope in this writing, hope that one day, the things that we so wish to have will be ours. While we know that the rainbow is physically just a prism, we also know that it is not the rainbow that is the hard part, but is the unbelievable part that appears after the storm clouds have passed us by.  Life for a lot of us is very stormy, is very harsh and ugly, but if you can bother to see those times as being akin to the clouds which have rained on your parade for so very many long years, and you can go back in your mind to a time when you were but a child, staring in awe at this creation that only the Mother Goddess could give birth to.

It is when we are being raised that the harshness of life comes at us from all directions, that we find out how cool we really are. Right now we are all looking at our lives as though it is one long bad dream, one long time where the only thing that matters is trying hard to make it to the next day without falling apart. If we could look at life as though we look at the rain when it falls, we know that cyclically, the rain must fall (“these are the seasons of emotion…upon us all a little rain must fall..” gotta love Zeppelin…no really, you do…you must love Led Zeppelin …just kidding…or am I?). We are aware that the rain must fall so that it can wash away all of the things that were brought about in its absence.

When the rain is here, and it stays for longer than we care for it to stay, we get antsy, we get hostile even, but what we seem not to get is the idea that the storms will pass, and again the sun will peak through the clouds, and while we are waiting for the warmth of the sun, there, in place of the rain, as it begins to taper off, appears the rainbow. Rainbows are not really half of anything, but are really a circle. Circles are not meant to do anything other than continue, endlessly, much like the cyclical nature of life itself.

We lose so much of what and who we are, and we do so on behalf of other people. When we choose to Be Love rather than to only expect it from others is when the storms begin to pass, is when we understand what it means to have love for everyone, but mainly for ourselves. It is the Love within us all which makes us able to love anyone else. It is the love within us all that compels us forward everyday, believing that we are meant to have something unique and special and all for ourselves, even though sometimes what we end up with ends up having to be shared. And share it we will, because that is as it should be.

It doesn’t matter if you cannot see what you want in your life as being on its way to you. It is, whatever it is that you asked for, wished for, on its way to you, no matter what…

…that is, as long as you believe you are worthy of it. But that thought – the worthiness thought – is not for this blog. Rainbows symbolically scream volumes about hope, about things wished for and those wishes being in manifest.  I am still in shock, albeit happily so, at my own proof that the rainbows we each seek in life are there, and that we have to look past the storm to visualize it. We are who create the rainbows, the bridges across the limitations of the consciousness that most folks just settle for having.

We will say that when I set out on my own endeavors, that there is always that thought in my head about what lies just on the other side of those things, those thoughts and those wishes for me, and how many of those things I dearly and truly wished for with everything in me. There are not a lot of people know what that was, but those who do know also and absolutely know that even in my shock, I am about as happy as a chick can be.

And really, it was because I never gave up believing in things that a whole lot of people believe are just meant to make me lose myself in the nothingness that they believe is thought.  For a lot of people, thoughts are not now nor have they ever been and neither shall they ever be anything more than things that come to mind.

Believe in your symbols, and believe in your truth, because they are the guide map to where you want and need to be in your life. Many of us have yet to meet up with the people who we have a mission in this life time with and many more are still very down about the idea that they believe there is only this world, only what is contained within the tangible nature of things and not in the intangibility of thought. Thoughts are beautiful things. They are where we live while we are alive. They are meant to give clues as to where we belong and with whom it is that we belong.  When we believe that we know better than Spirit does, and we keep on fighting the things that we think are there and hurting us, when in reality, they are there for our benefit. They are there to show us what we do not want, what we cannot live without, who it is we are meant to hang with, meant to be with, and most of all, they are there because without them, we don’t know who we are.

Once we cross that bridge to the other side of our thoughts and accept that we might just be all that and a bag of chips, we might also begin to believe that for once in our lives, the rainbow is right – it is okay to dream, because dreams indeed do become reality.

I know this.

For sure, and with a grandness like nothing else.

Pay attention to the things that are like rainbows for you, and cross over to that other side of thought, because you don’t know how truly powerful you are until you get to that other side of those things and those thoughts, and know that you made it there, were given what you asked for, perhaps more.

Lemme tell you what…I could not have asked for more. I got what I wanted. Not because I believed in rainbows, but because I simply and only believed that I could do what it was that I intended to do a very long time ago.

Yay me.




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