…not far from who you are

No matter who we each think we are, we never can change the core of the reality of who we are for real. 

Pisces – we are the morph masters, some of us in the physical sense. Yet, that is part of our charm, the ability to, not so much conform to any situation or turn ourselves into something we are not, but more that we are able to adjust our ways of being to any situation and come out of it as unscathed as we can. That is just who we are.

Thinking in terms of the human race…well, even a Pisces cannot think that big, at least not all the time – that takes time for us to dream and to think about things in a big giant manner.

You are who you are, no matter what your zip code says, no matter what your income tells you that you are – you are who and what you are and no matter what, it is a beautiful thing, really. It does not matter if people tell you that you are psycho because you happen to want to sport green hair that matches your best suit, and it doesn’t matter that you might actually like Doritos and cream cheese and wash it down with a beverage in a white can with a black label that screams “BEER” at the world – you are beautiful all the way down to the very Bones of the Soul.

I have said it before, and I will say it again…Be You, because you are all you have

I think what spawned this writing were all the things that have happened just in the last few days and weeks. There are so many of us who have been met with some sort of personal anomalies, so many of us who have come to that point in our lives where it is not only the stuff happening on the outside of us, but more the things that make us either react or respond that start on the inside of us. It is on the inside where we process things and events and people. We have grown so fast and have come so far along the Paths that we are each on that we have collectively, in all of the noticing what sucks okole in our lives, that we have not bothered to not only see what is borne of those things that suck and which do NOT suck, but also, we have not taken into account the reason that we are met with those things.

The reason I think we are met with those things that suck okole

I have had a little time to think about things and the way that they are now, not only in the singular sense, but more in the collective sense, where what it is that we see in front of us in our lives as being a big fat mess that we have to clean up. All we see is the mess. We are and have, for months now, forgotten that sometimes the messes show up, not only because they need to be cleaned up, but because in those messes and in the energy that is the mess of things are also those very things that are making themselves apparent to us and things that we have either just not noticed or have ignored.

We ignore what sucks, believing that what sucks will just go away. Thinking in an energetic sense, though, we can believe, too, that the more we push the things about ourselves that suck, and the more we do not acknowledge those parts of us known as The Shadow, the louder and more prominent those very things become for us. (And sometimes literally)

Where it is that the man who has learned his lesson from the woman who he loves but can no longer tolerate actually has no more learning to do from her, but this does not mean that the woman is not still learning. In those times of our learning with these people we are met with the very things  that we would rather not look at. We are mirrors to one another, don’t forget, and it is their ugliness that causes us to look away and it is an ugliness that is alive and well within us, too. This is why we can see it, why we feel like we have to vent those things out, and why, when things happen that are not so great, we want to judge it and go tell it on a mountain.

It is because we are all human, that’s why. It is because we all hurt, and we all go through some sort of suffering, and afterwards we need to proverbially lick our emotional and mental wounds. We don’t give ourselves a break when we most need one, always trying to be the nicest or the best people who we think we can be. In that trying and in that energy we figure out a few things about ourselves and some of those things are not so nice, but they are there, and most of all, they are ours.

We created them all – everything good, bad, ugly – it is all ours. I have written a whole lot about our ability to create who we are, how our lives will be, according to our creative energy toward it, and the one thing that I never understood until recently is that we are prone to living outside of who we are, especially right now, because, again, right now is so painful for a whole lot of us that it seems the only thing that we can do is step outside of the box and live somewhere else within ourselves.

Yes, we live outside of ourselves, even within ourselves, and that is because we are not only made up of the energy that is our sun sign. While we might be a water sun, our lunar or emotional selves might be an earth sign, and then we have to always remember that we have to give credence to our “game face” (rising sign…mine is Leo). We draw on those other parts of ourselves in order to ease the thoughts that we have that are not that great about this time in our lives. We take on the energy and the personality of our moon sign at times, and at other times, it is our rising sign. Sometimes we might, when the time is calling for it, adhere to the Venusian energy in our charts, and other times, the houses in which those signs in our charts are where we choose to be and to behave as.

We are never very far from who we each are, and in that thought we must also believe that where we are at the moment, in this current and collective unkindness, there is the energy that we all know that all things which hurt us and which leave us breathless and wanting for something more or different is just right beyond the horizon of our own consciousness.

If you feel sometimes like you are not you, that is because of something in your birth chart. We are comprised of so much more than only what our sun sign says we are. This is why anymore now we hear a whole lot of jokes being made about anyone who will ask another person “what’s your sign?” and it is this way because of the current shift in consciousness. Our behaviors are not only who we are in the solar sense, but also the lunar sense. We each have a little bit of the characteristics of every sign. If you looked at each of the houses of the zodiac you would see there in your own chart the 12 houses. Each house represents an area of life and in each area of life there is a sign there who is in charge. It takes a lot of study and practice to learn it, but once you learn the reality of who you are, you never turn back.

The reality of who you are

A whole lot of people say it, all the time – “I’m a (insert sun sign here) and we don’t roll that way.” I think my favorite ones are the ones who like to challenge me on what I wrote above this part – that we are made up of more than only the Sun in our chart. It is at that point where I am likened to say that their sun and moon are probably the same sign, and most of the time, I am spot on.

No, I am not trying to get more clients to come to me for the purpose of reading their chart. I am more inclined to teach people the gist of things, according to their chart and how I find out they best learn things and retain them, rather than take their money and send them on their way. The reality of who we are is unchanging, but every year we are prone to changes that happen outside of us, and right now I am getting a crapload of emails about why it is that their time in life at the moment just seems so, so…UGH!

It is not that you are changing only, but that you must weather those changes through the changes that are also global. Everything in your life, my life, our collective lives, whether anyone wants to believe it or not, is not ruled by the stars, neither by the planets, but by Spirit. However, the way that we will respond, whether consciously or unconsciously, is ruled by the planets. (Okay, so that is just the way that I make sense of things, but y’all are privy to free will choice)

I suppose what this writing is about is not about change or about how we relate to others, but really, this is about acceptance of every part of each of our selves. In order for us to collectively move along, we must be willing to take a nice long look at everything in our lives, how we connect to it all, accept that which is not that great, embracing it like we do our own kids. We have to be able to live up to the things that come to us in dreams and in those times when we think we are being visited by coincidence …but …there are no coincidences, only things that happen which are meant to.

There are so many parts of our lives that we do not understand and quietly, we judge ourselves because of it.

Once we learn to stop judging ourselves so harshly, for things that we may not even have any real understanding of, we will also begin to stop judging others , period. It is called evolving…

…and no matter what, we all do it – we all evolve.

It just takes some of us a little bit longer to garner the trust in our own selves to do the right thing, and most of the time we do the right thing.

So now you know – the next time you don’t feel quite so much like yourself, it is not that you are not being who you are but that you are being who you are for real and that you just don’t know you are.

Kinda rules, doesn’t it?



You Know Why Child Meme

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2 responses to “…not far from who you are

  • mihrank

    I have to congratulate you on this article. I was unable to hold my tears while reading it. Wow. I have also to mention ” “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not” and “Time is the longest distance between two places.”

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