No matter what, Love.

Even the hurts we suffer, they are borne from Love. The things that we dismiss as not important, also, borne from Love. We really need to take stock of how we feel, guys…because nothing but Love truly matters, and it is not the romantic sort, but the sort that is all Aloha…

I learned something this past week – we are truly the epitome of Love. When we hurt, it is because of an infraction caused by something that was once the very picture of Love. It doesn’t matter at all what sort of love that it is we each need, it is not the lack of Love in our lives that we are not aware of, but the permanence of things that once reminded us of what we called “Love.”

When we are younger, we think that Love is about other people who we are interested in being entangled with in some manner. Then one day we each grow up and out of who we were, only to come to the conclusion that things are not what they seem, and after that happens we end up disappointed because the reality is that we really had no idea of what Love really is.

Yet, we have evidence of just such Love all around us, all the time. From the guy who owns his little fix-it shop down on the corner, to the person who, in all of their hurt and pain and disappointment throughout their lives, they become the best person they can be, and only for one reason – they Loved themselves enough, even if they did not realize it. Everything that we have ever done in our lives, no matter what, has been done with some measure of Love.

It is because deep down inside of our souls, where it truly counts, we have each always known that we matter, to someone, even if that someone is ourselves. If we did not have the Love within us to make sure that we can make it through any sort of heart ache, with or without outer help, we might not all be sitting here today, me, writing this, and you, reading it, and realizing, without a doubt, that somehow, you have always known that you were worthy of Love. And it was made so because you were able to give Love, likely in largess, and while it might seem that you were always waiting around for someone else to Love you, you did not know that you Loved you the most.

This is the reason, even when the outcome is that of a vile national leader, it was, no matter what we think about it, all about the Love. In the case of a tyrant, it was due to the lack of Love that this person learned to Love their power, and it was their ego as it waned and wriggled in the ugliness that was its own lacking, of no matter what, that made it so that that leader would be able to do what they Loved, even though that leadership hurt multitudes of people. It does not matter, and yes, I know…what a way to show my readers what is Love, right?

Right. It does not matter to this writer what is Love to anyone, only that we Love and not with a vengeance, not with the idea that without someone else there to Love us that we are not lovable, not deserving of Love. The ones among us who are the most vile, who are the very most ugly in the soul are the very ones who need people like us in their lives, if for nothing more than to show them what we are to them and in their lives.

My children know that I love them, that I would give my life for them, and they know, too, that when I have to be mean, it is because I love them and I do not want them to make the same mistakes that I have made, with anyone, including them. My siblings and parents know that I love them, even though more often than not they drive me up the walls. I know that I drive them just as nutty, but it’s okay because that is just how we have always rolled. My Soul Family they know without a doubt that they have my heart, my soul, and just damned nearly everything else that they need from me, and in return I am treated with that same regard. My associates, colleagues and community all know that I love them, even when they cannot do for me the things that I might need them to, and even when these people somehow believe they have failed me, it does not matter, because it was all born from Love.

Most folks think I am nutty as is, but the truth of the matter is that there is no one else who they know who Loves them as they are, warts and all. I was raised Hawaiian. Even though there are things which, collectively, all Hawaiian adults know about the way that we are (or were) raised, that at the bottom of it all and through the things that our own parents never understood, that we are who is expected, as Hawaiians, to be the ambassadors of Aloha, to be the epitome of that which is Agape, is Unconditional, is Christic in nature and spells out only and all Love, not only for our own people, but for our race – the human race.

At this time in our collective lives there is a great chasm of differences that somehow, we all see as bad, but if we could take in to consideration the idea that even the people who are the closest to us are very different than we each are on a singular level, we would be able to see past those differences, to a place where we are all the same, where we need the same things, value the same ways of being, and in that sameness we would be able to know the difference between what is purely and only Love, and what is conditionally Love.

No matter the thing that is in your face right now, understand one thing and one thing for sure – the reason that you are willing to go through it is not only to get through it, not only to be done with it, but because on some level, you love you enough to not have to go through this pain ever again, because once you realize why you are this way, nothing else matters than the love that you have for yourself. When we marry someone else, it is not because we want someone else to Love us, or at least it should not be, but rather and only because we love ourselves and our lives enough to want to share it, to be in it, and ultimately to BE, in Love, even as we are in love with another person.

We must remember to always Be in a state of Love, even when we are angry, even when the person or people who we are mad at are not the people we care to see at the moment, if at all. It is all Love. Sometimes we have to let go of the things that we dearly hang onto so that the reality of Love of Self can come in and wipe away the past for us. We are the only person on the planet who will Love us as much as we each know we need to be Loved. In my haste to fix things with certain county officials today, I neglected to think about the reason that I was so very upset to begin with, until I left to pick up my kids. It was at that moment I realized why I would bother to sit and write each of these people, not a scathing email, because scathing words get nothing done other than give a reason to make right, something that was not right, and then we add our two cents to it.

No, this time, I handled things not with a grain of salt, but with all of the Love within me that I have for my kids, for anyone’s kids. When I was done authoring those emails, and after I had reread them all, I sat here, tears in my eyes, not at the things that we are all faced with, but with my purpose in this lifetime- that purpose is, through the eyes, soul and energy that is not but Love, to Be a big part of my community, a big part of my town so long as I am here. I do not love this place like I thought I did, but with a Soulfulness, with a bigness of heart and mind that says to me that these things that I write, for you all, for the local officials, for anyone at all, is rooted, deeply, in my Love, not for the City of Pomona, but for the many people who live here and with me call this place home, albeit temporarily, at least for me.

It was not until I reread those things which came from my own heart and soul about the nature of Love as seen and felt by our kids in this community that I really and truly realized and accepted my place as a Healer, as someone who was brought here to see, clearly, what the problem is. It is the same problem that we have at a global level, and it is with great hope that I write this next thing – we need to Love our communities, for within those communities are the very seeds of the future called “our children.” Without our involvement with their lives, within the communities we each live in, we can safely assume that the things that we want to eradicate from our lives will continue on. We need to reach out, on behalf of a neighbor, on behalf of the homeless, on behalf of whoever it is that we each feel a certain kinship with – these are the people for whom our purpose, which is always and only Love, is meant for.

I am a Mom, and a cool rockin’ mom at that, and for all of my rock-and-rollness, the one thing that never ever is far away from my reality is the fact that we are very unsure of ourselves when we are young people, and in that energy of not being sure, we are surely able to find that it is not always a lack of Love from parents, and neither our friends, but from the leaders in our communities who make laws that turn these young people into criminals, and in our schools we see that they are following this rank and file garbage that we, ourselves, when we were kids, swore that if we could and we got older and a lot wiser, that we would become proactive in the lives of others, proactive and an activist for Love.

I realize now that I am still here in Pomona, because for the last six years I have been preparing myself to become the champion for the underdog that I have always been. I understand now the reason that I am here, the reason that this place has my name written all over it, and even as this town is ugly, harsh, violent and unwelcoming, the one thing it is not lacking is a love of family, and a love for tradition and culture and art and everything else that makes being alive worthwhile. While I might not like the aesthetics of this town, I Love the people who are here, even the ones who are not that great at this game called “human beingness.”

That is why I am here…I am here to be the very picture of “Love Thy Neighbor…even if they are assholes…”, here because right now, with every tiny bit of Love within me, I am here but to Love a town which seems as though Love has forgotten about.

It really is not that it has been forgotten about, but rather and only that we have simply just gotten caught up in that which can be called our daily lives, in dealing with what is at home.

We should all be more willing to reach out to those who we share our cities and communities with, especially now, when it seems that darkness and the world of Shadows prevail…

Get out there, and Be, in Love…and also Be Love….




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