Open Your Mind and BELIEVE

It doesn’t matter what, or Who, you believe in, just believe in something that is bigger than you are and that is outside of yourself and your own human misunderstanding of it all.


It is no secret that when it comes to things quite strange, I am one of those people who can be listed under “things and people quite strange.” It really is part of my charm. If it were not that I believe in little green men flying around in disc-shaped aircraft, or that I believed that there are women who, during the week, they are CEOs and homemakers but who, at certain times of the month, can be seen wearing things that would not bespeak their professional status, I would not be the person who a whole lot of people know and who a few love, just as I am…weird, but open-mindedly so.

I don’t want to get into another rant about who believes what and what this person calls their Spirit and what that person thinks will end up sending us all to Club Hades. However, there is still the issue of people thinking that they know better, not only for a few, but for us all, and those people need to just knock off the campaigning for their god to get to move into a bigger pad, with more arrogant people who “take care of god’s house.” What I would like to know is why it is that anyone at all will believe that if their god, or the Catholic god, or the Christian God, or the god to whom anyone at all kneels to is powerful enough to create us humans, but that when god was done with creating us, that god was done, period?

You are the proof that you need

Seriously – you are all the proof that is needed to know, without a doubt, that we are not alone in the Universe, and to believe that we are is highly egotistical and truly very dearly arrogant, and that is me being nice about it, really.

Let’s think about something for a minute, okay? Yes, I know that there are a whole lot of human types folks on the planet, who are all kinds of artistically inclined, and I know, too, that there are all kinds of folks on the planet who are like I am and who believe that we are not alone on this great big rock, but that is not enough for people who think that little green men in round aircraft don’t exist, and that is not enough for people who have been TOLD that what anyone else believes is not the truth (because it is not their truth), and it is totally NOT enough for anyone at all to come out of the thinking pattern that they were raised with.

For a moment I would like anyone at all to think about all the things that we encounter on a daily basis, and it will help my cause to help your cause to think about all those …coincidences…that happen to us all, sometimes all day long, and for some, more than others. Then I want you to think about how many times it was that you were thinking about a dearly departed loved one and then a song that you both loved a whole lot started playing…think about all those times that you had a great idea, and all those times that you wished your social circle could include people who are from your past and then BAM! somehow, there you were, and somehow, there they were.

Think about, too, all those times when it was that all you wanted to do was make a new friend who could help you as much as you knew you could help them, even if it were just something simple but important, like having a friend with an ear and a shoulder, even if that ear and that shoulder were via text message, phone call or email.  Think about all those times that you really, really wanted to have something and then a few days, maybe even a few hours, later, there it was.

Think about all those times when it seemed almost impossible to believe what happened, and how many times you thought about that one thing, and how many times you put that wish out into the Universe and just let it be there to do what it is supposed to do, and think, too, about all those times when a miracle is what was needed and again…there it was, and you are, to this day, still trying to figure out how that happened for you.

It is very simple, really….all you did was believe that it could. In order for you to believe that it could happen for you, you had to have believed in something that was way outside of you, way outside of your own human misunderstanding of things that you might not have really bought into as being the truth, as being whatever it was that might not have been what you were raised to believe, and you will have exactly what it is that is needed in order to also have proof that we need, dearly to believe in a power outside of ourselves that is there and waiting to see to our needs and desires.


There are things that cause our limited human thinking NOT believe. I have a few magnificently talented and artistically inclined friends, and all of them have that very…alien…air about them. I say alien in terms of “foreign” and things that we just do not “get” when it comes to things that we will voluntarily believe as being the truth. We are more inclined to believe a guy in front of a group of people, a guy in a very expensive suit who is standing in front of us, telling us all about what he would like to see happen in terms of what HE wants, than we are to believe our inclinations toward trusting what it is that our gut says, that our souls tell us is the truth and that we can trust to believe.

We would sooner deny what our five sense tells us than we would dare deny the guy in that very expensive suit which was funded by the congregation (yeah I went there…deal with it). We would sooner deny what we and our five senses have told us than we would tell the guy in the suit that what he is telling everyone is only applicable to what his limited understanding is. These people have made it clear to us that what they believe and what they are telling us is the ONLY truth that there is.

This is not the truth, not when there are several many different systems of belief, and not when there are as many cultures as there are on this planet, and not not NOT when people like me have, through our five senses (and also through senses six through eight) have proof that negates the belief that we humans were the only game in the Universe. We are not. We are SO not. We are another life form. We are here in service to one another. We are not here to not think outside of ourselves, and we are not here to make it seem like someone else’s beliefs are the only thing that exists in regards to what anyone at all will take as the truth.

I suppose that my thought about things like this is that we have so much at our disposal that proves us wrong when we are told that we have to believe one way – OR ELSE – that to not investigate even why anyone would bother with the arrogance which is prevalent in terms of “real” beliefs is concerned …yeah, that bothers me. We have been blessed, every single one of us, with this thing that lives between our ears and for the life of us have never bothered to really see or use the entire thing. We have been told, again and again, by crusty old scientific people that we only use 10% of our brain, and what no one ever bothered to do is think that maybe they are telling us this so that we will not think beyond that 10%.

Me and Sylvia Browne and my dearly departed grandmother all have decided that if this is truly what you take as your truth, that is on you, but we have a different idea, and that idea is that we are not alone on this planet. At all. The moment that we can birth ourselves out of the thought that someone else planted there that tells us that Spirit stopped creating when we were made is also the moment that the things we know exist alongside us human beings are real.

I say a whole lot about truth, about what we are willing to believe versus what we see as the truth of what other people believe, and a whole lot of people have chosen to continue to tell us that our senses are wrong, that their big giant holy book is right, that no matter what it is that our own physical awareness – let alone the energies involving themselves with us at all times – is “off.” And while those who have read my rants and my words about these things have had the very audacity, NOT only to question my motives but also have outright said things about me that are not the truth, what they have not also come up with is proof that I am wrong and that they are not.

Follow your heart and soul….and your physical awareness

If there is anything at all that I trust, it is my body. My body knows when I am in danger, and it knows when I am about to be surprised in a good way. My body tells me the truth, just like yours will, too, so long as you trust the animals.

Yes…the animals. Animals run completely on instinct, even our pets – they are animals first- their sentience is loaned to that alone. We are animals, technically, but our ability to reason and those who taught us what we know also know this, and because of this we have been conditioned to trust what someone else says is real, have been taught that we cannot trust ourselves and that we need a second opinion. This is all fine and good. When we choose to not trust who we are, in that non-trust we have also robbed ourselves of our child-like ability to believe in things that other people do not want to see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and yes, believe.

I believe that crop circles are real, but I do not believe that the only life forms who have created them are those little green men. However, I DO believe that the little green men did come and perhaps start the circles and that humans finished them. The reason that I think people end up being abducted is NOT for scientific purposes, but (really) because we take credit for things that we should not take credit for. So now, the little green men are pissed. (I asked an artist – he agreed.)

Believing in only what our limited human abilities are able to do leaves me thinking that we have, for many generations, chosen this imbalance. “Leaders” tell us what they tell us because they know these things, they know what humans are able to do, so the right information has been suppressed to the point where just like when we fill a glass too much and water spills out everywhere, so, too has this information been there, all along. And we silly humans never bothered to question why it is that we believe what we do, and more, why we are told NOT to believe something more than we are being told to believe.

The guy in the 3000.00 suit

Everyone who knows me knows that I am actually ordained, that I am legally permitted to perform certain rites, that when my signature hits the line on the marriage license where it reads “person solemnizing the marriage,” it is official and it is real and those two people are ,at that point, joined together in matrimony, until death to they part, we hope and pray.

Everyone who knows me also knows that I am one of those people who will take the time to think about the things that I am told by others, about what they believe, and also, everyone knows that I am one of the most non-judgmental people on the planet. Yet, and I won’t name names, and won’t say more than I know that I am legally allowed to say without injecting personal truths that are all my own and that would be very damaging to their lives and who they are. I don’t roll that way. In fact, anyone who knows me will tell you that any secret, at least the sort that I don’t have to alert the authorities about, is never anything but safe with me.

When the guys in the 3000.00 suits talk to me, it is like they are teaching an adult things that even a preschooler would raise an eyebrow to. Let’s say this – there was, at one time, a homeless outreach that I worked a lot with. I collected blankets and clothing and even food and job leads for this outreach. The people who received what I and my long-haired freaky people collected for them and on their behalf were grateful that there was someone who would just help without questioning them.

Yet, when the guy in the suit chose to call me, after one of those homeless people gushed and gushed about that “hula dancing weird minister lady,” things got to be a little bit harsh for me, at least where that guy and his “good works” were concerned. He read me the biblical riot act, outright called me a heretic and a witch, told me that my good works meant nothing if HIS particular outreach received none of the props that me and my freaks were getting. This “pastor” went so far as to call me a “spiritual harlot,” and that his god and their people would be “dealing with” me and mine, post haste.

This went on for weeks. I ignored his crap and kept on doing what it was that was right and good in the eyes of Spirit. It was not but a month later that I had heard about what had happened to his outreach, where it was that he ended up. When I next saw this person, he was very humble when he told me that throughout the community of the people he and his had “served” that not one of those people said a thing to him about what he and his suits were out and about doing (ummm…collecting money and supplies to “fix the house of the lord,” which really was not the house of the lord- it was the pastor’s house). Yet, those homeless people could not stop telling this man that whoever this strange, mystical woman with no shoes on her feet is, that he – the pastor – needed to take a lesson from those who do not need a very overpriced suit and an arrogant attitude.

This pastor believed that what he was doing was god’s work, because his reasoning was that he was the pastor of this community and as such he should have digs which were like that of the mansion he’d envisioned that he thinks and believes that his god will give him. When he told me that he just wanted to have real italian tile on his walk way was when I let him in on the fact that I have no church, no congregation, that I share digs with family at the moment, because my own resort-house was taken from me, not only by the bank, but also as a symbol given me by Spirit that my time as that sort of person was over with.

When I laid it on him that the car I drive is borrowed, that I share my daughter’s room with her, that my childrens’ father, even though he was a bastard, would have been homeless AND sick and dying, and that I allow him to stay here with them when he wants to…when I let this man know that I do not follow a “Being,” but that I practice what it is that I preach, it dawned on him the reason why it was that people say what they do about me and my very…Divinely Souled….rock and rollers – it is because they know they can believe in us, and that every word that we say and every single promise we make to anyone at all is good as gold, that if they are cold at night, that one of us will find them a blanket, a pillow, a coat, a pair of socks and a thermal cup so that they can get hot drinks at the local liquor store when the owner is in.

I was raised to believe that we need to believe, NOT in ourselves, but what someone else tells us is real. I do exactly that. I believe that when Spirit tells me that I am on the right path, that my heart and soul are in alignment with Hers, that nothing, no matter what and no matter what things I do not have at this very moment, nothing is more important than my belief in a power higher than me, a strength invisible to those who are choosing not to see it.

It was my Auntie Kalei, and of course, the lovely Noreen, who both always told me, and who still make it known to me that the more that I know that I am not alone on this planet, and the wider my mind can be opened, the better off I will be, not only for me and my kids, but for all those people who are still too nervous to let the world know that they, too, believe in something…

…and it ain’t a guy in a $3,000.00 suit…




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