Seriously, folks…Coexist

It would be nice if people of different beliefs would finally, after centuries of pointing out what is NOT similar, we could ALL see what is the same about us all…but noooooooooo….sinner, sinner chicken dinner my okole !! YEESH !


I tell you all about the emails that I receive. This time it was not an email, but a phone call from someone who I have known for a lot of years who does not talk to me unless they can point out a sin that I am committing. In this case, the sin is that I no longer follow the religion I was brought up to believe. So shoot me…we all grow out of everything that was normal, believable and truthful for us eventually, and sometimes that which is normal is totally the opposite of what we have been taught.

Shoot me? Nah…

I would love to sit here, get all…angry…about the way that some people expect that the rest of the breathing populace believe, with absoluteness, whatever it is that they believe. Sometimes I think it is so that they can confirm that what they believe is not somehow…shady…and other times I think that they believe that the ONLY way TO believe is what THEY believe, leaving absolutely NO room for anyone else to believe what they will. This is fine, really.

That is, until a person starts getting hostile, starts getting personal…starts telling someone like me that if I, you, anyone at all does not believe in the things that they believe, that you are not only a bad person, but that you are going to burn in hell.

I have a theory about that, and it is actually quite amusing if you are open-minded about what anyone at all believes. I have been told more than one time that I should “know better” than to believe what I believe, that I will end up in hell faster than I won’t. Well, my thought is that since it is that all the music that I grew up with…you know…drunken English men who bite the heads off of chickens, and other guys who wear snakes while they perform, and still others who call themselves a girl’s name for their first name, and an infamous murderer’s name in the last name…my thought is that I would rather not go to the heaven where a lot of people seem to think is exclusive and only for those who have a get out of hell free card. I would rather go to their version of hell, because the chances of there being great rock music and tons of beer is a lot more appealing to me than is the niceties of someone else’s heaven.

It is how the masses are controlled…duh…

Yeah…I am getting ready to pounce on this one, because it is a familiar one and one which I was “treated” to for the bulk of my life, that if I am not scared of someone’s big giant jealous scary god, that for sure and without a doubt, I am going to burn forever in the lounge at Club Hades.

What a CROCK !

My thought is how dare anyone at all scare the shit out of children just because they need to have that much control. The ugliest thing in the world to me is the idea that adults will tell kids what we tell them because we know they will believe us, know that they hang on our every word. This is so, so, SO wrong on So, SO, SOOOOO many levels. My next thought is why can we just not all get along? Why do we feel like we HAVE TO make other people believe what we do? Why are we so f*cking arrogant that somehow, the last “god” that someone invented, that was meant to keep the populace controlled (Hey…thumpety-thumps….GOOGLE “CONSTANTINE AND THE ROMAN EMPIRE” ALREADY!!). You see, unless you research what you believe, you will not know that religion is MAN MADE, as is that book that a whole LOT of people seem to really believe is “The Gospel Truth.”

I ain’t pointing any fingers here, but…

For a bunch of people who think as though there is nothing that they cannot do if their god is involved, y’all sure do think that without greater numbers that somehow, no one is gonna believe that your god exists.  I promise you – there is nothing further than the truth – your god does exist. He has to. If he didn’t, you wouldn’t have said what you did to me about my Spirit.

My Spirit has no issues with your big giant god. In fact, my Spirit…anyone’s Spirit, really, has no issues with anyone else’s big giant scary god. I find it humorous that anyone would think that in this day and age, that anyone, with everything else that is going on, would hinge their every waking moment on what their god tells them is right and good. Now, no one is saying that we “Spirit” folks don’t do the same thing, but it takes a little bit more open-mindedness for anyone at all anymore to be able to have some sort of anything in their lives that would constitute not only as believing anything at all, but also, to believe in the manner that is “live and let live,” and NOT “na na na na naaaaaaaa my god’s bigger than your’s is…”


And the very God that I grew up with IS this very same scary god, but these days I am more insulted by the idea that anyone anymore at all believes that the deity that created all of us would create us all different for the sole purpose of one person being better and more pious than anyone else. It offends the very intellect in me to have to sit and listen to someone else tell me all the things that THEY think will happen to me and that the one and ONLY thing that will save me and my dirty soul is THEIR specific god. I wish you could all have heard the loudness of silence when I challenged their belief of a jealous god with my belief of an all embracing goddess. “That’s ridiculous,” were her words.

At that point, I had to make the choice of stay and fight for my Spirit, or leave and not make it my point to do the same thing that was being done to me.

So, I changed the subject, preferring to still be able to pound out the words “I Love You” and not “You know I love you, right?.”

Did this stop her?

Oh HELL no

Not only was I not left alone, she proceeded to basically chase me down, albeit on my phone, to tell me that no matter what, she still loves me, that she is more concerned about my afterlife than much else, and while that is all fine and good, there is still the issue that I have freedom of will and freedom of choice. Yet this escaped her. She was still so hell bent on telling me that I will burn and live forever in an eternal bbq pit.

I wonder if these people realize the hurt that this causes, about how dearly judgmental these things and people like this are? I wonder, too, sometimes, if they really believe what they are telling people, or if they have been gently pushed, through guilty manipulation, by an unscrupulous grifting pastor of a church which is well suited to his little man disease and his ego which may have a tapeworm? I wonder if it is that she would have the audacity, again, to lambaste me because I happen to like heavy metal music, or maybe because she just needs someone to say horrid things to? Sometimes, too, I wonder if these people really listen to the things they say to other people?

Probably not.

Kids…they believe the darndest things

I will continue to beat it over the proverbial head, about the things that an adult will tell a child just to maintain control of that child. I get it – I have three of my own but raised four, so I understand the need to maintain SOME semblance of control over them. If we do not help to shape their behavior, we will end up trying, through force and “gentle” persuasion (read: scaring the crap out of them). It is not rocket science – it is not something that is not general knowledge that children believe what we tell them.

If we tell them early in life that their God is better than anyone else’s Godde, or Goddess, or the Great Spirit, they will believe it until someone else comes to them, NOT with something that we might judge that anyone else is judging as “better than” anyone else’s, but with something that makes a LOT MORE SENSE to them than does the general thought that there is only “ONE GOD.”

Okay, so that is correct, but it is a different version of God for everyone. Meaning that no matter how much anyone wants to or chooses to believe that their god is bigger, better and more scary than anyone else’s is, it won’t matter. Just as we cannot change anyone’s beliefs about who they really are, we also cannot change anything about them in so far as what they believe is concerned.

We can no more scare a Pagan into believing what any Catholic will believe, as much as we cannot force a Mormon to be nice to a Wiccan. As much as we want anyone earth based and native to believe what we will that is NOT our belief (remember… I am a Hawaiian person…I am indigenous, and I believe in nature, and, as well, the Spirit Who created nature…I just am not prone to scaring the hell out of people with Her), we also must remember that what anyone will say to anyone at all in regards to beliefs, we also have the very power to insult and offend them with.

Think about this for a moment, and hell yes, I brought this up to my own God-fearing parents, many years ago, when I was an idealistic, analytic teenager with a talent, even then, for bringing a new thought about an old belief into the fracas – if you believe so dearly that your big scary god is also the same god who will ultimately hurt the soul of say…a little Hindu or Buddhist…child…by telling them that theirs is a wrong belief, that it is false, and that they are going to hell anyway, according to YOUR god, why would you want to hurt this baby that way, by already damning his little soul to front center seats to something akin to Satan’s Luau? (South Park…gotta love it lol)

This is the part about a whole lot of beliefs that I do not understand. If we want people to love one another, it has to start where it all starts – with Spirit. Without Spirit, there is NOTHING. There are no birds, no animals, no air, no water, NOTHING, without Her. And yes, I know…you call Her, “Him,” and while this is fine and good, it does not escape my thinking that there are a lot of abusers on this planet who defer to their male god having all the control, gaining all the accolades, getting his groove on with himself, but that it is impossible to think that alongside that big scary male god there might be an equally, but softer, female Spirit who can TOTALLY PMS ON HIM JUST FOR SAYIN’ ALL THAT HORRID CRAP TO PEOPLE.

Think about it – in life there is male and female, all the way down to the electronics in our lives ( take a look at the plug in the wall and the plug at the end of the cord in every outlet in your house and then raise those eyebrows…). There is a dual nature in all of life, and since it is that this is the TRUTH, why is it not also truth that all these years, the only thing that compelled people to do anything, “by the grace of God(de),” that they would have to gain permission, by their big scary god, even just to breathe?

I mean, the reason that there is all kinds of strife right now, why there has been strife is, of course, due to the dual nature of things, but the very things that we are told to believe, those things end up being unbelievable in the biggest possible sense ever. It is when our kids start getting older, start thinking in terms of the question of how life began, and they start learning about science and astronomy and about how things in space are there, even if they cannot see this god to whom they are expected to bow or to kneel to. It is almost as though religious belief and how it is set up does not take into account the idea that humans do grow, do get older and wiser, and most of us learn to read, to discern what we will take as being believable and what is too outrageous to believe.

It is not until that point, when we get too old to believe the fairy tales about the big scary jealous and judgmental god that sits in the clouds and strikes people down with lightning bolts for simply breathing incorrectly, that anyone starts to get scared about what we have told these people when they were really, really tiny little kids. It is not hard to make a child fear anything. I know this personally, because I was the child who was scared, through the threat of going to hell or going to a heaven where a god who loved his subjects conditionally would still run my life.

This is not to say that I do not love those who ghave me a reason to believe in anything at all, but anymore now I know why it was that I never felt like I belonged, why sometimes I still feel like I do not belong and that I never will.

It is because of me, really, and it is due to the idea that it is not me who has to accept what I choose to believe and who it is that I give glory to on a daily basis…and really, it is not glory, because Spirit does not need or require it – She only asks that we do no harm to anyone else, and what we do, to please do honestly. Spirit does not require me to go out into my community to campaign on Her behalf, because she is not trying hard to get your dollars out of your pocket. Spirit knows that in order for anyone at all to get things done, that we humans need our resources for this and the building which is referred to as being god’s house is not one of those things. (leading me to also believe that perhaps the pastors of said sort of churches need to tell their big scary mean male god to pick digs within his means…duh…)

Spirit only really has a few very important requirements, and one of those requirements is that we not judge someone else for anything at all (of course I am sure that we are given a pass when it comes to perverts and murderers…). Spirit only requires love that is unconditional, does not want us thinking that we HAVE TO MAKE the ultimate sacrifice of blood for forgiveness (I mean come ON…your first born? what Mom is really gonna do that? Not this one, and not the one I call SPIRIT, either) and sure the hell does not want us seeing what is different between us- She don’t roll that way.


It’s pretty simple, guys – STOP judging people through the eyes of people who I am sure mean very well, but for the life of them cannot see past their own assumptions about people. It is hurtful for people to assume what they will, tell the ones they are assuming things about that they- the assumers- are very wrong about what it is that they want to believe about anything or anyone.

JUST because some other human in a 3000 dollar suit says it is the truth, it is not everyone’s truth. It is not my truth to go about the planet scaring the hell out of people, but there are a lot of people who still believe that it is quite fine not only to judge how others live, but also, to scare the hell INTO people.

If more folks were willing to see what is the same about us all, I might not be sitting here angry as a hornet at someone who knows me so very well but who chose, instead, to tell me, again, that according what her big giant black book tells her, I am going to hell.

If that is what she wants to believe, that is her choice to do so.

Just as much as it is my choice to love her, but from a distance.

The next time someone has the balls to tell you that because you are fine and good with what you believe, that you are going to hell, tell them that you are good with it because Ozzy, Motley Crue, ALL of Led Zeppelin, Ronny James Dio, Randy Rhodes, Janis Joplin, as well as Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack, will all be there anyway, meaning that the entertainment will be way, way awesome…with all these luminaries I am pretty sure that no one will worry too much about your fictitious lake of fire.

Seriously, folks…coexist, already…it isn’t like those of us who honor Nature are going to change your mind, so stop trying to change ours.





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