Engagement of the Brain

Think first…then go about saying and doing, but not without Being…

Some people just do not understand that words are very powerful weapons. It was words that built the Constitution of the United States, and words that bind two people in holy matrimony. It is words that start sentences, and words that form thoughts. Words are as important to us as are numbers, but the way that we have been conditioned to believe all of our lives is the fact that mathematical equations and their answers do not lie. Words cannot lie, either – only the person using them can turn them into lies, even though technically it would not be the words which are lying, because as it is with numbers – letters strung together in to coherent thoughts which created cohesive sentences are not the lie. The intention of the person speaking or writing those words is where the lies are contained in the energy that is the thought behind those words.

It is not something to new that all of us knows the power that words hold for us. I know well the power that words hold, and daily it is a common practice for me to engage the brain prior to the spoken word or the written. Yet, even that is not what I am writing about right now. What I am writing about right now is the idea that we are supposed to think. It seems like more and more we are being quietly scolded for just simply sitting and staying in our thoughts for a while.

What no one really thinks about is that when we sit and think and do so without the idea that we are thinking purposefully is when the ideas we are looking for come to us. It is when we are in that thing called “down time” when we are most going to have the “I wonder if I do it like this if it will…” kinds of thoughts. It is one thing to sit here almost daily thinking thoughts and honing in on the one that ends up being the subject for this writing. It is quite another when we are thinking aimlessly and when we think it is without purpose.

Some of our grandest ideas come from those times when we think that we are just wasting time, when we believe that we are “doing nothing.”

What happens in those times when we are “doing nothing” but thinking

Lots of things happen physically. And if you don’t believe me about the “down time thinking” thing, go back in your memory to the last time you had a great idea and recall that you were probably like anyone would be when they sit and think, namely about things they desire – it normally was spawned by something else, something that bothered you, something that you felt like you just could no longer deal with and so you sat and thought about it. You did not stew over what you did not have, and you did not dwell on what it was that you could not do – you sat there thinking about how great it could be if…

And in that thought and in those moments your bodily energy responded to your thoughts, and in those thoughts you were able to begin to build up the energy it would take to scoop yourself out of whatever it was that seemed like it was just too much to bear, given the bigness of it all. Eventually you finally just gave in to the idea that you could no longer deny that whatever it was at that time that was eating you inside, that it was time for you to come up with something that would motivate you to at least think and acknowledge and begin to build, at least in your thoughts and intentions, this thing called your Dream.

Thinking helps us sort things out

When we are down and out, and when there seems nothing left for us to do, seems like we have no access to anything other than our tears is when the best thoughts, when our best in imagining things happens for us. Really. Think about how outlandish some of what you have thought about when things were not exactly great, and then think about how you felt physically in the days which followed and how very little you even wanted to bother thinking, let alone doing, when it came to that one thing.

I am big on thinking. Thinking is the cardio for the brain and is flex-training for the Soul. Thinking allows the Bones of the Soul to release through tears and through anger and purging of those things that hurt us, allows us to feel not only how or what we feel, but why we feel a certain way. Thinking makes us go within and talk with our inner selves so that “together,” you and you can come up with something. We see so much all the time about how people shun their shadow, but it is those times of deep thought when it is that our Shadow is allowed out to play with us so that we can face what it is that we think we fear. The monster in the closet is NOT the actual thing but is instead how we feel about what we think is there. If we got to that level of fear, to the point where we cannot fathom staring our dragon in the face, then we can also resolve it in the same manner that we created it.

I have a confession to make – for about 6 months now I have had a “twitch,” and I am none too happy about it. However, in less time that it took for me to end up with this “twitch,” I have been able to pinpoint the reason why, when I get mad enough, my body tells me that I need to simmer down, that things are not so important that I need to be physically ill because of them. The things that helped me get to this point are the very things that I needed to face in order to start resolving this “twitch.” Had I allowed it to continue to get worse, I would still be medicating myself with those stupid pills that the doctor gave me. I cannot do that, though. I do not like my twitch, and since it is that I literally thought my way to it, I also know that I am to think my way away from having it still. I know this. I have been working diligently on reversing my neurological “thing” and it is working like magic.

There is no one on this planet who cannot also fix their own life’s “twitches.” If we thought our way there, we can think our way back to a semblance of normalcy, even if that normalcy is a lesser degree of your emotional twitch. Every little bit of change matters, and every little bit of change came from a thought. Every little thing that we see in existence also came from a thought, no matter what it is. The economic problems of the current times is an example of this. The collective thought at the start of the real estate “boom” was NOT that we were all going to make a mint on flipping properties, but that eventually the bubble would burst, and burst it did, and now, here we are, all of us, looking at the few who made us believe that things would be okay, even though their collective thought might have been otherwise all along.

We thought ourselves to this point, all of us, and it will be the shift in that thought, a collective shift in consciousness that does not start somewhere, out there, but instead begins with us. It takes one person to think something will be right and then it takes that person to go out and tell other people what they are thinking that is good and right, and then those people go and do the same. This is not rocket science, even though it could be thought as being a gigantic scientific experiment in manipulating the current energies toward a specific result versus a result that we are more sure will happen.

Let me reiterate that very quickly for you – we thought our way into this time in history, and yes, it does not help our cause at all to also know that planetarily we had a lot of help, not with the way things turned out, but with how we chose to think about them.  That’s right – it is not that we think about anything at all, but how we think about things. If we think things are bad and will stay that way, the Universe will comply. If we think things are grand and great and believe this, again…the Universe complies.

Lots of people tell us not to monitor our thoughts, but I am telling you all right now that it is not possible for humans to not think about what they are thinking about. For those who would tell us that it is not possible, well, they must be those guru types for whom nothing is wrong in the world, because people think, negatively most of the time, because we have been conditioned to believe that only the worst happens.

Collectively, we have really never thought a thought that was not thought for us first. Think about that for a minute. Every thought you have has been, to this point, always something very cautionary, always something that told us, again and again, that we can dream all we want to, but that in order for it to happen, we would have to work at it. Historically people have HATED working toward anything at all if the results were not guaranteed. No one thinks about the idea that we are guaranteeing the results by thinking that what we want will not happen because we are somehow not worthy of such stellar results, of such a grand life that only we, ourselves, could think of.

Think about everything that you have thought about today and about how many of those thoughts have told you that you cannot have what you want, because you have to go to work, you have to take the kids to school, you have to do this, that and the other…

…and I will tell you that yes, you can think in another manner. You still have all that time that you would think that things could not happen, have that time that you dwell on things that suck. I do it all the time. We all do it, but we are not required to do it that way.  We can choose to see things from another perspective that is our own, but that does not make us worry for things that we want to happen NOT happening. We can choose to just think about those things, about how nice those things would be, and we can choose to let those thoughts go. We can choose to be neutral about those thoughts. We can gather the good, light energy created by those thoughts and we can apply that energy to ourselves and go on about our days and nights, retraining ourselves to think those same thoughts, but not the thought that those things will not happen.

We do not have to think that things won’t happen. We do not have to think that they will happen. All we have to do is think, to live in those thoughts that thrill us, that make us smile, that give a glimpse of what is possible.


Stop sabotaging You…

Dream…big even, but think when you do. Always the chain of events goes like this…

…first you think it…

…then you do what has to be done in order to manifest it…don’t be scared of working toward it, even though working on one’s own self is very harrowing work, to say the very little least!




Coming soon…

Hale o Ke’uhane o aloha

…stay tuned !!


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