Everything old is new again, part 2

The more I thought about it, the more that I needed to tell you all a little more about the idea that old school thinking is great, but it gets greater when we add new ideas to it

So, the other day, maybe a week ago, maybe a few days longer, I wrote about how everything old is new again, and while it is that I thought it was the most thorough thing that I had written on the subject, after I’d gone through it all, I realized that there was more – MUCH more, than only what I had written.

Such as…

Such as the idea that, just as I had written, in order to do what needs to be done now, in regards to that which is old being new again, we have to put forth some energy and effort to it. This means that there is some exercising of the brain that has to happen, has to be some acceptance of not the new, only, but how the new applies to the old. Think about old Hollywood movies, from the 40’s and 50’s, and how it is that a lot of movies are being remade these days, and while it is that there is a lot of new technology, I must say that these movies in this day and age, while they are awesomely great, there is just something really very awesome about old Hollywood movies, and in some cases, way more.

It is because at that time in our history, the technology was not what it is now, and no matter who says what to me, while I love our movies and our luminaries, there is nothing at all like that which is “vintage” in terms of things “Hollywood.” In my world, this also includes music (Motley Crue, anyone? How about a little bit of the Zep? Tesla ? Sabbath? Anyone?) and in that area of life, really, I know my stuff.

I know that no way will it work to try to blend, say, Lil’ Wayne with …I don’t know…Pantera, but at the same time, I also know that Tesla did a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” that was absolutely beautiful. My point is that too many of us want to believe in the “straight and narrow” path to evolution, and that is not giving ourselves the right to think and to expand on everything that we think about.  The straight and narrow path, by the way, is not the same thing for us all. What might be straight and narrow for you, might not be the same thing for me (unless your name is Dannie then we would run into some issues, but that is neither here nor there…anyhow..).

Haha…what my point about this is, is that there are some things that indeed, we CAN and might even say SHOULD blend them (old + new = Tesla’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You.”), and then there are those ones which require a little bit more thought, but after the thinking has passed and all ends are met, blending the energies would not affect anything and things would remain neutral (Run D.M.C + Aerosmith = “Walk this way”) and then …THEN there are the other things that we know, not even if we TRIED hard to do it, SHOULD NEVER BE BLENDED (Pat Boone + Metallica = a REALLY VERY BAD COVER SONG).

This is what today’s blog is all about…not so much thinking that maybe things would work if we blended this with that, and not so much avoiding blending them because in doing so we would really not be changing the energy too much, and then there are those energies which, if we even think about them, it hurts our heads, and are best left as they are unless and until something that CAN be blended with it happens upon our lives.

You have been here before

…and it is time to do things the way that is best for you.  You have been here before in that while the lessons that keep on coming into your life seem like they are the same, the difference is that in the time that it took us all to get right where we are right now, we also met up with new people along the way, and the new ones came to us so that we could learn the lessons that we didn’t learn the first one or five times these lessons happened upon us.

Case in point….for the last five years I have had to share living arrangements with other people. That’s what happens when you lose EVERYTHING, and hell yes I am still smarting from it all, more so from having to live where I have lived the last few years. Yet, in it all, the ONLY thing that has really rung true throughout is the idea that there are things that me and one other person have not yet learned, that we either missed completely, or that , simply put, we just absolutely refused to learn.

So here I am, where I am, and while I can’t stand being here, I know that it is temporary, I know that at the end of it all, what was supposed to be learned will have been learned and we can all close this chapter and get on with our lives. Thing is…while I know that I have learned and that I am still learning, the other person might not have, and while it is that that is none of my business, there is that little piece of me that tells me that until the other person at least acknowledges these things, not even outwardly will they have to, at least on their part, things will not ever change.

While I know I don’t like it here (because of the old school thinking), again, I also know that as long as I never impede my own growth while allowing their outer planets to mess with my inner planets, things will, at least on my end, do what I intend for them to, which is to have my entire life fruition itself in the manner that I see as being best for myself, and, as well, my three children.  If I continued being like I was just a few weeks ago and I continue to behave as though whatever is happening in anyone else’s thoughts and opinions regarding me, I would also be continuing to let them being in control of how I feel.

No one has the power to control how we feel. I am going to step, and not very lightly, into an area I know personally and very well – being someone else’s victim. NOW, let’s take a little look at how it is that most counselors who specialize in DV talk to their clients. I got lucky in that, my own shrink was not willing to NOT let me vent my frustrations, but on the whole – and mind you that I have been to my share of therapists who specialize in abuse victims of all sorts – there is a whole LOT of fear happening, and more importantly, and unfortunately so, there is also a whole lot of fear that remains.

My thought is that if there were more DV counselors who would bother to ask their charges NOT about what they think was the reason for the abuse, but questions which are more along the lines of “when in your life was it made okay for someone – anyone – at all, to treat you badly, NOT call it abuse, and expect you, through their manipulating it that way, to just take the things that were called ‘normal’ by them, to take it as being normal for you?”

Oh man…yup…that thing there…the one that is making you shift uncomfortably in your seat and possibly even be making you curse my name and yell at me and tell me that I should be ashamed of myself…that is what is called anger, and that is what is called discomfort, and that is what stays the same within any abuse victim who, without saying so, while they might not like being victimized, they much enjoy the attention they are getting in being someone else’s victim (and the attention that we get is from well meaning people who feel sorry for us !! I mean REALLY??? ).

This is the old school way of handling things, the idea that abuse victims are meant to be pitied. I did not want anyone’s pity. I wanted to be me, and I wanted to have my own life back in my own hands, and I wanted no one having control over how I felt. This is where the difference lies within us all – while it is that there are some folks whose lives are controlled by others, no matter who they are or why they are like this (duh…think about people in jail…every physical action is monitored and controlled) it does not mean that their thoughts, their feelings and who they are have to be controlled.

This is called “old school mixed with new thought.”

Old School + New Thought  = RIGHT ON !

OKAY, I know …there are some of you reading this who just cannot seem to let go of the idea that there is another way to think, and that this other way is meant to stretch your way of believing things.

Well, you can. It won’t be easy. There will be tears, and there will be drama, and there will be all of those things that you and your ego keep trying to tell yourself does not apply to you. I am sorry, Loves, but it totally DOES apply to you, especially those of you who seem to believe that you are fine like you are, even though there is the gnawing ache within you that keeps telling you that you know there is more, even though you are scared to death to find out that there is, indeed, more to this life than what you are doing now.

Am I suggesting that you should go out in the big fat world and behave irresponsibly? Hell no. Am I suggesting that you should be ignoring what you know is your own truth? Hell no.

Am I suggesting that taking tiny steps toward your own wholeness is probably the one thing that you have not thought about until now?

Yes. Hell yes, that is what I am suggesting.

No one can make a lifetime’s worth of changes overnight – we all have issues, some of us more than others, and it is through those issues we hate to think about where it is that the love within us all and for ourselves is born.

If you do not believe that you are lovable, no one else will, either.





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9 responses to “Everything old is new again, part 2

  • TBS

    A mentor from days of yore used to say: “Don’t answer me, answer these questions for YOU… Who told you that you aren’t worth it? And why did you believe them?”

    As for DV counselors (and many, many more ‘counselors’), most that I have ever known are wounded and stuck in very early stages of their own healing…IF they’ve even BEGUN to heal. And their goal is to pad their own cells (and bank accounts?) with self-serving judgments.

    God bless us, every one!

    Thanks, Roxie…

    • ReverendRoxie22

      Oh my…yes, my friend, you are correct in that energy in that, most people who are in the employ of helping others heal themselves are the very ones who are more inclined to keep people dependent, and this came out of my DV therapist’s mouth!

      And ALWAYS, when I ask anyone about their lives, I am likened to tell them that they “do not need to answer the question that I have just asked for my benefit, but for” their own. This is not new, or at least it should not be, but more often than not, people who hold power, at least a lot of them, seem to use it to control people rather than to help. It is not in the control of others where our power lies, because the need to control comes from a place where we actually feel we have very little control, of all things, over other people, when in reality it is our very selves who we have almost zero control over, which is really very sad.
      I know a woman who is dearly trying to keep her husband under her control with a piece of paper. What I cannot figure out about these two is that he is who he is (a VERY dear friend of mine, by the way), and that is all she wants him to be, but also, there is that part, I think, of her, that tells her that he is the last person who will ever love her.

      Always good to hear from you, Papa T


  • TBS

    synchronicity . . . priceless

    thanks, mama rox

    oh…i took a closer look at ‘mahalo’…ma ha alo…be in divine breath. a deep, spiritual, divine blessing. i get chills when i see things like this.

    mahalo, mapuana

    • ReverendRoxie22

      Hey…stick around…I am sure there are things that I will write in the ancient language which will also do that same thing, such as the word, “Aloha”. When we take that word apart, we find that we have the Hawaiian word “Alo,” which can be translated to mean “First, Face, or presence” and “Ha” which means breath

      Which to me means “Presence of Life” because breath IS life

      Same as “Mahalo”…when you think about it

      A’ole Pilikia….haha…niiiiiice…usin’ the name like you did…way to get a Hawaiian chick’s attention hahaha…

      Aloha Pumehana…ROX

  • TBS

    ‘auhea wale ana ‘oe, mamala.

    • ReverendRoxie22

      Oh Papa T…indeed, I DO so pay attention to the smaller fragments of things, the tinier, the better, and of course I am talking metaphorically, because too many people dismiss the little things as being anything at all.

      And yay you …all…ho’olelo like that …*Impressed* haha

      • TBS

        Play time means different things for all of us, right?

        ho’olelo ??? talking? I had to look it up. Tough one to find. But I’m still learning where to look. 😀

        namu haole…palele is more like it. =]

      • ReverendRoxie22

        Indeed…the play time thing…you can google “Kam School” and “Hawaiian Language Lessons” and also “Translating Hawaiian to English…”

        …haha…or you can hit me up and I will look in my Hawaiian texts lol

        “Namu Haole” …bwaaahahahahahaaa…and hahahahaaa….palele…aye yuh !!

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