The harshness of right this moment

It is up to us to choose how we will handle ourselves until this harsh energy is no longer here and which is meant to refine us all

The harshness. We can either allow it to define us, or refine us. When I say that we can let it define us, I mean that we can, if we should so choose, to allow the harshness of right this moment be the guiding energy in our lives, and allow it to control how we feel about this current time that is happening to us all, and we can, ultimately, do as we have for the majority time of each of our lives and believe that this harshness at this moment is there because we have been “bad” humans and now we are being punished.

Wow, really?

Here I thought you had been reading this blog for like, a long time now, and that since it was and always has been that I refuse to see things that are crappy as things that are also permanent, well, I figured that you might have that same clue that you do not have to judge a thing as crappy OR permanent. (That is just merely the laziness within you telling you that you just wanna give up and let the harshness win…guess what? You really have no choice other THAN to…keep reading)

Yeah…yeah I have been pouting… and whining…and all of those other things that a Pisces will do when it is that we cannot see what it is that we know is there, but is not apparent. It is, whatever the “it” is, not supposed to be seen, but rather and only…ready?

Pondered…studied….questioned…cussed out…called names…all of those things that we, as humans, are prone to doing, because once we can get all of that ridiculous, human plus ego equals having a big fat tantrum stuff out of the way, we can see the gem, the diamond which came from the proverbial lump of turd coal that none of us wants to work til it is at its point of perfection, or at least its point of being understood and utilized.

And that is the tricky part in all of this – recognizing when we, ourselves, have gotten SO dearly out of hand, have gone completely out of our minds, that we just throw our hands up into the air and have chosen to just wear whatever is the energy that is being brought to us by this harshness. I am no stranger to harshness, and neither am I stranger to the whiny crap that I am capable of when I become impatient AND uncomfortable in what I know is a temporary “thing” going on. (I might be enlightened, but I am still every bit as human a being as is anyone.)

Playing with “the tricky part”

Yes…playing with it, because what the hell else are you going to do with the tricky parts of things that are teaching us, and how are you supposed to learn from it if all any one of us sees, and chooses to see, that whatever it is that sucks and that we each are going through, how badly it sucks? If we see it all there and only how badly it sucks and do so without also seeing there what it is that we can create, on our own, from that suckiness, we won’t know that just the mere thought of wanting to change things to be not as sucky right now (meaning that we CAN and should see the suckiness, at least after a day or three of pouting, as that teacher, back when we were in high school, who EVERYONE hated because he or she was SUCH a hard ass, and go from that point instead of thinking like that kid and behaving like that kid…essentially using that energy…which is my next point) can work wonders for us if we allow it to happen for us instead of to us.

Are things happening to us, or for us?

Don’t ya just hate that? Don’t ya just hate it when you are comfortably wallowing in your own muck and then some damned … psycho cheerleader…comes along and tells you that no, it does not have to be this way forever, and that it is because we are each believing that this is all we deserve? That what is happening to us is somehow our gift from the Universe for being such bad, bad children?

Yeah…I do, too, and it is more so when I happen to be said very psycho cheerleader. Thing is, it is that damned cheerleader who lives in all of our psyches who is also the very dingbat who makes us look at things from a new angle and say to ourselves “oh man…the dingshit was right…ugh!” and from that point on, even begrudgingly so, we begin to accept that we were right. Sometimes, we hate it when we are right, and only because we were not the only one who was right.

We would have rather chosen to sit in our own pile of Soul goo, whining about how things suck (I am professional at it), thinking about how everyone else is getting everything they want, and how we are like a kid at our own birthday party, made to wait in line for our own piece of our own birthday cake, and by the time that we get to have our cake, we need a straw to eat it, because the ice cream and the cake have all melted into what is now a nasty, sweet, multi-colored thickness of what we waited so long for, only to be told that we have to wait.

We wait and wait in anticipation and finally when we get our turn, or what we think should be our turn, we are given what we asked for, but find out that we needed to be a LOT clearer about it. We see that we got exactly what we asked for, but we got what we asked for in the literal sense, meaning that we mighta asked for ice cream and cake, but we never said that we wanted it to be like what we see in our heads. All we know is that we want cake, and that we want it now, and the thing in our heads all the while is that “when I get mine, it is gonna be all goopy and messy and melted and I am probably going to need a straw to eat it…” and turns out that yep, we are right !

…and sometimes, bein’ right SUCKS OKOLE !

I know a whoooooooole lot of people who LIKE being right, and always, being who I am, I relish in the thought that sometimes, it sucks being right, because sometimes, being right means that we have to deal with being right when it is sucky being right. I know – I just repeated myself, but that is how people learn and retain stuff, and this stuff is pretty danged important when thinking in terms of how things change, and more, how we perceive them to be at any given time.

At any given time, we humans are given to adhering to the rules that we have set for ourselves and one of those rules we all set is to relish being right.  Sure, it is fun to let our egos out to play, to prance around like maniacs because that is where it feels best when we are right – squarely in the midst and the mind of our Ego. When we operate from “neener neener neener…you are a weener…” we are operating from our ego.

Neener Neener Neener…you are a Weener…bwaaahahahahahahahaaa

Yeah yeah…sue me…you bet your okoles that I am sitting here, wanting to get up and do like little kids do and taunt all of us, namely me, for not having let my soul be who rescued me from all of the goop that collected in the psyche of my mind. I know, inherently, that this crap we are going through is SUPPOSED to happen this way, and it is SUPPOSED to happen this way because we are being taught discipline. Whether you believe me or not is on you, but my friend, Dr. Loretta Standley, whose daily writings are a favorite of mine, confirms everything that I am writing here. And no, I did not have to look at it too much to really think about how it is that we are all just going through the fires of refinement right now, because really, boys and girls, what is on the other side of all of this…crap…cannot be explained well enough to incite you all to being happy little soul boot-campers.

I sorta knew already that right now, it, collectively, was and is gonna be a BITCH! And no, it is not only karmic, but also is, as I said already, our refinement, through fire, so to speak, and it is not so that we can learn how to stop being whiny, but more, so that we can choose what is right for our Path – NOT our Now. Now is meant as the classroom, as boot-camp, and now is when we want to pay such dear attention to our reactions to things and heighten the energy in them so that we KNOW to choose to respond and not to react.

We have all been a particular kind of weener, by the way. In my case, it is the petulant 17 year old who is there, showing the child within how to have a tantrum. And, most of us knows that almost ALL 17 year olds can be a HANDFUL. From time to time, I become this handful. I don’t like being that way, but when we are not given the attention that we need and expect at the real age that we are -almost 44 – and it seems that others in our lives STILL want to parent us, no matter who it is, if we feel like we are parented by anyone, even our parents, and we do not like the way things are happening, we become those unruly kids we once were.

And hell yes, I was a HANDFUL at 17…but weren’t we all? (And if you were not, you are either lying about it, or you were, at that time in your life, Stephen King’s model for The Children of the Corn haha). I know, and can recall, that when I was 17, I was bangin’ my head, rockin’ and rollin’, and taking no prisoners…bwaaahahahahahahaaa….and was doing so from the stinky depths of that place where the sun does not shine…and no, I am NOT talking about your grand-daddy’s outhouse.

You know EXACTLY where it is that I am talking about, and where it is that ALL of us tends to visit now and again. At 17, we are, I was, very reactive. Of course, at 17, not one of us realizes that we are not always needing to react and that a lot of the time, if we think about things first, we find that a response is a LOT more favorable and garners at least clarity for us.

Reaction and Response are NOT the same things

Al Sharpton. I say a lot of not so nice things about this person, but I do so in certain company who know me well enough to know that I know the reality of things, and the reality of things is that while I might not like this person, he worked his sorry okole off in order to be where he is now (which is, and I asked, on a LOT Of peoples’ ‘not nice guys’ list’). While I can take a lesson from his example in being able to work smart rather than hard, it is not my way to take the easy way. This is not to assume that he did. It is only to say that this is my perception of him and his success.

Yet, it is success that a lot of people learned to hate harder and bigger than they have ever in the past, and over something as trivial as a thing that not one of us can control – our ethnicity. He fancies himself the voice of the minority, but he does not speak for me. And really, I am, at least in my own opinion, the man’s WORST nightmare…I am female, an actual ethnic minority, am independent as much as I can be at this time, am dearly college educated, owned my own home, married someone and stayed that way for a long, long time, did not have any kids outside of marriage…I think you see the picture I am drawing for you all, right?

I am not Sharpie’s girl, because without his big mouth and his penchant for guilting people into following his pied piper bullshit of “IT’S WHITEY’S FAULT” (dumb-ass, no it isn’t…), I managed to actually LIVE the minority “dream,” all the way to being married to a white guy. I am what he fears, because what I am and who I am does not need to be told that there are always going to be some sort of challenge for me, because I am a minority and because I am a chick. I did not need to be motivated by someone else because my sixth house is in Capricorn, which means that I would have done all I could, like I am doing now, to create the life that I want for myself and my kids.

Mr. Sharpton likes to garner a reaction, it seems, because in that reaction he gets more people on the Sharpie Road.  I, on the other hand, am not the Rev who is going to sit and bother anyone with something that they can react to. I am going give a few options for a person to think about and wait for their response. When we react it sets off an energy that no one really needs, not even when it is a good reaction that causes a positive energy. The reason that I say that is because like anything else that we are trained to do, to accept, to believe, as we watch, we learn, and if we learn to react and forget about thinking and then responding, we will never be able to utilize, for real, that thing between our ears called our brain.

I am a thinker – make no mistake about it, but for a long time, I was given to reacting to what would cause my ego to think was an infraction against it, when in reality, it was the Mother Goddess giving me a chance to respond. Think about it for a minute – how many times have we all responded rather than reacted? How many times did reacting, unless it was a life or death thing happening, ever really work out for us when it came to things that we knew needed to change in us?

Right now, things suck ass…period. We think that this will never end, but we also all know that this is not a response. We are, instead, reacting to what we see as being the truth. And really, it is ONLY the truth of RIGHT THIS MOMENT. It is a truth that we all can change, but the thing that has to change FIRST is knowing when it is needed to react, and when it is that a response is more appropriate. We cannot stomp our feet and be mean to our guides (I know this one personally…Gabby gets SO upset…she’s a very sensitive guide, Gabriel is…she doesn’t like being told off and makes life harsher because I am impatient). We cannot curse the situation and cannot sit and believe that we are the butt end of the joke that Spirit is playing on us. We cannot sit there, in our miry mind goop thinking all these negative things which will cause a reaction by us when instead we can stop and think and respond to anything at all and not react emotionally.

…and in English, please Rox?


OKAY, basically, we are, and with help from the stars and planets, experiencing the energy that is forcing us to choose to do what is right, to define what it is that we need the most so as to get us on our Paths so that we can do what we were each meant to do with ourselves. We are being refined, as I have said now in this writing more than one time, by these proverbial fires. It is not because the  Mother Goddess wants to punish us, but rather and only because we need to choose and more than that we need to learn to choose what is right for us.

Think of it like a coach getting his players ready (hey…my Steelers were SUPPOSED to be in the playoffs, but hell no…I am wondering if the Chargers are somehow special in that the rules say 6 and they had 7 on that play that cost Kansas the game which ultimately made it so that I am now back to being ONLY a PGA fan until July…ugh….anyhow…) and telling his team that they have to discipline themselves to do the best they can. It is like a dance instructor telling her charges that they need to stand up straight so that they can all appear to uniformly lined up and so that it comes naturally to them all (I know this one personally…it was what I taught my hula haumana first…appearance when performing is EVERYTHING and I like to put on a helluva show, or at least used to). It is like any parent, any employer anyone, really, who is tasked with helping champions create themselves.

This is not my rule. This is the Universal Law in place and that is always in place.

We are being parented right now, by the Mother Goddess, and like all good moms, she will let us know, through our becoming enlightened and our manifestations becoming our realities, when we have learned a specific lesson.

Right now, we are learning ALL of them.

Yup…it sucks, but without it, we don’t know what doesn’t suck, and what doesn’t suck is about to come to us all in a big, big way. Harsh lessons is how we recognize what is worth all the pain in the okole stuff, and what is not.

You are worth it, are you not?

(I thought so, too)




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3 responses to “The harshness of right this moment

  • TBS


    Rox on, Rev.


    One little note…

    When I think about Sharpton, and others of his ilk (the as-long-as-I-have-your-knees-jerking-I-can-control-you types), I remember that were it not for HIM, there would just be some other reaction-inducing, conscience-lacking, influence-grubbing evil okole doing the same stuff.

    It doesn’t really help me much sometimes…unless I count the part about not HATING AND PERSONALLY DESPISING the foolish messenger. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

    Thanks, Dear One.


    • ReverendRoxie22

      TBS…lol…you said “okole” hahahahahaaaaa…you rule !!

      And yes, I completely agree with you regarding the okole-style ilk of his sort, and seriously – no one does have any kind of time for it, not anymore, and not one person.

      Of course, you know that I totally relate about the not hating on them part…it IS difficult because I know that I am very true to what it means, at least in my world, to be called “Reverend,” and it is NOT meant for us to get perks, even though sometimes, we do, and most of all, it is SO NOT FOR THE PURPOSES OF MOVING YOUR OWN HATEFUL AND UGLY AGENDA…

      For the life of me I cannot begin to understand what possesses anyone at all to be like that guy.

      You are very welcome, Love!! Aloha !

      • TBS

        I couldn’t resist the okole. Now that doesn’t sound quite right, does it? The usage of the word I meant to say.

        The timing of your comment could not have been more fitting…not to mention the content (oops, I just did). Resonance and synchronicity, or whatever-the-heck one might call that stuff (or not) is . . . well . . . I don’t know.

        I know you’re not a hater. Then again, right now I don’t know why I would even ‘reach out’ to affirm that I don’t see you as a hater. (Yeah. I’m WAY past ‘second guessing’.)

        I’m in the doldrums (or something). I don’t know.

        If you have any dreams, visions, or see anything in the clouds that might be ‘meant’ for me, pass it on. I know these ‘things’ are things that I’m going to have to see for my self…eventually. But…

        Meh. The more I say, the goofier it looks to me.

        Aloha pumehana…mahalo


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