Ladies and Gentlemen…TRUTH

Watch and Learn…

Yep…I’m on a heated roll these days, and it is because there is a lot of hiding the truth. What no one realizes is that the truth is like a boil – the more it gets covered, the bigger it becomes, and the harder it becomes to deal with. Like a boil (I assume – never had one, but have tended to a lot of them), the truth sucks, too. It hurts. It reminds us too often of who we are not, and always when we are merely and only trying to be who we are. The truth is something that a lot of people – in fact, most people – do not care to deal with, and only because the truth, no matter what, ALWAYS, somehow, pertains to us.

Even when it does not pertain to us, when someone asks us what we think about anything, it at that point becomes ours as much as it is anyone else’s.

Too often we want to hide from the truth, and we want to soften the blow caused by the truth, and we want to sit inside of our selves, lingering there, either very angry or a mess of tears or both – all because someone else’s harsh truth. And what we forget is that we are also the givers of harsh truth, also the people who take for granted that what we have to say needs to be heard. Rarely does anyone really have anything nice to say when speaking the truth.

We hide from the truth, hoping that it will change, and really, the only thing that changes or has the ability to change is us. The truth is like a boulder – big, heavy, something that can kill you, and all of us hide from it. What we are doing when we hide from the truth is we hide from ourselves. We keep ourselves hidden from the things that hurt us and we do not realize that keeping ourselves safe from the truth also hurts us.

Come out! Come out wherever you are !

I am making the call, right now, to come out of hiding and face the truth. Face the truths that hurt the most, so that you can become strong in the convictions caused by it. Face the truth that is not your own, because inside of it is the needed element that may be the key to what it is that ails your soul. Face what you must because if we don’t then we have to keep going through the crap that we are now going through.

Face it all, with that same grimace, because no one says we have to like it, and face it because it is there and waiting to become what it is supposed to be, which is really nothing short of fabulous. Face it because right now it really is the only thing that any one of us has, and face it simply because it hurts, because it sucks, and because we know we can.

It is not enough for anyone to say that things will be okay, and it is not enough that we put ourselves through what we do, all so that we can deny what is there and in our faces all the time. Face your truths, namely the hard ones to deal with, because within them are the parts needed for this thing called life that is simultaneously beautiful and ugly all at one time.

Face it, because it is ours, and face it because it is needed.

Face it, because really, if we do not face it, it does not change, and ultimately, it is the truth that will never change collectively, but rather and only on a personal level.

Once it is that the personal acceptance can be called “the acceptance of the collective whole,” this is when we will see the truth become what it is meant to be, which is, again, nothing short of beautiful on many, many levels.






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