I wish

A list of things I wish for us all

It has been a long time since I thought about the things that I really desire to be part of my life. I am sure that there is more than only one person who can relate to this writing.

May you be blessed

May your lives be blessed, on this day and for the rest of your days. May you see in the clouds which are proverbial and there and in your way, the pictures formed there, for you, by Spirit, and which will always be there giving you the hope in things imagined.

I wish for you all this holiday season that the tears and the brooding, the wanting and the wishing, the heart aches and the things that break us all become what they are supposed to be, which is nothing less than or short of brilliance. It is my great hope, my prayer, my pule aloha, that whatever it is that lives there in your heart and soul comes to be the thing that it is meant to be, and more, that the things that have shattered you will reveal the beauty that is behind the tears, the brokenness, the uneven and imbalanced energies which have been set upon you like so many weights.

My greatest desire for you all is that you know that you are Loved, not only by me, but more, by the grander Universe at large, and that what it is you see there in your heart and soul are already in manifest, already coming into being, and already yours, for no other reason than that you asked for them.

I wish for you that you know Love, namely if you have no real idea of what it is. I wish for you that you know Peace, because we can all use a little of it. I wish for you that you know what is the greater balance between things that are permanent and meant, and things which are only there and meant to be what presents itself later as the diamond which spawned from the coal of the things that broke you in two, that made you feel like you were the lowest rung on the ladder, that made you cry rivers that became the ocean, that you still do not understand.

I wish for you all those things that, in secret, you pine for, like a child who, the night before Christmas morning, sits by his window, watching the skies, and looking for those 8 reindeer and that very brightly dressed fat guy in the fuzzy red suit, sleigh filled with wonders and toys and heart filled with cheer and Love.

I wish for you the things that you have and hold near and dear to you, no matter what those things might be, because that is what is in your heart and soul. I wish for you the underlying nature that is knowing always that who you are is the most important thing in your own life, and that what you have is evidence of your own Soul’s Power.

I wish, most of all, that when your head hits the pillow tonight, that all these things, you understand, are the truth.

May your days be Merry and Bright…

Mele Kalikimaka e Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

I Love You All !





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