Mind Your Business (or “What would Jesus do?”)

Seriously…worry ’bout yo’ damned self (and watch how easy life becomes for you…)

I wanted to write this in the manner that is “HEY F*CK YOU, YA NOSEY ASS” but won’t.

I won’t because that will not get my message across, and really,  if I want to make it a big deal, the way that I know there are people on this planet waiting for me to make it a big fat freakin’ deal, I need to make my words be the thing that clarifies for likely a lot more people than only the nosey bastards who thought to take the time and waste the energy about what someone very close to me posted on their Facebook wall that somehow has affected more people than either she or I could imagine it would, and really should not have.

It should not have for a lot of reasons, with the biggest being that the majority of people on the planet need dearly to just mind their own business. You see, we are all given our own crap to deal with, and when speaking of things crappy, there are different versions of that which is crappy because, guess what? There are different versions of human beings on the planet and guess what else?

Not one of us is required to take anyone’s judgement of who we are, what we do, what we like…but that seems to be one of those things and situations that is neither here nor there, because that is not the way that things happen. Things happen in the manner that is busy-body, that is everyone up in everyone else’s game, and that is not cool. And really, there are a few people reading this right now who know EXACTLY about the thing that was posted and EXACTLY that I am INDEED talking to them when I tell them that they can continue talking all they want, because from it was from  within them that created a buncha crapola that they have also created the negative energy that is caused by judging other people.

Really, all humans need to remind themselves that it is not polite to judge, namely if they, themselves, cannot walk on the surface of water…

My first thought upon reading emails from people who I normally will not get the time of day from unless I ask nicely for it from them is that there must be something going on within the confines of blood relations because they really have nothing to say to me, and I neither have anything to say to them, and really, all of us just sorta get along this way, where we can love one another from a distance. It works out better this way. I don’t say something horribly, terribly bitchy and straight out mean to them, and they don’t have to have their feelings hurt and go on about the surface of the planet ass hurt because I gave my truthful opinion.

Yes, it really is this way, and it works out well…until someone posts something that offends anyone else’s sense of who they are, of who this errant poster of things that obviously offended more than one person (and for what, I do not know…get the hell over it already, guys…wow). And for real, people need to just KNOCK their crap OFF already !!

Mind your own business 

If you are old enough to know that it ain’t cool to bug about things that have no real bearing on your life, then you are old enough to deal with it when this writing and all of what it entails hits your eyeballs…you need to knock your crap off, and you really need to take into consideration that you are not the best example of being the best example you can be. Allow me to illustrate for you, the things that I have, with my own two eyes, borne witness to, by some of the people who had a problem with a particular post which was made by a particular person who is about 16 or 17 years my junior and who, even though this person can be an ass, is very near and dear to me, and hell yes, is one of those people who I have made a lot of sacrifices for…and in keeping with the soul of this post…it ain’t none of your business who this person whose back it is that I have this time.

Just know that you have been the ones to make it so that this post would find its way, not only to your nosy asses, but to the rest of the nosy asses of the world…mind your own damned business already. Seriously. I would really like to know what compels you to believe that somehow you are more pious than are other people, people with whom you seem to have had issues with ever since I have known you, and the time that I have known you, I promise, has been too long. The way that I know you is just the excuse that a lot of you have – that because we are related, you hold the rights to the judgmental attitude that is still way too much for this Pisces to think is somehow what makes us not be close anymore.

And that is fine and good with me, really. This is meant for all of those on this planet who seem to think that since it is that you attend church, since it is that you like to wave your “Saved” status around as though it is somehow your badge of honor to shove in other peoples’ faces, I would like to ask you a few questions…and ALL of them start with this one query…

…and I really think you will want to puke into your own baptismal wafers when I ask you this one question that you have ALL asked me at least one time…and really, you cannot handle my answers, so please come up with your own. We wouldn’t want to make my Goddess make your jealous God a little more jealous than my mom tells me He really is.

Here is that question…I asked it…so deal with it like you expect certain others to deal with what you never thought they would ever find out about.

Lemme see you turn red when I ask you…

What would Jesus do?

Seriously, what would your Lord and Savior do if he could see the thoughts in your head and hear the things that you are whispering behind the safety and the pretend sanctity of what you think is your privacy. You cannot believe for one moment that your Lord and Savior would think very highly of you for judging someone else so harshly, can you? It is none of my business what this person does, and really, it ain’t any of yours. I have more right to say something to them, but you have no right at all.

What would Jesus do if he could hear the things that you have said about other people, in church on Sundays even, when you are supposed to be there and singing praises to the Lord and instead, you are there, like the proverbial den of vipers, with your flapping jaws and your wagging tongues, pretending to be more holy than others…you forgot the rest of that thinking…it is not that you are more holy, but that you are holier than thou.  And really, what would Jesus do the minute he heard about what you thought was okay to judge?

What would Jesus do if he could tell you what he sees as being the content of your soul and the reality of your heart and all of the ugly things that you think about people, all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost? How would you explain to him that you didn’t mean to hurt anyone with your judgment, but that you are human and that you are as susceptible to giving in to the whims of the sins that you see in everyone else, and that you like to point out in folks like me? What would Jesus say about that?

What would Jesus say about your murmurs of indecency and your hidden obsession with things that only kill the soul of you? What would Jesus say about the idea that you tell people to love without condition, even as you point out that it is fine that people are gay, as long as they are not the people who you love? What would Jesus tell you about you after you have bothered to tell him, in the most ass-kissiest way, that you think you are better than anyone else, because what you think is the truth in the Bible is being misconstrued as the truth because it is not the truth as you want it to be and only the truth as it applies to what you want other people to think of people who are like me in many ways (because that is just how Baby Girl rolls, folks..true to herself and fuck everyone else…I taught right, that’s why…), but that you are not real sure of it being the absoluteness of the truth?

What would Jesus think if you were to tell him that you think that there are certain people who you think ought not have the right to say what they will, no matter where it is, because it offends YOU so much but when it came to YOU being a thief, came to YOU talking shit, came to YOU to be judged like you are judging…when it was YOUR TURN, you HATED it , had a problem with it, said shit in your own defense, but when it comes to people like me?

What would Jesus do if he saw you drinking a beer, smoking a joint, listening to heavy metal music? Would you come to him fully as yourself or would you opt for your Sunday best? And by Sunday best, I do not mean the suit and the fancy shoes that you only wear on Sundays. I mean your best, most purest thoughts and behaviors, and by pure I DO mean the true ones, NOT the ones you and your dirty fucking mind have to clean up because people like me can read your sorry asses like a book…and at this point, are the sorriest, most judgmental asses there are!! Would Jesus tell you that because you spoke in his name about this person who you emailed me about…is it a safe bet that he would agree with you, or with me?

What would Jesus do, in all of his hippie, no shoe wearing, hanging out with guys who I would hang out with, talking to strangers about things you assholes keep quiet about until Sunday morning when you have the pastor’s ass to kiss, making it look like you are better than anyone like me, and obviously like JESUS, if he read the things that I read, about this person who I love so very much, even as I disagree with her about a lot…what would your proper suit wearing Jesus tell you about someone like me? That I am a heathen? That I am a devil worshiper? That my music is what is sending me straight to the pit of hell?

Does your right and proper, suit and tie wearing Jesus have the same balls you have? You know..the kind that tell you that things you have to say about people like me to other people who do not know me, and neither know the person who inspired this writing, are okay to say because as long as I and others like me don’t hear what your nastiness is about, it doesn’t matter, because I don’t hear it?  I am sorry, ass hat, but it does matter. What energy you place into the Universe goes to where the thought is. If I thought I were wrong, I would not write what I am writing, but I know I am right. What you think about anyone is what they know is your truth, because that is how energy works…duh.

One last thing before I finish this writing

The teaching in this is there and apparent. The only people who would not be able to see it are those who are too inclined to see me and what I am all about, and what I am all about is the truth, not at any cost, but when and where it is needed. It is needed always and everywhere, so deal with it if you feel so inclined to dish out your own. What would be equally refreshing is if people like you would bother to just not bother with people like me and mine. But you won’t, because you can’t, because your silly little ego and you need people to be better than and need people to judge harshly. I can say it because I have been right where this person on whose behalf I write this. I have been there. I have done that with a lot of the same people who this other person does not realize has never had her back. Ever.

When it is that we know that what we will say will cause some peoples’ asses to swell (because that is really where their brains are, dolls…really) and make them believe that they have a reason and a right to pick someone apart, it is also that same time that these same haters grew up and thought for a moment the real reason that they have anything to talk behind someone else’s back for.

It’s called “inferiority,” and you all wear it so damned well.

An inherited trait, sorta…

Like heart problems is a familial trait, so, too, is the idea that who we are and who we are related to trumps all else. I am sorry, but it is not okay to try to make yourself feel better by making someone else feel worse. What I cannot believe is that there are people who have the very nerve to believe that they are above the rules that they set for all others, but when it comes to themselves, they feel that somehow they are higher and mightier enough to have an opinion about things that have NOTHING at all to do with them.

That I know the person who posted what they did does NOT feel worse, it does not mean that anyone had the right to call her out in the most vile way…by telling on her. I mean, really…she IS in her middle twenties, and other people who are not her do NOT pay her bills, but people still felt compelled to say what they did.

I suppose my entire point with this post and the lesson contained within it is that if what someone else does is not really intruding on your life, will not matter in the grander scheme of your daily living, will cause you to worry for them and make you think that for real, their lives are endangered because of what they have posted, you have nothing at all to say to anyone.

Human beings – we think we know what is best for everyone else, and then one day we get a clue, at least a lot of us do, and we realize that the thing we are judging someone who we say we love over is also something that WE, ourselves, are a little weird about (and might even LIKE…that’s right – you jack-offs might actually LIKE the thing that she posted…but you will never have the balls enough to admit it like she did…). The person who posted what she did posted the thing because she knows that it is okay to have one’s own likes and dislikes, one’s own opinion, one’s own anything, and that as long as what she likes is not hurting anyone else, that she has nothing to sweat.  It was not anyone’s place to say what they would to me, and it was not anyone’s place to judge, namely not those who did judge, because they are not the sort who will not sink very quickly to the bottom of the sea if their asses were or are foolish enough to see only what it is in someone else that they, the judgers, don’t get it in terms of the thing that they saw.

The reason that I know anyone would be offended by what was posted is simple – the person who posted what she posted had the guavas enough to speak her truth. It is unfortunate when people who judge are also the type who are worried about their truth pissing someone else off. These are the sort who will sit in church on Sunday, “amening” and “testifying” loudly, so that everyone can hear them being holy. These are the ones to whom I refer as being “modern Pharisees” because it was also the Pharisees who chose to pray loudly and in front of people in the times of Christ, so that they could be recognized by their pretend piety rather than by whatever is the truth of them. By my observation, they are better leaving things as they are, because the truth of them would make normal humans fall over from all the belly laughs acquired by what I have always known is the truth of most of them.

With that much known…that is, about the pretend piety…I am confident in saying, too, that at least I know that the person who offended people with her liking something so…so…well, we shall say that it was not something that people of a few more years than her would have posted (as if THAT matters or something) is, at the very worst, unafraid, just like her sister, to speak her own truth, and if people don’t like that truth, then they can just go dislike that truth with other people who don’t like that truth. I have no opinion about the truth that the person who posted what she posted.

She just knows that no matter what, the one thing which does not ever change is the Truth.

It is too bad that most people don’t realize or accept this…

I Love You ALL !!





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