On Responsibility

KULEANA = Our Soul’s Responsibility

Fire. It is reminiscent of women, even though it is a masculine element associated with action. Women. We are called passionate, fiery, bold, dangerous, beautiful, powerful, deadly, and these are also all descriptors of Fire. Another thing that is associated with fire is the inherent responsibility contained within it all on its own.

Fire can warm us, but it can burn us. Fire can bring light where there is darkness, but it can also over-expose things that maybe a fire inspector might not have been able to see because what was hidden before the fire illuminated it was not ably seen with the naked eyes or without further digging. Fire is powerful in that it burned the coals once used as the catalyst which would move trains all over the country via steam engine. I could go on and on about the element of Fire, but today, it is meant to be seen as the representative of things which are powerful, and which, if allowed to go unchecked, just like fire, has the potential to become horribly uncontrollably painful if we choose to ignore what I have always called the “Kuleana of a thing,” which is also the Soul’s Responsibility to Learn.

Kuleana…the Soul’s Responsibility and the Ego’s Caretaker

According to the New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary (Pukui and Elbert, 1975, University of Hawai’i Press,Pg 70) the word “Kuleana” is described as meaning “…Right, title, property, responsibility, jurisdiction, authority, claim, ownership; reason, cause, justification; small piece of property; tenure…ho’okuleana…To entitle, give right to possess.” 

Clearly one can see now why it is that I like that word used much by those who share the same ancestry as well as a great, Bones of the Soul Deep Love for all things which call us forward and into “our own.” I have written a lot in the past about our Kuleana as individuals, and also, our Kuleana to one another, and , of course, our Kuleana as a global whole, and always, those writings have had something to do with the Unconditional Love which resides within and should always and also preside over our lives, extending to others, but also to not be forgotten about where we, ourselves, are concerned.

Things that preside over our lives at any given time are our personal Kuleana. They have been given to us as either lessons or gifts, in the form of people and situations, and always, we know, right away when it is that we are being called to learn. We know beforehand, through a series of energetic impulses and thoughts about things, about people, what is and who is our lesson or our gift, what is or who is that which will break our hearts, crush our spirits, and eventually cause us to grow. We know these things because these things are evident when they happen upon our lives, and evident when it is that we know we will hurt. (Yes, we always know when someone is going to hurt us…it is not a mistake that when you set eyes on someone that you get the impulse to say something like “Oh man…I am in TROUBLE…”)

Like being responsible for tending to a fire, so, too, is it our responsibility, always, to tend to the things which we are aware were placed in our lives for one purpose.

One Purpose

We are all purposed. We are not sent to this lifetime for no reason. All of us is a teacher and a student. We have a singular and, as well, a collective purpose and mission, and no, we are not privy to knowing what either of them are unless we are also willing and regardless of if we are ready and able, simply and only available and present within our own current consciousness to deal with what has been ours and ours alone from long before we each stepped in to the light of human consciousness.

Our Kuleana is always connected to us, no matter what, and when we get all…human… on each other, through means of not being able to see past our own arrogance, we become selectively blind by the things that we think will happen and that we can see no where else than in the bowels of our mind in that same place where we keep the energy that is the last time we had our heart broken, the last time we were made to look like a fool, the last time something really sucked okole.

Lessons, learning, and things that suck okole

If we think about all of the things that sucked when they happened to happen upon us, there will be a similarity there between all those “suck okole” things and if we are wise we will seek out that similar energy within those things that suck so that we can gather that information and apply it to things happening in our lives right now. I have this friend. In fact, I have two friends who, right at this moment in time, are both being met with the lessons of their own lives’ Kuleana. In both situations there is an element of things that broke both of their hearts in the past, and the things that visit them now have been brought to them both via the very teachers who presented each of them with this same lesson last time they had to learn it.

I like to think of this time in both of their lives as being a lesson in many things, but none more than simply being a lesson in Kuleana. One of them, I know, will do the right thing, will make sure to it that when the choice is made, that it will be something that is agreeable to everyone involved. The other friend, poor soul, tries like hell to settle something that they are not aware of …they are the teacher this time, to the same person and for the same reason, but the difference now versus the last time they were each met with this is that when this presented itself to this person last time, the lesson was theirs to learn. This year, though, they are the one who is teaching.

Either way, because of the way that things happened for both of these two friends the last time that something like what is going on, happened, for them both, neither of them was able to make a choice appropriate to all involved, and this time, they both know that it is their Kuleana that they each choose wisely enough not only to not hurt the others involved, as much as it can be avoided, at least, and more, to not sacrifice themselves, as well, to the others so as to teach who it is in their lives not only the lesson, but also that there is a measure of balance that must be achieved.

Our responsibility to others is also our responsibility to ourselves

Reread that and let it sink in – that which is meant to be learned through us and by others is also that which we must also learn through them. Our methods of teaching these lessons are not ours to really know about in that, if we know, we will do what we feel we have to in order to avoid pain, but not the pain that we will suffer from the other person but the pain that we will cause them. Most of the time, when our Kuleana presents itself to us, it is in the form of something that makes us bury our heads in our hands, wanting to hide, not only from what it was that made this all transpire, but more, from the task of having to hurt someone who we Love, or at the very least, are very fond of.

This is the Ego’s realm, the part about our not wanting to hurt people. This is the thing that we learn – how to deal with the pain that we give to other people. This is why I refer to it as being Kuleana, the Soul’s Responsibility. When we are strong enough to deal with that pain, we are also not aware of it that what we need in order to get through having hurt someone else, no matter why we know we had to hurt them. It could be that while we love them, we know that both parties will end up continuing to hurt if things remain as they are. It could be that we actually love these others but in the time that has passed have also realized that in all of the hurt that we caused them, we also caused ourselves that same level of hurt.

Of course, the other parties never know this, because they are not really aware of it at the time, and normally it doesn’t dawn on them until much later that what happened was meant to happen, that what happened actually needed to happen, and that what happened, even though it was very painful, had to happen so that we would be able to grow and evolve to being the person who we are meant to be and not remain as the shallow and self-unaware when it comes to these certain people in our lives.

Now, some of you are reading this and thinking about this one other person, right this moment, and you might be angry at them still, but why are you angry at them? Do you not realize that in all of the going back and forth between you and them that what happened also happened to those who you think are doing things to hurt you because you may be convinced that the initial thing that happened the last time is NOT the reason you hurt still. The reason that you hurt still is not because of them, but because of you.

Yup…I said it….now deal with it, because it is the truth.

It is the truth that even as they might have doled the pain, it was you who chose on your own to continue to blame them for an issue that you could have already been through, had you only accepted the things that you were given to you by them and that which might have sucked horribly when the realization of what had occurred hit you like a ton of bricks.

It was never the other person, but you, who had to get through the hurt and the pain, and if you are reliving that past hurt and it is in the real, GOOD! GOOD FOR YOU!! In the game of Golf it is called a “gimme” and is when all players can agree that the shot counts even though it has not truly been played.  It is essentially a do-over, because obviously the first time you went through this lesson you were so blinded by what you might have thought was the right thing to do, or might have believed that what you were seeing and hearing were all lies, and now, here you are, and apparently Spirit thinks you need to take the gimme and do this lesson over and take the end result as the very truth of things.

It is a small minded person who cannot allow their ego to not get in the way of the truth. The ego is a funny cat in that it thinks it is protecting you, and most of the time it is, but there are those times and those people in our lives for whom there is nothing that we would not sacrifice more and more bits and pieces of ourselves to them and their cause. What the hell about you? Are you not sick yet of being told that you need to go out into the world and grow? Are you weary from all of the things that you continue to allow your weary soul and battered heart to have to endure, over and over again, all because the other person’s or peoples’ reality no longer includes that you will be a part of it? Are you upset because you went there again, thinking that you might be able to hang, but now, here it is again, and you are being slapped with the hot spatula of truth in that their feelings have changed, meaning that you no longer have top place in their lives?

These are the things that we don’t understand are at play when we are angry and in the heat of arrogance and soul battle with other people and so that they can see who we are by our forcing it on them. That is so wrong. We cannot force who we are on anyone just as much as we are not required to carry the weight of their Kuleana for them.

There are a lot of people who read this and who will read this and who will end up ass hurt by my words, but these words needed to be written, because there are still a whole lot of us who are convinced that what we want is what everyone else wants, that what we think is best for others IS the best and only option, and most of all, while we are doing all of this playing of the game called “The Bossa you,” we also are ridiculous enough to believe that these other people not not also playing “You’re NOT the Bossa me” in answer to their heavy-handedness.

It is time, folks, to knock your crap off and think about you and how you can get your own damned self out of the thinking that you are somehow the most important factor in all of life. You are not the sun. The world does not revolve around you. Since you now have been told so, why is it that you feel you need to be anything to anyone else when you cannot even be that way with and to yourself? It is silly to think that you are the be-all, end-all of the all that there is. It is ridiculous to believe that yours is the last word, the last thought, in the lives of other people and the getting them to do what we want.

Pay the hell attention to what YOU need for you that is BY YOUR OWN HAND and THEN you can get out there, after you have done all the work needed and involved with the growth of the Soul, at least as it pertains to the lesson currently at hand, and make what are called SUGGESTIONS to others about what YOU did for YOUR life and NOT sweat them not doing what YOU think they should do.

It is not your life, which is what you are supposed to be paying attention to. It is their life and they are who is entitled to making you somehow fit, are the ones, who, like you, want to be able to choose for themselves and on their own the thing that is right for them. What is right for them might not be your equal thought and might even piss you off, but that does not mean that you have the right to blame them for how you feel.

That is YOUR Kuleana to deal with it…and it is THEIR Kuleana to bring that very lesson to you in the form of heartache, of disappointment, of being made angry, of anything at all.

‘Auhea wale ana ‘oe…pay attention…your Kuleana is NOT to go about the planet parenting people into agreeing with you.

You Kuleana is about you growing and learning, no matter how much it sucks okole…



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One response to “On Responsibility

  • TBS

    Deep Wisdom here.

    I concur…although I wait for manifestation.

    I know that the pain that I have ‘felt’ and the troubles that I have ‘encountered’ are not because of ‘them’, but because of me.

    My Kuleana is about me growing and learning, no matter how much it sucks okole…

    Thanks for the reminder . . . and the love. 🙂

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