Seeing through anything at all requires thought and a better, not newer way of learning to focus that is anyone else’s but our own…

Lately, the majority of us has felt like we just cannot see anything good in anything at all, and it is not your fault that you feel this way if you do. All the happy, sappy hippie guru type people who tell us to basically ignore the bad and focus only on the good…well, they have it sort of right. What is not exactly right is that it takes a bit of self-taught discipline in order for us to stop focusing on the bad, meaning that it also takes a lot of patience in order to deal with just the learning part of this focusing thing.

This focusing thing

While it is that I am technically an ordained minister, and while it is that at the very heart of me, my Hawaiian Shamanic roots have never really allowed me to stray far from the thought that everything in existence was first a focused thought.  Yet, there is that part of me that is science geek, that is the person who wants to know how it was that Spirit engineered all that She has to this point, and how it is that we are the mechanics who make all of it work, at least for the most part.

It is the focusing thing that has a lot of folks stumped. This is because forever already we have been focusing on what is someone else’s version of “right and upstanding” and have never really bothered to think outside of that accepted norm of thought.  Think about everything that you have done to this point, and I AM talking only about readers who are in the United States, and think about how “rank and file” it was while you were in elementary school, middle school, high school and even college. Then when you were ready to embark on your trade, you went through more of this trained thinking set out by other people who, at this point in history, are either already long gone (and the new guys in their place have done nothing to change the program to meet the current level of creativity), and for the most part, these examples of institutionalized thinking are no longer applicable to the new and evolved thinking of the masses.

We are taught from a young age to think how the machine of commerce wants us to, and while it might seem like the odds are stacked squarely against us all to fail, the truth is that we can teach ourselves to think differently so that we can focus on things that are applicable to ourselves as well as the “machine.” The “machine” is not just us, ourselves, on a singular level, but us, as a whole. Spirit engineered this life, and we are both the machine and the mechanic in terms of how things get done. The way that things begin to get done is the thought, and then after that comes, or at least it should, the focus.

Focus, and why we are so, so bad at it

Ever wondered why it is that some people would get mad at the fish when it is expected to climb a tree and it can’t? (Einstein quote…gotta google it…) Ever wondered why it is that people are so miserably unhappy with the job they have, or maybe the people who they hang with, or even the family they have created and are miserable in?

The answer is simple – if we likened ourselves to Einstein’s fish trying to climb trees, we see that (1) fish can’t climb trees and (2) we are not fish. Humans can climb trees, but each of us will climb the same tree differently than everyone else or anyone else will. Sure, the mechanics of it are the same, but the people acting out the mechanics are different. If you thought about it long enough, and I know that not all of us will have had the same kinds of teachers when we were in elementary to high school, each of us had one class that was particularly challenging. For me it was algebra.

Think back to those days, and recall how confused you were then about what it was that was being explained to you in what seemed like a foreign language. The issue was not now, nor was it then, and neither will it ever be that you cannot “do” the thing that is being shown to you, but that your specific understanding of that thing is not clear enough to you, and that is not and was not your fault.

It is not your fault that you were not able to understand the way that the teacher taught what it was that they were teaching and that you had a hard time grasping. I am the worst with algebra, but it was my friend, Kim, who reminded me that “it is all the same math. You just have to look at it from what your understanding of it is and forget what it was that your professor told you from her perspective…”

As easy as I make this focusing thing sound, it is not that simple. Really. It takes work to unlearn what you have learned, because what you have learned does not help your understanding of things. This is because all of our lives we have been taught what we have been learning from the point of view of someone else’s understanding of things. My friend Kim knew that the reason I was not able to understand all of these algebraic signs and symbols was because my mind cannot comprehend them in the manner that they were presented, and at the time they were presented is also the time they were being taught.

This is a whole lot of sorting out and figuring out of things, and when a person is not able to first settle into one thing, it makes it hard for said same person to focus on the next step. My opinion of the current state of the educational system, at least in the state of California, is that it is robbing a whole legion of kids of their own method of learning by trying hard to make all of their little thought processes fit into a nice canned-ham type of learning, where one size fits all. The truth is that we do not all learn any other way or better than when we do so from our own understanding of things.

I have issues with this method of teaching because it does not address properly the way that each person thinks. We have a left and a right brain and we have always only been taught to utilize the left side (logic) and forget about the right side (creativity) and have been told, forever, that this is just the way things are and that we are to conform to a set standard and not think with our whole brain. This is what robs us all of the childlike tendency to daydream, to have goals that are not set up in our heads like we are somehow running a race that only we are in. We have competed with ourselves, as well as everyone else, and for the life of us, it seems that there are a lot of us still who cannot stop running in the manner that is a lab rat in a maze…according to someone else’s design.

Human beings were created with the amazing ability to create. We feel like we are stifled right now, and we have felt this way for generations, and in my opinion it is because there was a set standard back in the day for the populace to accept. We are not accepting those outdated norms and the reason things seem to be such a cluster-fuck is because we know that we can think, and we know that from those thoughts the creation of our lives is born, but we are not able to think outside of the way that we were manipulated into believing was the only way.

The Point

The point is that what it is that we have learned to focus on can be changed and we can teach ourselves to focus on what we need to focus on rather than only what we have been told needs our focus. We need focus when we are at our jobs, and we need focus when we are doing things that we like doing, and we need focus in order, really, to get anything done. The way we have been conditioned through our time in school is what brings us to this point where we wonder why it is that we have a hard time “getting it” in terms of our very selves.

The Self is who we each are. We are not these bodies. We are not our jobs. We are not what we have been told we are. Instead, we are each the culmination of focused thought, by both our parents and the Mother Goddess. If it is that our parents can have a focused thought and one that created another human life, we, also, are able to do this same thing, not only when it comes to procreation, but with anything at all.

It requires focus.

Our Focus

Each person’s outlook on life at any given time is a glimpse into their inner world. Where it is that they think is also where it is that they live, and where we each live internally is forever. Now, we can think of our “forever” as being the most awful time we will ever have (because we are focused on having an awful time) or we can think of our daily lives as stepping stones that create the path called “Our Lives.” I say a lot about the energy behind words, and in this case, you can see here, again, where it is that there is a specific energy behind the word “forever” and how we are  focusing our energies on that word.

Think about all the times that you have used the word “forever” and in the context which is was used and you can see why it is that for some people it is a good thing and others, not so much. In that same manner, the energy that was present for you when you were learning algebra is still there. You are still likely a little unfocused on the way that it is presented to you still, just like I am, and you still have that tiny voice on the inside which is telling you that you don’t “get” algebra.  It is not that you don’t get it, but that you were not able to comprehend it the way that it was being taught to you.

We are taught things always from another person’s understanding of it. The reason that I know, to this day, that I still do not “get’ algebra is NOT because my friend Kim was not right, but that because my disdain for algebra itself is so great, due to my not “getting it” when I was a youngster, I have developed an aversion to anything mathematical in nature unless it pertains to anything scientific. Yes, I know – science requires a general knowledge of math, and I have a general knowledge of it. And in that general knowledge I have learned a whole lot about science.

It is not that we are not getting it, but that we are not understanding the way to get to where we can “get it.” Once it is that we can focus our thoughts toward our own way of learning things, and once it is that we can grasp onto the idea that there is more than only one way to learn things, this is when we can also train ourselves to be more focused about our focus. Once we can focus, the world and all of her treasures becomes easier to attain for us, both physically and Spiritually.

The reason why is clear – it is not being done your way

I will repeat it – the reason why a lot of us don’t get things that we are supposed to be able to get is because not all of us learns the same way. We each think differently, and because of this we will only be able to focus how we will from our own standpoint and from our own understanding. When we try to force our learning to accommodate someone else’s way of thinking, no matter what it is, unless we are the same kind of thinker as someone else is, we will have a very hard time learning anything. Things of a Spiritual nature demand that we be disciplined in our focus because it is through our focus on those desires which manifests the reality that we are creating for ourselves.

All this time you may have been thinking badly about yourself because you cannot do one thing or another, and the reality is not that you cannot do those things, at least most of them, but that you have to be able to do those things in the manner that you are able to learn them. It is really very simple.

We learn in a specific way, and in a specific pattern, and the way some people teach what they know, including me, comes from their direct learning experience. It is not that your child is dumb at math but that he or she is not understanding it from the point of view of the teacher. It is not that you are some sort of moron when it comes to recalling how to spell a word or how the seed becomes the sprout that becomes the plant, but that your method of learning is what directs your focus, and if your focus is only on knowing how to figure something out someone else’s way, you will know the actual reason for your frustration.

Not just about algebra, but about learning and focusing, period.  To be a Masterful Creator in the painting of your life, you must be able to focus on what it is that you are desirous of, without distraction, without the idea that you don’t “get it,” and with only the full force of that focus with Spirit behind it.

It is simple, yet not so much, but eventually, once you learn to train your focus, everything else seems like a walk in the park






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2 responses to “Focusing

  • TBS

    The Perceptual Enterprise.

    There are as many languages in the world today as there are people. But we count languages in groups of ‘generalized similarity’. If the compulsion to recognize general similarity were erased we could ALL respect and celebrate personality.

    Civilization, as it develops, demands ever-increasing categorization and identification. All labels are arbitrary, yet the fight for supremacy and ‘correctness’ causes most people to fight for the points that they are making rather than living the lives that they have been given to live.

    THAT is my focus…living. There are plenty of people fighting to persuade others. I’d rather enjoy vibrant Life.

    Thanks, Rox.



  • Casey


    Yeah…I need a little more. The holidays always overwhelm me. Difficult things have always happened in my life at Christmas time. Then there’s the overblown consumerism which eats at me, too.

    I’m scattered right now and I really don’t like it. But it happens every holiday season…so it’s not surprising me. I have a lot of gifts I want to make, but I’m thinking it’s going to be tough to make it happen. We’ll see.


    Like most of us, creative expression had been stifled in me when I was a teenager. Instead of following my writing and artistic bent, I went the scientific route, mostly so I could support myself and become at least financially independent from my family (emotional independence took a lot longer). I enjoyed my professional career, but I always felt the creative hunger…and no outlet for it because I never felt I could make anything. I always felt I was missing something, you know? I kept hearing the calling of my soul…but didn’t know how to meet that need to create.


    I am glad I moved into a creative place in my life. I never did get the art classes my mother promised me as a ten year old, but I am teaching myself through lots of online tutorials.

    In case you were interested, you could see some of my art and art journaling here:

    I make it a point to take my daughters out on mommy and me Art Dates, at least once a month. I take one of my daughters, our art journals and supplies, out to the coffee shop and we get time together to make art.

    I’m really glad that my daughter’s school has a teacher who teaches kids how to knit in an afterschool knitting club. Isn’t that wonderful? I’m going to ask my daughter to teach me some over the holiday break.


    That’s something been coming up a lot this year, in various places. I am really interested in working with a shaman for healing purposes. I found one near my home, but I am not quite sure about it just yet. Maybe next spring or summer.

    I didn’t realize you were a shaman, but that makes a great deal of sense to me.

    For now, I have just been investing in audiobooks of Clarissa Pinkola Estes – she’s not a shaman, but a Jungian analyst, poet, and cantadora, but she uses cultural stories/myths to help others release trauma and to live a hand made life. It’s not of course exactly the same, but being able to be assisted using stories and visualizations does have a healing effect on me.

    I really am moved by her.

    I wrote one post about this…and will write some more in the future.

    it generated some thoughtful conversation, too.

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