Perspective is NOT Opinion

Let us get this much officially straight, shall we? Your perspective of things makes it possible for you to form an opinion

I am about to pitch a bitch here, and what a bitch it will be! Earlier today I was told that my perspective of things is very cloudy. Of course, you all know I had to ask this person how they define the word “perspective.” The way that it was described to me sounded way more like the definition of opinion.  One of my biggest issues with other educated people is that they believe that their perspective which formed their opinion about anything is that what they think is fact, to them, IS fact, when indeed it is not FACT!

And this leads me to the real reason behind why I would want to write something about these two things today, because the two go hand in hand. In order to have an opinion about anything, a person HAS TO HAVE a perspective about it and that perspective, if it is to be at least appreciated by anyone has to be based more on the idea that one person’s education is bigger than anyone else’s, thereby making the person who knows the actual and factual meaning of these two words.

The perspective that we gain from anything is formed inside of us, but it is unable to “be” without something to perceive and to ponder. To observe things in the manner that is “with the eyes of the soul” means that we need to be able to not form an opinion, because the opinion, while it is not a mechanism of the Ego unless we let it be that way, is protected by the ego, because it is our opinion about what we see that other people get to have from us. Yes, I said it – the opinion is, when we feel like our opinion is fact and everyone else has to agree with it, largely ego-based. 

Well, really, it is the ego part of us that will compel us, merely from the opinions that we form that become a fact for and related to our personalities and our preferences. You see, much of what we think is opinion based. Think about it, let it soak in for a sec and you will see what I mean. Think about a conversation you have had recently where you and someone else had a difference of opinion, and both of you got heated over it, for no other reason than that your feelings about whatever it was that you were discussing were more in the spotlight than were the facts about the things being discussed. It is not the facts about anything that people get over excited about. It is the opinions that we each hold about those facts that make us be how we are about things.


Perspective is the medium which this Kahuna chick makes her mark on the world with, and I am very good at seeing things from all sides, making me very capable of telling people how to go about having a new perspective about anything at all.  That I do this is one thing, but the entirety of the whole does not rest on my prowess with most forms of written, bodily and verbal communication between people – it rests completely on the perception that someone else would have of the things that I do.

One person could have the perception that I really do know what I am talking about, that I may be of some sort of help to them, at least from the point of view of someone who would like to think about things more broadly.  Another person might take what I have to say or write to them the same way but also might question how I came to the eventual idea that I came up with. Yet, another person, even before I start with that person, might have had a very bad experience in the past with someone else who says that they do the thing that I do, and for that person I would have to prove a whole lot, all based on the past sins of another healer.

But you all already knew this much, that people normally will go with what they have already seen and gone through with someone else and will judge people and their motives from the last time they went through something with anyone, good or bad.  What it is that any one of us believes about anything at all is based, completely, on past experience, no matter who it was with and no matter what the outcome. This is how national brands end up being national brands, because of the perspective that anyone has with that brand.

…and when the brand fails?


It is from one’s perspective that one’s opinion will be formed. Let’s look at that national brand example for a moment.

Say you like one kind of toilet paper, and it is one that you have used for a long time. Then one day, because of something “corporate,” your same old butt-wipe is not the same beloved kind that you have always purchased and trusted. You try it a few more times, believing, or at least wanting to believe that maybe it was a batch that just did not end up the way that it always had and with great hope you venture into the discount retailer, once again, to purchase what it is that you always have, only to be let down again.

You were able, after plenty of years using that same brand, to trust on it to be what it was meant to be, to do what you knew and always believed that it would, to discern that something just was not right. Within that one tiny moment you came to the thought that what it is that you have always used and always depended upon to never change, suddenly changed, and now, even though you know it is only toilet paper, you have come to not trust that brand anymore. You know that they cut costs and because of it, you are not able to use their product anymore because it is not the same and it is not what your preference is.

Soon after, yes, over something as trivial seeming as ass-wipe, you form an opinion, and believe it or not, it may well be an opinion which is a hard one for you to accept, even as it is your own. This comes from your pattern of belief in things and also, because it is toilet paper, while it should not be a big giant deal, again, because it is toilet paper, it sort of IS a big giant deal. Yet for real, and no matter how you care to look at it, this is really how this happens, how our perception shapes our opinion.

I am sure there are MANY times in your life where you could see where it was that your own perception of anything at all was able to help you form an opinion that was not only important, even as outwardly it might have seemed trivial, but may even have been something that would cause you to look elsewhere for what it was that you needed to see and believe and yes, judge as either good, or perceptively other than good.

Opinion…where our perception and our egos meet and tryst

For the very life of the whole of us, there seems dearly to be the need, collectively, even now when we are all really getting spiritually aware and growing like the beings we are meant to be, for others to view our opinions as being more important than facts, or feelings, with the latter being the bigger issue than the former. Our opinion of anything or anyone is NOT fact, and is totally NOT the opinion that all of us has.

We have been told that opinions are like assholes in that, everyone has one, but what we have not been taught, ever, most of us at least, is that our opinion is a personal reflection of our feelings and is NOT the same for everyone. This is the ego part of it, when we fight like hell with people over opinion rather than facts. My thought is that no one really needs to argue, but people who feel like their opinion about anything at all and who want to inject that opinion into the thinking and the realities of other people and expect that it will be theirs as well…well, we are not even thinking in terms of what the truth is.

The truth is…

There is no real rule that people have to agree with anyone else at all, and the truth of this statement is that it is my opinion of things, and not the reality. The reality is that there are still a lot of people who believe that their opinion is the fact, and the only fact in that is that it is their opinion and nothing more than that. 

If we could loosen our grip on what is our truth (which can totally be and usually is our opinion of things) as being also the collective truth, we and our overblown egos would find out that it really is not all about us in the sense that while it is that we are basically the same, we are markedly different. There are people in all of our lives who have strong opinions about anything and everything. The reason that it is said that the two things that no one should ever discuss in any company are religion and politics is because BOTH areas of thought and life are very personal matters.

To believe in anything is a matter of personal preference and personal opinion. My Born Again parents cannot begin to understand, or even think, let alone believe that their oldest does not pray to the same jealous God that I was raised with. Oh hell no I do not, because it is a matter of my own personal opinion that any religion that makes it seem like women are not as bad ass as any man is, is also NOT the religion for me.

My very traditional thinking baby sister, even as I had a HUGE part in raising her and helping her to become who she is at this point, and I, do not agree on the idea that a natal chart will guide a person, if they have an inkling of a mathematical or astronomical and …AND scientific clue in their bodies, FAR better than will any blinded-by-hellfire-and-brimstone threats will ever.

And my kid brother? He and I are such different people that for him to think anything OTHER than that his older sister is a bit out there it would shock me to the core – you cannot change the stripes of a tiger, much as you cannot change the style of belief of others. This is the way that he thinks.

The point is that in all of what might be their opinion of who I have grown up to be, that their opinions of the things that I do and who I am do not matter in the life that is my own. It is difficult for them, for anyone to grasp the idea that anyone would be brought up “in the church” and would, when the time and the Mother Goddess saw and sees fit, outgrow beliefs that maybe, we never really believed at all. When it was that I started to outgrow the shell of conformity that had been there and placed there by people who, in my opinion, believe out of a fear of what they believe WILL happen if they do not repent (nothin’ wrong with it, mind you…it is and likely was not ever for me, but how is a little kid supposed to say so and NOT be scared that their parents will not love them?) .

This is the thing that not a lot of people realize when they are looking at someone else – that opinion is not fact, and unless we familiarize ourselves with who they are and get to know them a little better than we assume what our opinion (call it judgment because that is what it is) tells us is the truth, we are always going to walk the crust of the earth proverbially kissing the ass of an angry jealous God who seems more intent on trying to hurt us and condemn us and possibly even have a bunch of really giant idiots nail us to a cross just to prove that there is nothing that is out of that particular god’s control, not even the slaying of the innocents.

I used religion as the example because it is a very touchy subject. No one wants to have what they have believed forever and 6 days already as being a fairy tale. Sure, I know there are people who have “historical proof” that the Bible is the truth, but there are other truths, and some of them come from the mysteries of life itself, are found no where in any religious book, and are the same for all of us.  When it is that we are believing in anything at all, it is not up to someone else to tell us that since it is that they cannot find what backs anyone else’s truth, much as they can run to that big giant formidable looking book for their truth, that whatever it is that anyone else believes as the truth, no matter what, is a lie, because “it is not the gospel truth.”

And you know what? It doesn’t HAVE TO BE the “gospel truth,” because what no one is willing to think about  when they are in your face and yelling at you about how you will go to hell if you breathe wrong, is the idea that it was Spirit (they call Her “God almighty”) who reached down from whatever it is that they deem as being “Heaven,” sat right there with the prophets and the scholars and every one else at that time, and literally wrote the Bible. Yet, when you tell these same people that there are texts which are older, you are met with angry words, hatred, and everything else that these same types will preach about to anyone else ….wrong answer, guys…seriously.

We fight with others about what our opinion is because to us, our opinion is the truth…and our truth is the very truth, but only for us

Again, I will repeat it – the reason that people fight with others over things that are largely based on opinion is because it is what we have believed for so long, and how foolish would we feel if someone else’s truth was actually the historically proven truth versus a buncha guys on PBS telling us that what they are looking at IS the truth!

This is the reason that I tell you all that opinions are EGO BASED. We are so busy trying to prove our opinion is better than anyone else’s, and we are not willing to see it as anything OTHER than the damned truth, even if it is a little outlandish to think about. We do not like our comfort about anything to be anything other than what it was when it was presented to us by well meaning, yet as clueless, other believers, usually the adults in our lives. What it was when it was presented to me was nothing short of terrifying.

To be a child and to “know things before” they were revealed to me freaked me out, scared the hell out of me and made me wonder why God…at least the God that I was raised to fear…would make me be alive if all he wanted to do was allow people to be harsh with me, to cruely tell me that if I didn’t stop giving the truths as my tiny little child brain got them, to make me think that somehow I was to be the example of what to hope to never be when you want God to Love you, that I would end up burning for the rest of eternity in a hell that some pastor had handed down to him through the ages.

Yet this is what it was like for me.

My opinion now, though, is that I don’t have to fear that ugly God who wants to teach me a lesson in being a bad, bad girl. I no longer have the ability to judge a person based on how many times a day they end up on their knees, simultaneously fearing a God who they worship, all in the name of not having to deal with the ‘what if’ part of the nature of that particular way of believing in anything outside of ourselves.

What we perceive as the truth will be our truth, but it might not be someone else’s. The opinion that we form based on that perception is the part that we have the free will to either go with or go further into examination with so as to have a better and more factual opinion about. Either way, whatever it is that you do and happens for you is yours alone, and just as much as people have the right to believe what they judge as the truth for them, they also have the right to take anyone else’s opinion as agreeable or disagreeable, and we do not have the right to judge them for being able to make that choice. 

Never forget that perspective is NOT opinion. 

One is truth, and the other is truth that is ours alone…




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