What You Wish For (Ain’t always what you want)

It is wise to evaluate the reason behind why it is that we want what we want

I could not think of another blog to write today that would be appropriate to the time of year that it is. While the weather outside here in sunny and wonderful Southern California is anything but frightful, there are other things that are as frightful as anything could possibly be, and one of those things is the impending nature of anything that we wish for, want for, desire.

Let’s think about those three words for a moment, shall we? Let’s think about how each of those words makes us feel and you will be able, too, to see, sort of, how we end up disappointed by the outcome. Mind you, the outcome is not something that is not already in manifest at the time that we have the thought energy about a thing that we want in our lives. The moment that we think about what it is that we want is when the magic, or the havoc, starts.

When we are wishful for something, we are neutral, really, in our energetic response. Wishing, as we know, from the time that we are children even, is the catalyst for manifesting what we want to see, have or experience. I like to tell a short little story about a little boy who wished for a particular toy and got it, but it took belief on his part. It took belief, through wishing, that he was worthy of that toy, and belief that he would have the toy, and belief that nothing will stop him, not even his mom telling him “no.” And ultimately, he ends up with that toy. This is the clay, the wishing part, so to speak, from where the toy is manifested.

To want something lends an energy of desperation to your wishing. Wanting something creates the energy that is filled with being needy, with doubt, and with the idea that is disbelief that we will ever have that one thing. It can work another way, too, when we so dearly DO NOT want something, and we end up with more of what we do not want. The way that this happens, with the energy that is wanting anything at all, is that already in place are the energies that we are not good enough, or smart enough, or anything enough, to have what we want. We pine for it, feel like we cannot live without it, and while we might get what we want, by the time that we end up with it, that which we so dearly wanted seems not to have all the magic that we thought it would. This happens because our focus is not on the acquisition of that which we desire, but instead is where it should not be – our avoiding what we think we have to avoid (or put more energy toward avoidance of the outcome we do not want) and the thought that if we think about NOT having all the things that we do not want, instead of putting focus and energy on what we DO want is why we end up with what we would rather not have. It is because your focus is on everything but the actual thing that you really are desirous of. 

When we are desirous of a thing or situation is when the real fun begins, and I say this because of the difference in energy between want and desire. Even looking at those two words, one can feel a very distinct difference in the bodily energy that happens for us. Seriously…think about those two words, want and desire. When you say that you want something, there is automatically the energy of trying to get what you want, no matter what, and at that point, we are competing with something within us that tells us all the time that somehow we are not worthy of the things that we want. Yet, when we are desirous of something we can feel the energy being much lighter, as if there is something happening that we cannot explain but we know is most assuredly real and feels sort of like hopefulness. The energy of desire is also neutral, like that of wishing for something. It is one that allows us to create the thoughts that make us believe that it is possible that we can have what it is that we want. Between the two energies, desiring something versus wishing for it is the stronger, more positive vibration between the two.

Be careful what you wish for, because it won’t be the same thing as what you desire, and neither will the outcome be

Here is where it gets tricky. Even though, out of our mouths, we say that we wish for things, if we think about the words that follow “I wish…”, you would find that those words are FILLED with negative emotional energy, because every single one of us wishes that things could be different. Yet, while wishing for things is better than wanting things, it is not as positive a vibration as is being desirous. Being careful with our thoughts is important. There is a reason why it is that there are a lot of unhappy marriages, and it is because those within it are either wishing they were not in it, or wishing their marriage was better. If these couples would learn to understand the power behind words (and that is only to begin with) they would also know why it is that they have issues that make them wishful for things that they really do not want. They wish for the madness to end, but in reality, they need to be desirous of peace and the unconditional nature that should be love between people.

There is a reason why so many very materially successful people are not happy, and it is because they employ the “I wish” thing to everything in their lives that is non-material and those “wishes” sound like “I wish I had a hot girlfriend/boyfriend,” and “I wish I had a European sports car.”  And hell yes, they end up with EXACTLY these things but these things, no matter what, do not make them happy because they WISHED for nonspecific things and GOT nonspecific things. Make sense?

There is also a reason why there are people who seem to have so very little things materially, but also seem to be insanely happy with their lives because everything in their lives they desired and ended up with having. It took little more than them being very clear about what it was or is that they need at a constant, were amazingly thoughtful in their creation of the thought of those things, and never did they tell themselves, in any manner, that they were somehow not good enough for what they desired.

They kept at what it was that they wanted, not thinking or dwelling on it for too long so as to take away the power of the pureness of their own intentions, and one day their list of desired things and situations became real. It is because once it is that we set ourselves and our minds on a clear path and can see where it is, with our mind’s eyes, that we might need improvement, that we might need to have more belief in our own desires, or perhaps it was that we only thought it one time and released it to the Goddess…no matter what, those who have desired their lives into being what they are now are who have this science well learned. 

The idea that we can have it all depends on what “it all” is to anyone

One more thing before I close this post out and send it out into the world and that is very important is that different people will have a different version of what it means to “have it all.” Some people might find what it is that is their own “all” in charitable outreach, and others find their “all” in creating beautiful treats for their loved ones while also creating fabulous healthy food for elderly shut-ins, and yet, another, to be able to educate the world about how violence in our homes leads to the violence in our communities. These people did not wish – they desired to see to it that who they are affects the world in a positive way, and who they are shines through the way that they see to their manifested desire that was not only meant for themselves, but also for the world at large. 

Having it all does not mean that we literally have it all, and this is coming from a former spoiled princess of a Kahu who should have known better than to try to make it known that I had it all. We can wish to have all the material goodies that we think we want and wish for, but unless our desire of that one thing is real and positive and able to do things not only for ourselves but also for the world we live in, that which we end up with will require that we acquire more and more of what we think we need but that we don’t need.

Having it all means that we are secure in who we are, and that what we have already is only a stepping stone to the greater things that we desire, from the soul, out.

So now you know why it is that sometimes, we really need to be careful of what we wish for…we might get it, and it might not be what we need or want and desire…





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2 responses to “What You Wish For (Ain’t always what you want)

  • julienmatei

    It´s very tricky:

    “To want” usually pushes away the thing which is wanted.

    The essential question is this:

    WHY do we want anything after all?

    • ReverendRoxie22

      Yes…to want is not the same as to desire. Even looking at those two words, knowing that to an extent they mean exactly the same thing, we know that the energy is different. When we want something it takes a bit longer to get our thoughts around the reason why because we are focused , most of the time, negatively on whatever it is that we can call our heart’s desires.

      Desiring something to be part of our awareness is very different. We can create scenarios in our heads from an energy of desire, but most of the time, when we want something, our general mode of operation is to see what we can do to avoid not having what we want. Already when we do that, we are in the energy of avoidance.

      I know we cannot monitor our thoughts all the time, but when it comes to the creation of our lives, thought is a good thing!

      Thanks for reading!! ALOHA ! ROX

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