Slippin’ through like water

The vice-like grip we have on some things still lets things seep through like water….and hell yes it is meant to be this way!

It is not easy to let go, of anything, of anyone, at all. I know this. I am going through this right now, on many levels and with more than only one person. I have a problem with saying goodbye, not realizing that the “goodbye” does not have to be permanent and holding on might be what is causing some things just not to become what they are meant to become. In some cases, the thing that needs to be slipping through like water are the very things that we hang on to, as though those things are not meant to change.

Everything, folks, no matter what anyone thinks, is meant and is subject to change, at all times.

Deal with it. If I can, so can you.

The Human Soul is ALWAYS meant (and even ready) for change…

…but the human ego fears change like most people fear the ugliness behind the truth. There is nothing wrong with change, nothing wrong with allowing things to be what they are meant to be. The thing about change, though, is that while we are changing, the people in our network and our soul family are also changing. This is the part that, if you are like I am (feeling like I am in need of some support from time to time and not from the regular ones who do it often…yeah…I’m picky like that so sue me) is the very most difficult in that sometimes, humans do not want to allow other people to grow, even though, for the most part, we know, inherently, that we cannot stop someone else from growing. They are going to grow, no matter what.

In fact, they are going to grow, and sometimes when they grow, they have to grow away from the light that we are and shrink into the darkness which is the womb of creation, so that they can, eventually, meet back with the light and learn that in the darkness is where the light was created, because it is the void of the darkness and not only the energy that is creation which brings about our growth.

Like water through a sieve, so, too, is the remarkable nature of growth in the Soul

Thinking in terms that are the sieve through which water can flow effortlessly, think also in regards to the idea that water only flows where there is an incline, and water goes where the strongest current is even as it is what creates, with the help of the other elements,  that very current. If you can imagine water being poured into a container, and the container keeps getting more and more water poured into it, it will not be long before the water overflows. While this is a beautiful thought in terms of manifesting our abundance, it is not the thing that is needed for change because the manifesting of dreams IS the water.

Yes, it is confusing, I know, but think about when the snows melt, and the spring comes, and the river animals begin to damn the water, and there becomes a back up that sometimes overflows to the land creating havoc. This is the same principle of energy and growth. When we think about growing plants, we can visualize the seed germinating, and the sprout breaking through the soil so that the seedling can reach for the beneficial sun.

In that same manner, when we are not able to let go, and let others grow, we are not doing the seedling any good at all, because even while it is that beneath the soil, in the darkness of germination, those things are still happening, and then along comes the farmer to put a saucer over the plant which is germinating beneath the crust of the soil. We cannot measure someone else’s growth in accordance to our own.  Some of us grow toward the light, and others of us are scared of the light because all we have ever thought we could thrive in is the warmth and moisture provided by the darkness that is the soil in which the seed is planted.

When it is that we allow others to be who they are, and we are supportive of that growth and when we are able to let things go…even being mad is a form of letting things go because in that anger we are given light as to why it is that we are so upset, and in my case at this point is that I am freaking out, not over the manifestation of a thing, but more over the absoluteness of power that I realize I have. (You also have this power…if you want to know how to use it – book me for a session by filling out the contact form !)

My point is that, and bear with me please, because there are likely more than only one of you scratching your heads and saying out loud to yourself “Wait a minute! I thought she was all jacked up because I didn’t do (insert uncool thing here),” there are a lot of reasons why people tell us what they will, whether they are angry with us or not, and that it is through their anger and our own misunderstanding of a situation, even as they totally understand ours, that offers the growth needed by those who would choose to remain clueless.

At the time, I am smarting from all of the things that have happened just in these last few weeks alone, and more, from the things that I thought I could count on and took for granted that they might be. But they aren’t, and I have to deal with it alone…which for me, means that it is growing season.

I am water…I can take on that sieve anytime I want, and the outcome will not ever be different, because I flow like that, much like water will…no matter what.

Allow yourself to flow, and to think that those who are not that happy with us at the moment have suddenly given us something else to learn.

‘Auhea Wale ana ‘oe…PAY ATTENTION !! The water that you are trying to hold back might very well be the water that clears away the debris of yesterday.







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5 responses to “Slippin’ through like water

  • TBS

    Sweet stuff! Thanks, Rox.

  • Casey

    Roxanne –

    1) I love the metaphors. It feels good here, in your blog. I appreciate your directness and humor. It makes me smile.

    2. I am struggling right there with you, right now. There’s been a few someones I have had to release my grip on in the past few weeks. I do know I’m not really letting those persons GO…I’m letting those persons BE. To let them grow…or not…and also, more importantly so I can grow, too.

    3) I am growing through this process, slowly, sometimes painfully. It’s good medicine, though. Ego hates what’s good for the self though.

    4) I was going to share this with a friend of mine, but I know he’s already seen it.

    5) I really, really like that you end your posts “I LOVE YOU ALL !” That feels good on this side of the screen. Thanks much for that.



    • ReverendRoxie22


      Too often, because of the way that the collective whole of us has been trained by parents who were also taught the same things that we were taught (think about it), more of us than not have an issue with letting things and people evolve. NOTHING in the universe is SO static that it cannot change – even things that seem not to be able to change CAN be (think about a giant rock that people say cannot be moved…then along comes a dude on a bulldozer…EVERYTHING can change)

      We are dearly affected by change, and the bigger the thing within us that needs to grow, the more painful the change will be, and it is due NOT to the idea that we are personally immovable but that our Ego tends to want to believe so badly that things can just stay crusty and old, never change and grow…sorta like a person who will wear the same dirty sweatpants for a week because they are comfy. While it might be very nice to be comfy, it is not so nice to be both…icky smelling…while comfy, because unlike our ability to feel personally the comfort that is a pair of old, worn in sweats cannot affect more than our sight for a moment, it is the smell of a week’s worth of ass in those sweats that is not that comfy!

      If we liken our lives to that comfort factor drawn by those very sweats you are now visualizing (hey…I am a sinner in the church of icky sweatpants…motherhood can be a bitch when they are teeny tiny guys lol)and can weigh what is more important – being comfortable no matter who sees that we should at least bathe, or not caring one way or another, not about other people saying that we should at least wash the stink out of the sweats, but that we would actually not care that they would have something to say that would hurt us (and likely make us say something equally as douchey in return…)and that we would give anyone a reason to point out our sins – especially the ones we know about and remain static about because we are comfy.

      Comfy is good, but comfy and clean is way better!!

      Thanks for reading !!

      And hell yes…’tis the very truth within me…

      I dearly Love you all !!

      • Casey

        “Too often, because of the way that the collective whole of us has been trained by parents who were also taught the same things that we were taught (think about it), more of us than not have an issue with letting things and people evolve.”

        Very much…that!

        “it is due NOT to the idea that we are personally immovable but that our Ego tends to want to believe so badly that things can just stay crusty and old, never change and grow”

        And THAT!

        I’d rather have the comfy + clean if I had to wear sweatpants at all (I recently discovered yoga pants and they are even more comfy!).

        Thanks so much for the love.

        I love you too!


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