Eventually the bubble DOES burst

It is a false sense of security that creates the ugliness that we don’t want to see.

When I first started out my day I was met, by my own energy even, by the remnants of what can only be called the fruition of bullshit caused by the false sense of security which is brought about by trying to hide the truth. I work with a whole lot of people, and the one thing that I see in them all is this sense within them, even the very evolved students, that tells them that they have to hide their activities, their likes and dislikes, their everything so that they do not have to suffer what they might think as being the injustice of someone else’s judgment.

I am the first one who will say that when it comes to judging other people, it is best not to, for the simple truth that no one alive likes being judged, at all, but we all do it – each and every one of us does it. It takes practice to learn not to. This I know from experiencing learning not to be judgmental. There is another side of being judgmental, the side that tells us that we need to be as nice as we can be about anything at all, especially and including when it comes to our friends and the people about whom we care the very most. We have what I refer to as being “mama eyes,” meaning that until we are ready to face the disappointment brought with judging people as being a lot better than they really are, we will always and only see what we want to see, and sometimes what we want to see, we want to see it so badly that the shininess from our own thought about a person will be what blinds us to the truth.

The truth of things is that there are a lot of people right now who think they are getting away with something, and maybe that is how a lot of people have been for a long, long time, and even I know that it is not that easy to change our own dirty ways, namely when it is for the best, not only for us, but for everyone in our lives. My biggest thing right now is that if we are meant to do one thing, with one set of people, then it is that one thing that will get done, and there is no way to manipulate the energies otherwise. Whatever is meant to happen is going to happen and there is not a damned thing that anyone can say or do about it otherwise. At the moment, I am starting to see a few of my people in a pit that they cannot get out of, and for the life of them it is almost as though they all had this certain set of outcomes that they knew would happen, but not any one person on the face of the planet can tell the future and be absolutely as accurate as they say they are. I know that I am not, as well, I also know that there are a lot of people who do not trust what it is that they know is their truth.

Once we can each trust our selves, we can then go forward and trust others, but until then, what we end up doing is we end up building an impossible set of expectations that only we can see, and in that set of expectations we can only see what we want there for our very selves, without anyone else in  mind, and that is wrong – Wrong, wrong, wrong! It is wrong because when we have those expectations the only person we have in mind at that time is ourselves.  While it is time that we ALL started venturing into the self-care part of life and living, it is NOT time to make it so that other people suffer because of our selfish ways.

Please, do not get me wrong and more than that, do not get all ass hurt over the things that I write here that you can see yourself as being part of. I am included in all of these things that I write about, and while it is that I know there are some of you reading this who do not look past your god damned selves when someone else is talking to you, the fact of the matter is that if you are reading this and CAN see you in it, and you DO feel like I am pointing you out, that is not a ‘me’ thing – that is a ‘you thing’ and I really have nothing to do with it. What you are experiencing is your ego telling you that you have to feel like an ass.  And in that manner, your ego is doing its job, but the problem is that the ego is a shameless little parasite who likes to have all the attention, all the glory, all the accolades, all the respect, all the hurt, all the pain, all of it, no matter what it is, and THAT is why the bubble of pretend safety bursts.

The Bubble of Pretend Safety

Ever noticed how when someone’s ego is SO bloated, that the ONLY person they see in their sphere of awareness is themselves, even though they say what they will about other people and how they want to protect them? And too…Notice how when you need their input, or hell, even their GOOD energy, they are no where to be found? Whether people, anyone, really, understands that this is when the bubble bursts, when we are at our lowest point and it seems like the people for whom we did much, suddenly, for one reason or another, somehow are just POOF – gone, and it is not that you cannot get in touch with them, but that they have taken it upon themselves to keep you right where they need you.

Right there, in the proverbial medicine chest of the soul, between the last apology you were given and the next time you have to be strong on their behalf, like aspirin for a person with a hangover. I say it a whole lot, the idea that as a healer, I am not anyone’s personal aspirin bottle, not anyone’s soul-pain reliever. To think that a person who is like me is somehow okay with being treated like this, and all over what?

Yeah, good question and one that I really haven’t any answer to because at the moment I am stuck between a place where I belong, and a place where the people who I care about the most on this planet are, and the twain do not meet. This is not to say that I want to call them out, even though that is what this might appear as. In fact, the truth is that I want people to realize that there are ways to do what it is that they NEED to do without hurting other people. That is the problem with the entirety of mankind – we all believe that somehow, when someone does not hurt, someone else has to hurt. While that may be somewhat truthful, it really doesn’t need to be this way.

It is called being honest with people, number one, and number two, it is called having the balls to be able to deal with disappointing people when it comes down to it and to do so without being demeaning toward them. This is the challenging part of it, the not demeaning them, because all of us has that parenting ability that tells us that we have to attack someone else when they are not doing what we think they should be doing, when in reality, attack is not what is needed. Love is what is needed because contained in that measure of Love is also the needed devices for healing.

The bubble bursts when the actual truth is found out. The actual truth is the thing that we all want to hide from someone else because we are afraid to hurt them. The actual truth about me, about a lot of people who know me and I, them, is that we want NO ONE to hurt and we want all of what they want that is good for them and their lives to be the thing that happens. When we are willing to be more able to see past what we want, and we are not scared of the truth and are willing to look at it head on in the face and see it for what it and we really are, this is when the healing starts.

It’s like the idea that we don’t need to be hostile to anyone else, and we are because it feels good, but only feels good to us. It’s like the idea that we want to love one other person, but we have said so many hurtful things to certain others, things that we know we would have to account for, and we are not trusting that other person who we confided in enough to believe that what we have been told is private and meant only for our ears.  This is what being judged for so long does to people – it makes them mistrustful of others, even those who we are supposed to trust and know that we can. When too many things happen at one time, and we are in the middle of it all is when what happens between everything and everyone else becomes something other than what it is supposed to become.

If we could just let go of our fear of hurting people at the onset of anything, we would find out that we have the capacity to hurt others, even unwillingly, and that if we have hurt a lot of people in that same manner that maybe the issue is not everyone else, but ourselves. We have to be smarter than the last stupid thing we did, all of us, and this is not only for those reading this but also for the author.  Eventually the bubble that we kept ourselves safe and secure in, bursts, because of the weight of the bullshit that is trying hard to not get out of that bubble. We would sooner wrap ourselves in the cloak of hiding things than to see the light of day as it comes screaming through at us through the cracks in the blinds.

Eventually, the things that we tried to hide, more from ourselves than from the rest of the world, come out and does so with a vengeance. We want to believe that we are clever enough to keep people from breaking through what is the thing that kept us safe, or that we thought kept us safe, but the truth is that we are no safer inside of that bubble than we are outside of it. When the bullshit gets to be too heavy is when we begin to notice within ourselves that we have to change something about us, that the rest of the world cannot be shut out as much as we want it to be, and that indeed, the ones who were there for us when we needed them the most might actually need us, more than we want to believe, and we are, at that moment, realizing that no, we are not able to help them because we are still so afraid of being helped, ourselves.

Needing to be helped does not mean you are weak, and asking for that help means that you are not as stupid as you have been told you are. It means that you had the brains enough in your head to realize that it is only a bubble, and if the bubble doesn’t burst, as it get more altitude, it simply loses momentum.

Then it comes floating down to earth, flat and useless, like it is when it is not flat…it is still useless when thinking in terms of hiding the bullshit.

Stop shielding your truth from the rest of the world, because you don’t know who you are hiding your truth from, and more than that, you don’t realize that the one person who you are hiding your truth from is yourself.

…yet still…




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