It is not possible to know it all

No one “knows it all”…

Arrogance. It comes with the territory of knowing a whole lot about one or more things. I know this animal, because every so often, I have the ability to become this animal, and while it is not an ugly thing to see, it is also and equally not a comfortable energy to wear. But it is this way, at least with me, because of the things that I have been through from the time that I was a kid. When someone is told again and again, not only that they do not know it all, but also that that which they do know is not as good as what another Know it All sumbitch knows, a person tends to feel as though they have to defend themselves. I have always felt like I have had to defend myself, and for the reason only of being told, always, that no matter what, my brand of intelligence is not the normal or accepted sort, so I might as well just knock my shit off.

Ummm…NO…and HELL NO! I think my writing today is totally about not my telling people that they are okay in the eyes of the goddess, but more that I am chastising the know it alls, the bullies of the wannabe intellectual sort, and the people who seem to think that they know much better than everyone else does. Yeah…I am talking to you who thinks that your college degree somehow trumps anyone else’s experiences, and you, the one who has been “expert” in your field of employ, and anyone else who has had the damned nerve to tell anyone else that what they know is good, but does not equate to what you know.

Knock your shit off. When you tell people that you are better than they are, all you are really doing is asking for permission to be that good, and no one who is good at anything needs permission to do what they are meant to do.  In reality, what it is that you are doing is allowing your ego to do your bidding for you, and we all already know what the ego’s big deal about things is, and really, you need to simmah down now, because you are not impressive at all. If you believed half the things that you spout about knowing, and you were really that much of a good person to ask certain things of, you would not need to go about the world telling people that you are good and that you really know what you are talking about because who you are would be enough of a testament to the fact. 

While it might seem more that I am spouting off about things that irritate me, it is more that I am trying to let people know that when we are telling other people how good we are at anything, that is when the proof must be had, and this is not my doing, the idea that you said it, and now you will be compelled to prove it. If you can prove it and whatever it is that you are proving will be good enough, or at least will live up to the words that you have loaned your energy to, there will be no need for you to further prove it. Whatever it is that you are trying to prove will speak for itself. 


The very idea that anyone thinks that they know better or more than anyone else is what I am talking about. Folks, I say it a lot – you are here for a Divine Purpose, and in that Divine Purpose is everything that you need to carry out your mission in this lifetime. There is no need for any one of us to shoot our mouths off about anything, and there really is no need to try to compete with people about what they know versus what you know. When we believe that we know better than someone else, and we are not sure that we know what we are talking about, it steals peoples’ energies and also depletes us of ours. When you need to tell people that you are great at the thing that they know they are also great at (and that they don’t need to tell anyone else that they are great at) it creates an energy of competition, making it harder for that person to trust that you are being sincere in the words that you tell them that sound like you are concerned but in reality the only thing that you are concerned about is your damned pride.

Did no one tell any person who is reading this and whose blood might be boiling at the thought that I, this stranger, this healer, this mom would have the very nerve to tell you all, all those who seem to believe that they know better than everyone else, that to try to take away the spotlight from someone else denotes that your ego is who is in the lead, and hell yes this also and especially pertains to people who work in the same industry as I do. Healers in general have to prove that we are able to do what we say we can, and it is not easy to do. Yet, we do, one soul at a time. It is the ones who seem to think that they know better about every possible way that a person can be healed and who have little regard for the idea that there is enough greatness to go around.

It is not now, nor ever will it be, possible to “Know it all.”

It is not possible for any one human being to know what all there is to know. If that were the case, there would be no need for schools, no need for churches and temples, no need for on the job training, no need for a lot, including other people to have grand experiences with. This is the madness that we have all fallen willing victim to, the idea that we need to know better than someone else about anything at all. Why is it so important that we know more than someone else? Who told anyone at all that in order to be anything or anyone of value or of credence that we have a certain line which must never be crossed in terms of shattering someone else’s waning sense of self?

There are a whole lot of us who feel that in order to rate in the eyes of others, even as a human type being, we have to at least know the bare minimum of whatever “it all” is. This is something that all people go through, contending with others whose own sense of self was shattered a long time ago, and who, throughout the years, actually did what they needed to in order to know what they needed to know so that they would be able to have a decent life. Unfortunately, these are also the people who, without proper training or healing of the soul go on in life with their arrogance worn loud and proud, as much as a very flamboyant gay man in a West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade would (and should…the gay guy, that is.)

People who have spent their lives being challenged to prove that they are good at anything other than breathing have a chip on their shoulders. I have one, and I know I have one, and it is because no matter how good I knew I was at anything at all, someone in my life always knew someone who was better at it, by virtue of a college degree or a self-published title or just because they really didn’t care to see what I was able to do, as they had been, for a long while, pumping up the self-confidence of someone else while allowing mine, as a child, to wane. And wane, it did.

It took me a whole lot of time to practice what it was that I preached, and did not preach, and it took me longer than most to realize that while there are others on the planet who are good at the same things that I am, it does not mean that I am somehow not as good as someone else is, and really, it doesn’t matter and it never mattered. It was, for real, someone else who just really needed someone to take sides with them. I would not take sides, and to this day, because of that energy that these people brought to me for many years, I will  still not take sides, and if I do, I am the only one who knows that I have.

It is time to get a clue about yourself, if it applies and it seems to make sense to you that anyone would have the very nerve to come right out and say it, as though there were nothing other about anyone else than that we are tend to think we know the answers, all tend to believe that when it comes to certain things and certain ways of being, that we know more or better than most do. This cannot apply to everything, and there are always going to be things that we each know a lot more about than many others do and vice versa.

Yet it still does not mean that we know it all.  It means that we know what we know, and others know what they know, and together, we know it all.

Singularly, however, we have no clue just how much it really is that we truly do NOT know.




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