A Message from Spirit – Dec 6, 2013

We are being called to action for our very selves…

Please, be advised, that Spirit does not give us her messages always in that same …airy-fairy energy that most of us are used to. When She talks through me, her message is real and has teeth and claws and is liable to make you squirm uncomfortably because you can see yourselves in the truths that She is giving to us through me. This is one of those messages that tells us all that we are on the right track but that there are some things that need dearly to no longer be because if they remain as they are there will be people who will find themselves stuck again, blaming everyone else when really, it is no one’s fault but your own. Yep…Spirit…she always chooses the right vehicle through which Her messages will come to the world, and this time, she is using me and is using me at such a time that I am at my snarkiest, bitchiest, Lunar Taurean with a Shark in place of the Sun in the 8th house Pisces.

It is not “get ready for hell,” but more like “What the fuck have you been doing with all this time you have had to make the changes you KNOW need to be made?” and it is not directed at one person, but to the all of us.

From time to time, I will receive what my twin fish, Dannie, and my favorite lunar Scorpion, April, and I call “receipts.” Lately these “receipts” have been the sort that make it so that we HAVE TO look at what it is that is in front of us and literally either get rid of what does not fit in our lives anymore, or ponder the reason that those things and people are still there.

You will notice lately that in your own life there are a lot of things and people who seem NOT to fit in anymore, and if they fit in, it is because the lesson that they are supposed to bring to you, they have brought it, but you have ignored it. Here it is, again, in your face and for you to see clearly and with an absoluteness that you need to pull your head out of your okole already and deal with what you have there in front of you LONG BEFORE YOU VENTURE OUT INTO THE WORLD TO FIND MORE SHIT TO GET INTO.

There is not a lot that I can say about the chosen cluelessness of people, and neither a lot that can be said for the current common energy that is people having their cake and wanting to eat it, too. For those of us who have gone through the crap, have looked head on into the headlights of proverbial oncoming traffic of the ethereal sort, the message is loud, even as it is not clear, that now is the time that we ALL need to clean up our internal messes.

Right now we need to take the time to think about what it is that we want in our lives, who we want in our lives, where it is that we need to take our lives and simply and only go with it. And we might as well do it now, when all of these supportive energies are present and available to us because right now, if you have not even bothered to think about it, right now is THAT TIME. It is now time to STOP thinking about what you KNOW you need to do and finally DO IT. Right now you need to STOP being such a pansy and STOP trying hard to make things nice for everyone and simply make them nice for you, even if it is short lived, because the energy that is provided by that one action will be enough to help you out when you need it again. This is not my rule, and really, this is not my message.  This is a message that has been long in the transmission to you by Spirit and through me. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does, it is not something to turn a blind eye or closed mind to. Read on…

I am not who is telling anyone what they have to do, but merely am only the messenger. You can be okole sore all you want by these words, but it will not change them and surely it will not change the energy of the message behind it which merely and truly says that you and I and the very all of us took the time to prep for the things that we want in our lives, and here they are, and we are scared as hell to take part in the work involved because we know that the work involved will most assuredly excuse certain others from our lives. While it sucks that it has to be that way, it does not mean that it will be forever. It means that we have to take the time to extract our cranial area from our rectums, look at the light of day, stop trying to hide in the dark and warm stink of yesterday and realize that we have only ourselves to think about at this time.

There is nothing that we have not already done in terms of trying to do right by others, and if we are more concerned with their welfare over ours, then that means that what we are doing is what we have always been doing. What we have always been doing is not the wrong thing, but it is something that we need to consider doing for our very selves. If we cannot do for ourselves what we expect other people to do for themselves, our credence as people who truly care will be tarnished. The only reason that anyone continues to entertain thinking of maddening things is because our ego tells us that in order for others to be okay, we have to sacrifice.

No we don’t. In fact, we have sacrificed far too long already, and at the moment what we are all needing to do is too scary for us, because it only involves and includes us. The thing that we need to do is to finally see ourselves in the whole of our own lives – not the people who we want there, not the situations, not the anything or the anyone else but us. If we are not ready to Love us, then no one else will be either. If we are not strong enough to tell people that you need to be able to help you now, you will never be strong enough to. If you never bothered in the past with your own self and always and only put others in place of you, believing that what you are doing is somehow awesome and wonderful and pious, you can stop that shit now, because it is your turn.

It is not wonderful and pious to feel like you are drained, and it is not fun being the one who has to take on more than you should, even as that is what we have all been taught, for years and years. The time is now to start thinking not in terms of you being selfish, but you turning to self care. Self care is not something that should be taken lightly, and it is never something that we can get too much of. If we do not take care of ourselves, how we can take care of anyone else is beyond my scope of thought. We can do it, take care of others, but it will be at our own personal deficit.

If you find yourself trippin’ because of something that is of the past, you can feel safe in letting it go, and if you feel unsafe still, it is wise to find out why.

You are who has the power, and you are who has the answers. We can only do so much for other people before we discover, much to our own chagrin, that while we were out and about in the world, doing things for other people that they are capable of doing for themselves, we neglected to see to our selves.

The time is now.

Take advantage of it.

No one is going to think you are an asshole because you do. And if they do, then you know that they have to be let go of so that they can also know what it is to know that we can each feel safe in the arms of the ever-present Mother Goddess


I Love You All


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