Between Us All

Energy does not lie, no matter what

I have written a lot about the energy that is between us, all of us, and right now, the energy is a grand, confusing mixture of sadness and confusion, coupled with the excitement that is the newness which we all know lay waiting for us in our collective future. And it is a big, giant pain in the okole. Sometimes the energy that is between us can frighten us, can make us recognize pains that we only think are ours, but in reality, what is happening when you feel this way is nothing short of awesomeness.

We are all conduits to the energies of other people, namely those who are the closest to us. Today alone I have had a heavy heart which has been filled with sadness, and lately, I am anything but sad. I might be angry, might contemplate going off on someone verbally, but sadness is not something that has really visited me in a little while. I know whose it is, and I know why, and for the life of me, I cannot stop that person’s energy from coming into mine. I have never been able to. There are not too many people whose energy is so much like mine and with whom I am so very close – close enough with them in a familial sense to where no matter where they are on this planet, I know what is happening in their lives based only on the things that I am feeling that I know are not my own.

I have been like this ever since I can recall. When I was a little girl it was a girl named Dora whose feelings I would know, and then the next day there would be a letter in the mailbox from her, and normally it was one of those letters that the very best of friends write to one another that tell in great detail why it is that they are so sad. She knew then what she knows now – I am a conduit for energy flowing to and from others. Then there are the few cousins with whom I share a sibling like bond and who, whenever they are in a pinch, whenever their hearts are breaking, whenever their lives start to go upside down on them, I know it. And like Dora’s letters, it would be through a text that my younger cousin tells me about how he is just feeling isolated and alone. There is the friend who, while in the middle of his own personal hell, and his, alongside two women named Dannie and April, energies are so much like my own that today I knew the feelings that I was feeling a lot earlier today did not belong to me.  I knew that they were and still are a mixture of all of theirs.

It was familiar, the energy was, and it was an overwhelming sadness and a sickening, roller-coaster like energy that is grotesque and eloquent that mingled with my own energies which were, themselves, not the kind that I like hanging onto. Were it not for the saving grace of very good teachers having taught me many months ago how to discern what I am feeling and more, if what I am feeling belongs to me, I would still be the wreck that I was, versus the healed person I am becoming.

I say it a lot – Energy does not lie, because it cannot lie

Energy cannot lie. It is the purest form of the truth. You are not hiding anything from anyone, ever. Not even those who can be counted as clueless dullards can believe that they do not sense things. We all sense things.  

Of course, even as energy cannot lie, this does not mean that the person whose energy is not lying will choose to go with that energy. This is the beauty mixed with the ugliness that is free will. I say it is mixed like this because on one end, the beauty can be that what we sense is correct, but the ugly part is that no matter how right we are about it, if there is someone else involved in the energy exchange, it is still their choice to not go along with what it is that you and whoever else it is knows as the truth.

Energy IS truth. It cannot be hidden for very long and always once it is that the energy is found to be stronger than the will to choose otherwise, whatever is to happen, even when we resist it as much as we can, is going to happen. It is our energy that we should be following, but instead we choose to go with what is the safest, and if we do not choose what is the safest, we choose what is the most familiar. Too many people choose the familiar energies because they have been there before and because they have been through whatever it is that they went through in that particular energy there is a sense of comfort, even if there is no sign of being comfortable.

Familiarity is comfortable

It is. It is more comfortable to our reptilian brains to go where we have gone in the past, and it is because we already know what to expect, and that, my friends, is boring. Of course, the things happening in choosing what we already know to expect is a different story. Those things might be violence, and some of us choose it because we know violence and there is comfort in knowing something, even if it is not something that is great. The comfort factor might come from a place where your own behavior is not the greatest…addictions, perversions, being anti-social on purpose….but as primal creatures we go toward where we have been because we know it, and in knowing anything at all there is a measure of comfort.

It is scary to think that we don’t know everything we need to know about a thing or a person, and we are scared to death to be right about someone when we love them, but this is what that thing between us called energy brings to us. It brings us the comfort of knowing something that we should not know but know. It brings us the edge we need to stay out of the way of things that could be exciting, but equally as dangerous. It brings us the clue that a lot of us just shun for the thing that is comfortable.

And that clue, really, it is priceless. 

The Priceless Nature of the Energies Between Us

I like that I share in an energy with the people who mean the very most to me, and hell yes, all of them know who they are. The energies between us make it so that we know what is going on with one another, even when we cannot be with one another as much as we would like. It makes it so that we are prompted, by one thing or another, by one another, and it is, in some ways, the only way that each of us knows how to reach out to each other without impinging on the things going on that we are each learning.

The Energies between us is what keeps us in line with one another. We are all going through a whole LOT right now. There is one thing in each of our lives that we are all each focused on, and I don’t wanna be an asshole, but I am gonna be, and tell you all and remind myself that, while we are focused on the right things, we are focused on the ugliness about those things, and that is why we each continue to be in the rut that we are, and feeling like this one thing is stuck…like welded together, stuck…but we are not scared of it. It seems like we are, but we are not. I am telling you all now that, really, if you could see things from my side, this is not yours….seriously.

Think about it. Think about it in terms of being an observer to what is happening in the lives of the people, not who we have known the longest, but who we have recently told all of our secrets to, and realize, too, now, that we are who found each other for a specific purpose. It is to share the energies between us.  And also, when I say that this is NOT yours, I mean that you are a part of something bigger going on in the lives of the people closest to you. It is not your weight to bear for them, but it is your energy that is needed so that they realize that they even have to learn that they HAVE the weight to bear, and that takes time and patience.

“Recently” ***

“Recently.”  This for me means within the last decade, if I have been in your life for any significant amount of time and we have been in one another’s company for better than a day, that we are that second set of people. Us, the “within the last ten years” set who have suddenly happened upon each other. You know who you are. And this is what the energy that has always been between us has been for. We are souls who are merely reconnecting, having a new experience with our reunited families of like energies, all collectively coming together to be with each other.

We are supposed to be with each other, and whatever it is in your head that I am to you in that thought and in your life, you are right…yes, indeed, that is who I am and who you think I am.  We are meant to be in the company of one another. The time is now, because we are all no longer stuck there, in last year, or even in last week or last night…that is the past. There is nothing that changes it. You can think about it, remember it, and talk about it, but unless you let it, through your energy and through the starvation that you have been going through in your soul, nothing can make it different.

The future is not yours, seriously. It is not left to fate. The future is there in your head, and there are not a lot of people who can see that picture in your head, but I can “sense” that picture in all of the collective head, and the all of us has one thing in mind, and that one thing is Love. We have found out what we never forgot, but just pushed it aside. We remembered who we were and that is why this hurts us so much. This change that is global hurts us all so much because we are wanting to live our truths, which are nothing at all like the truths which are more familiar, and sometimes, hella more fun.

We are collectively crying out to the Mother Goddess, to please, if we must continue to evolve out of the pain this fast by going through it, give us strength, and salve our pain, even if momentarily. Just as we collectively hurt (and we ARE collectively hurting right this moment….this moment is VERY heavy….) we will collectively heal.

We have what we need to get through this, because we have been refined by the fires of life.

What it takes is all of us…meaning, each other….

I Love You All !


(***a Divine Message…Blessed Be…)


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