Is this a case of injustice?

Culture Monk

is this injustice

by Kenneth Justice

~ A couple days ago at coffee the young woman sitting at my table struck up a conversation with me; turns out she works for a well known Hollywood A-List actor who owns a couple side-companies he created over the past decade. A mutual acquaintance of mine is good friends with this particular Actor and she gave me enough details for me tor realize she was telling the truth.

Yea, I became friends with him via my old job and one day he came in and asked me if I wanted to come and work for him” she said.

This young woman  has no college degree nor did she have any experience for the job the Actor hired her to perform……..but…..she is extremely attractive. Are you getting the picture?

It also turns out that her parents own a successful construction company and prior to taking the job with the Actor…

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