Energetically Speaking

If you are sick of the madness which ensues with the holiday shopping carnage, you are further ahead of the game than a lot of other people are. 

I am sure that there are not a lot of people who have the time to sit around all day, pondering why it is that humans behave in such a manner that tells the world that even as our words tell the world we live in that we are not worried about what people think of the gifts that we purchase for them, the energy behind it tells a better, more true story. What not a whole lot of people think about is the science behind the frenzied thinking. There are televised commercials which start back in October that show us the ideal of the holiday shopper.

Correct me if I am wrong, but for the most part we are shown shoppers who look like they have been through hell. Correct me if I am wrong, but we see more people looking a little haggard and worn out, and it is because these people have bought into the idea that is that we have to run ourselves ragged to make it appear that, for the most part, and no, this is not about everyone (I know that there are people who like the madness of the energy and that this, for them, is a positive thing, really…this is about everyone else…keep reading), that we are trying to best someone else, at everything. That is not what giving to others is about, at all.

Yes, I observe a whole lot about a whole lot, and in that observation, I notice a lot about the nature of human beings. There are some folks who actually like this madness. They like the energy that is spotting a deal and grabbing it and being elated because they did. These people are the ones who I am NOT talking about. It is the other set, the ones who think that they have to go into this shopping madness like a warrior, setting out on their days to find the perfect gift as though they were fighting an actual battle, not to be elated or to get the energy that they do from this activity, but more, and in some ways, do this crap with a vengeful spirit, behaving as though they have to fight with other people just so that they can give a best gift.

There are people like that on this planet. There are people who believe that they need to be the person who got the best thing for someone else. Why?

Why does anyone need to prove to someone else, through material means, that what they purchased is not only the symbol of their Love, but more, the fight they ensued just so that someone else would love that thing they found. Where is the Love for YOU at in all of this? Is it that important to YOU to fight with people to save a dime when what you are supposed to be doing is finding gifts with LOVE attached and not PRICE TAG?

Energetically Speaking

Here is the reason that this bothers me so very much – when we set out to fight, we also give off that fighting energy, and that fighting energy is also attached to that thing that you just HAD to purchase, HAD to get up at an ungodly hour the day after you spent loving people, so that you could spend your day with people who you would rather fight with….over a thing. This fight energy creates your energy field, and it is also the reason that today, which is known as “Black Friday” every year, is brought to us nestled in an energy that is about winning, not giving the perfect gift.

The perfect gift can be anything, so long as the love that we have for others is attached to it. You see, when you feel like you have to prove anything at all by fighting with others who you do not know over something that you think will raise your own energy because you fought over something with someone else’s little tiny grandmother, over something that, two weeks later from now, is STILL going to be the price it is that you would have found it anyway if you were NOT going to wake up and camp out in front of the mall.

Think about it for a minute, and compare, if you will, the person who actually LOVES the thrill of finding something perfect for their loved ones, versus the person who is hell bent on running over anyone at all just to save a few bucks on something that is NOT for their kid, NOT for their spouse, NOT for someone who brought them into this world, raised them, etc., and therein you will also have why it is that this particular holiday is rife with unbalanced energy.

The unbalanced energy comes from the idea and the thought in one’s head that anyone has to do or buy anything in the name of Love for someone else. You know exactly who these people are in your own life, the ones who will set up their shopping day like a defensive line coach will plan their method of attacking the other team. Think about all of the commercials that you have seen on television since the week prior to Halloween every year and you will see what I mean by the idea that we are not the only ones who think that we have to go through this to prove we love others.

Changing the energy

We are not supposed to have to prove Love, especially not when it comes to other people and their material expectations of us. This is not to say that I, myself, do not like to shop. That would be a lie for me to state so, because I am one of those people who loves to find a bargain, am one to turn someone else’s trash in to my own personalized treasures, am one who takes something plain and simple and turns it into something unique and one of a kind, and this was something that I did as a child, as well.  I have always LOVED to shop, that is, until the holiday season, when I have to think about what it is that these people to whom I give these gifts to Love as it is, and more, what it is that they would actually think in their heads when the time comes and I give them whatever it is that I intend to.

Because I have to be cautious with money and because I can sense the energies of what went into a thing in order for it to come into being, and more, because the people to whom I gift these items to are so very important to me anyway, I make it a point to really, dearly think about what it is that I would like to receive – is it the money spent on something for me that I am thinking about? Is it the energy injected into the thought? It helps to know who is for real in our lives, who is there and will be there, no matter what, and it helps to know who we Love, for real and who we would do just about anything for. The reason that this all helps is because when we are talking about creating something from almost nothing, the gift has to be one that speaks to the receiver’s soul on some level, has to tell them that it took the person who created this something a little time to create, on their behalf and with them in mind.

This is not something for everyone, I know, but it should give all you holiday spending warriors something to think about in regards to those people who are in line with you at that awful hour in the morning, and will shed light on their reality versus your reality. You bring with you your list of special people and they bring with them their entire army of people to stake out what they will in order to beat you to the punch. This is why people are divided on this day, every year, and it is right and with right energy that they are like you are in that you have no time to deal with people who are going to try to hurt you over a thing that, any other time of the year, would be something that they would take the time to shop for.

Please, do not take my musings as being much more than a simple observation over the years. I will not lie to you – I used to do the Black Friday thing, up until my second child was born, and it was at that time, after she came into my life, that I chose to NOT show her, my only daughter, that this is how we do things for other people. I did not want this child believing that in order for someone else to Love another in any way at all, that in order to prove that, we have to go through a bunch of crap to make it happen, and we have to sacrifice our own sanity for one day a year, and we have to get into fights with strangers and possibly be arrested for assault on those strangers, all over a trinket that would prove to people who should already know who they are in our lives, should already be well aware of who we are in theirs, and most of all, who do not need the proof that we love them that already should be there for them, if, indeed, it is that we truly DO love them as much as we tell anyone that we do.

I actually love the people who I gift things to, from the middle of my soul, and they know it, and they tell me, always, that I am Loved, that there is no need for my proof of a material gift. They tell me, as much as I tell them, how important they are in my life, how important they are to me, and no matter what, they know that if I could do more, I would do more, so long as it means that in order to do more, I do more peaceably and without the fight mentality.

This is the problem with us humans – we are all too eager to fight, and I am included in this because I am human and I get ass hurt and I get the idea in my head from time to time that I have to prove to people that when I say that I Love them, I mean it. It is not my fault nor under my control that they either know this and believe it or vice-versa. I am not who is in control of how people feel about themselves, and I am not in control of who believes what I have to say, and I am not in control of others, period. If they are going to love what I give to them or not is completely up to them. This is another thing that no one thinks about – the gift recipient also matters in the energy exchange. They matter because we hinge our very yuletide selves on their energy and the hope that we might be able to have some of it for ourselves.

And this is really what this time of year is about – NOT about the actuality of the gift, but the energy behind the gift. Who are you buying it for and why are you buying it and who of the two of you is going to get more from that gift – you or the person whose approval it is that you might be seeking out? Why is it so important that we go out and purchase a symbol of our Love when we can purchase the materials to create that symbol of our love and why is it so important that anyone at all involves themselves in the corporate game of chess that we do not want to hear is being played on us?

Why are we so more inclined to buy a piece of Love for someone else, in exchange for their energy, when in reality, we should, all year long, be studying and observing who they are and how they are? Why are we bothering to jump into the game where the big-box stores and their corporate greed-mongers are the ones who will score?

Why are we not more inclined to take the entire year, every year, to be in the energy that is the Love between Soul families, and why are we not paying attention to what someone else might need rather than what we think they want ? What is the deal with thinking that for a moment in time, either for them or for us, their smiling widely at a thing that can be exchanged versus a thing that was created from the year that passed and the year that you collected similar memories with and that is now commemorated by you, by Spirit and by the very Love within you?

Again, this is not to say that nothing can be purchased – I Love a good sale, but it is to state that it should not be a time when the energy created is that of a fighting energy, but rather and only, a loving one.

Once it is that the entirety of us can get past the materialism attached to Love that we are told and have been taught for generations is not but that which was created by people with already too much. The more that we are inclined to seek what it is that others seek from us, the more we will realize that it really IS the energy behind the thought of the gift rather than only the gift itself. There is value in the lessons that I have learned these last five years, after everything in the world that a spoiled princess of a girl named “Rox” went bye-bye, including and absolutely, her perception of the reality of giving a gift and who the intended recipient truly is. I found out that being broke brings out the best in others who are truly Loving and brings out the worst in those for whom it is the gift that they cannot purchase anymore that matters more than anything else does. This is the lesson that was given to my being a broke-dick these last five years, and it was the one that brought me back to who I am, for real, at least in part.

So please, people, stop beating the crap out of old ladies just to save a few bucks on something that needs to have the energy behind it that tells the person who receives it that they are worthy to you, at least 7.99 worthy…

I Love You All !



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