FRAYED: Light Workers Need to Rest right now

Being a Light Worker is a lot of work and requires a lot of energy. It can become draining when we do not know when to stop and take it back for ourselves.

I am the last person who is going to sit here and tell anyone else in this healing thing we do to stop and take a break for yourself, and it is because I am not one who cares much to stop and take breaks, and this is the thing, really, that has always crept up on me for a long time and has become a habit for me that I need to learn to break – the habit of believing that no one else can help my students other than me. This is the biggest lie that a lot of light workers believe is the truth, and that lie is that if we do not help everyone we come into contact with that we are somehow a bad person or somehow we are not worthy of our gifts.

I will not say that the Christian religion of today is what caused this belief in me, but I will say that the way that I was taught to be Christian while I was growing up was basically, in order to get into Heaven, you have to work yourself to completely drained state and that unless you do that, you have not done enough. It is a hard habit to break but I want each and every light worker who is reading this right now and who is also like what I have described here to know and believe that really, we are fooling ourselves if we think we are supposed to don an invisible cape that reads “Wonder Chick” and that we are, even when we are so very worn out, much like I am at present time, meant to take on one more “thing” that is essentially someone else’s.

We are not. We are not supposed to over-extend our own selves to the point where we are not only not able to help other people, but to the point, as well, that we are exhausted, NOT from people coming to us but from our taking on way too much. And yes, this is where I find myself right now and this is the reason why this is being written today.

Do not wait until you are frayed to take a break

I have been told, again and again, that I need to take time for me. Yet, that is something that I know that I have difficulty with and it is because I have guilt over things that cause me to think that “if only I had been there for this person and their problem, they might not have” gone through, happened upon, ended up with the thing or the people who they did end up with. It was not until a few days ago that I realized that I have simply overextended me, that I have given far more than I have accepted and received, that I am not as good at receiving as I am at giving and that most of all, I feel bad when I can’t help and I feel worse when I feel guilty for not having offered help.

Then, when I woke up today and thought about all the things that I am going through myself right now it hit me, hard, that it is now my turn for me to do my own healing because in my own life there is a man who is dying, three kids who need me, a set of parents who are not getting any younger, a family business that requires things being done, a pile of laundry that is not going to get into the washer by itself, and always, there are dishes to be washed, sheets to be changed….I think you are seeing what I am saying here. In all of my healing activities and teachings with my students, I have neglected the one thing that I teach the most – to take care of me and my self.

It is not wrong to take care of You

The biggest reason that I talk much about the Christian religion in regards to how I was raised in it is because by that religion I was taught a whole lot of things that really are not correct. The one thing that I was taught, because it was misinterpreted by me as a child, was that if we are to be Christic in our thoughts and actions and lives, then we have to do more than we are to Be. By this I mean that it is taught throughout the world, even now in some cases, that to give til you are drained is more pious than is to live by the soul and to love as big as you can, because in loving as big as we can we are already promoting healing.

It was my thought and then it became my way of being until recently that in order to receive love a person has to earn it, and that is just wrong. In order to receive love is through earning it is the way that I discerned, as a child, what God wanted me to do, which was to live as a pauper, take on the world, give all I have and not expect a damned thing in return, and guess what? I ain’t even got the proverbial pot to piss in, and my silly ass is trying hard to not do more for others than I have been willing to do for myself.

Be at least willing to do for yourself what you will do for anyone else, and believe, no matter what your mom’s big giant jealous mean God wants her to tell you is the truth, that to be good to one’s self is a form of Love but is NOT selfishness

I cannot believe that it took me this long to just NOT take on so much. I can take on enough just with my own life at present, and it will please people to know, too, that you can also all do this. Don’t take this as being my giving permission to anyone for anything because I do not have the right nor the power to make anyone do anything…as has been proved to me this last month alone. NO matter what it is that I have intended or taught and no matter how well intended I want to believe someone else is, anyone else, is, I have to remain true to me, too. In all of the activity that I have been engaged in with teaching and healing (and NOT making a mint doing it…I am not a high-priced guru…I’m a teacher and a healer…there IS a difference), while it is that I was taking pretty good care of my charges, I was doing a lousy job with me.

I thought about dropping all of them, but the thought vanished because that leaves open the circle that is the energetic answer to everything else. No, I can’t do that, but what I can do and have chosen to do is step away from everyone else’s crap and handle my own life in progress.

On Behalf of Exhausted and Spent Light Workers Worldwide

On behalf of the rest of the world of professional weirdos, I think it is time that someone spoke to the world to tell you all that we need a break. We need our students to please understand that we are tired, especially now in this time when everything in the world and in the lives of people everywhere, is, essentially, a big fat mess. Most of us want to help still, but all of us are tired and all of us are tired of repeating ourselves.  Most of us know that you need our energy, but we need our energy, too, and no, I am not talking to any one particular student, but to the whole world of people who want to lean on the energies of anyone else.

If you are in a bind that you think you cannot get out of, the problem is not that someone else won’t let go, but that you are not believing that they can let go on their own. The reason why it seems this way is because you are not believing it yourself. If you want them to let go, then you have to let go, too, and you have to do it for real and not just say it. You have to believe it. If you are constantly being lied to, and this is for light workers like myself who want to trust everyone but knows that we cannot, the only thing I am going to say is that the only reason to hang on to anyone at all is not because you want them to change but because you love them, with the knowing that they are not going to NOT be full of crap. You have to let them go and see to it that you – YOU are no longer lied to rather than trying to make a liar be honest.

Know now that you cannot now nor ever change someone else. If there is one thing that is maddening to any healer, it is the idea that any one of us can take away your pain. We cannot. I cannot stress this enough. The real job of a healer is to teach our charges how to deal with their maladies from the soul level and to follow the path that their souls lead them on in order to figure out, thus far, how it is that anybody gets to where they are right this moment. We cannot judge your future because that is up to you to create. The only thing that we can do for you is to observe and advise. While I am sure that there are people on this planet who can heal someone, I am not one of them who will be so bold to make such a claim. While I am very good at teaching others how to bring healing into their lives, only a fool would believe that I am powerful enough to make you or anyone else, whole again.

This is not to assume that there are not those on the planet with the magic touch, and neither to assume that there are not people who need just that. It is to state that there are a whole lot of us healers right now who are in need of rest, in need of a recharge, and there are so many people right now hurting that we, the healing populace, are beside ourselves with all of the things that we see and all of the things that we hear and all of the things that we know could be done if people would just realize that it is not me nor someone like me – a healer – who they need to depend on, but themselves and the things that we have taught them to do for themselves to the best of their ability thus far.

While I will not state that I do not see miraculous things that maybe not a whole lot of other people do, I will state that I have seen, recently, the magic that is people reaching out for healing, meaning that they have learned to believe in things outside of themselves.

Now all they have to do is put into practice what it is that they have learned and accept that they are as powerful as they want to think they are. There is never a time in any healer’s life that anyone of us should be feeling frayed or frazzled, but right now, more than only this Kahuna is feeling the strain of the weight of the private worlds of each of our charges. We need to believe our way out of this energy, we healers do, and we need our charges to know that we are not above them in terms of being human.

It is not a matter of thinking, folks, but believing that you are able and powerful.

I believe you are.

I Love You All!


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