“An’ harm Ye none, Do as Ye Will”

Too many people take it for granted that the things that we each do and think about anything will somehow not come back to bite us on the okole…hard…

“An Harm Ye None, Do as Ye Will.” Those are the last eight words in the Wiccan Rede. When someone practices what I practice, which is my own system made up of a mixture of Paganism, Wicca, Hawaiian Spirituality, and Native American Spiritual beliefs, the one thing that is common, not only among all of these energies, but all Spiritual energies and systems, is that whatever it is that you do, go for it and do it, but do NOT do it as an act of revenge, or when you are emotionally irrational, or, most of all, when all you wanna do is show off. You see, I have spent a LOT of years studying a LOT of these things, and it was not because I hate my Christian upbringing (quite the opposite because without it I would have no grounding in Spirit whatsoever and would not have grown to be who I am now) that I chose the Path I now follow, but more, because of the things that I already knew.

One of the things that I already was aware of was how the energies which are always present are utilized in what anyone who is not a constant student of anything strange would not know. You can call it anything you want, but using any sort of Magick (The Craft, Voudon…you know, anything that seems like it could make you grow a third eyeball in the middle of your forehead and a hairy hump on your back, or, you know, the sort of thing that people who are like I am, know and know because we have been EXTENSIVELY trained by GENERATIONAL practitioners) with the intent of harming someone else, whether you want to believe it or not, that energy, since it comes from you, it also returns to you in the same manner that you doled it out.

Doing anything worth doing takes a LOT of care and thought, and that is not truer than whenever you set out into the world to “do as Ye will.”

Let me tell you what – if it is that you would like to “do as Ye will,” there are a few things that you really need to consider prior to even putting that energy into something that you are not sure of. I think my most favorite student is the one who comes to me to learn the theory part about this kinda stuff, and who leave not only more knowledgeable about these things, but more than that, have a new knowledge of exactly how it is scientifically that this all works.  While I won’t sit here and ‘splain it all to you, what I will do is tell anyone who is reading this that any good practitioner of “doing as ye will” will NOT forget to tell ANYONE who comes to such a person that whatever it is that they are wanting to happen, no matter what you are told, no matter how much money you pay for someone to do as they will on your behalf – NO MATTER WHAT, that which you want done to someone else, that which you wish on someone else, all that crap will ALWAYS COME BACK TO GET YOU and guess what?

There is NO getting out of it. It is scientific. The energy that we each send out into the Void comes back the same way that we sent it out. This is not something that we don’t all know. It is Newton’s Law in action and is the power called Focused Thought. When we focus our thoughts, they become energy and everything in existence is energy. It is there, but our perception of it varies.

Some of us take a good advantage of these energies, and we are inclined to go out into the world, doing as we will, to our own benefit, which also makes it to the benefit of everyone else, too. The same thing happens when we are inclined to do these things with malicious intent.

Malicious Intent

It is a judicial term, I know, but more than that, it is an energy that is vile, that hurts EVERYONE, and no matter what, comes back to us with a fury and a fiery vengeance. This is called cause and effect.  Whatever it is that we want to cause will have an effect, basically, and sometimes that end result is what we want, even when it is maliciously so. While it is that we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labors, out there in the great big void that is the Universe, there is something equally as malicious brewing for us, as much as we wanted it conjured for someone else.

A reckless practitioner will not heed these Universal Laws, and because of this they end up believing in their Power but it is a Power that is had by and because of detriment. When we wish for someone else’s downfall, someone else to hurt, and someone else to have to experience things that we were momentarily angry about, and we forget the whole “An’ harm Ye none” part of the one rule that should stand out above anything else in the science of Human Behavior, we are not really doing anything wrong to anyone else as much as we are doing wrong for us.

Oh Woe is Ye

I see it, all the time, in the form of an email that starts off most of the time with these words – “I need to know if you can lift a curse.”

No. I can’t. There are special practitioners for such things, and I do not “do as ye will” for a whole lot of people. In my own Tribe, you have to be pretty danged special and a big giant part of my life if I am going to do something like this for you. The reason that I will not is because I am not going to put myself through the act of taking on someone else’s vibration for the purposes of hurting someone else because someone else was not too bright about the things that they thought they could do.

And let us get it understood, very clearly, okay? It is not wise to do things that you really have no real clue about, that you have not, yourself, bothered to at least become familiar with, if you are not as equally as strong as you are ignorant. Yes, ignorant. I say this because there are a whole lot of people walking the crust of the Earth who like to label themselves as something that they are not, only to find out later on that what they did to someone else has come back to get them. In my culture, this leads to something called “Hawai’i Sick,” and in the medical journals….well, there is nothing there about them that will not be labeled as being “psycho-somatic.”

Oh boys and girls…it is NOT psycho-somatic. It is called reaping what it is that you have sown.

“But Rox! I was mad and emotional!”

Yeah. I know you were, and that is why this is being written, because today alone I have had more than enough of the FACT that I have seen way too many nubile-brained new “witches” (and no, I am not a Witch…and it wouldn’t matter if I was one…so, THERE!) who have not paid their dues in terms of learning what it is that they will do out in this great big world. People, let me tell you this much – you have GOT TO be able to resolve the thing that is emotionally making you feel like crap. No matter what, even if it means that you have to say goodbye to a good friend, or a job that makes great pay but sucks in terms of everything else…basically, ANYTHING AT ALL that makes us feel like we are energetically charged with negative emotion- these are the things that, when we choose to act on them and do as we will, and we do as we will with malicious intent, not only does the person who we sent that malicious energy to feel it, but we also will.

The fun part is that when we “also will”…we don’t get to choose it or where it will come from or from who, and those who we think we can trust we find out that hell no, we cannot. I know this. I find it amusing that there are people who, to this day, still question my “guesses” and the strength of my own will when it comes to things beings exact and right. I will not now, nor ever will I, ever do things that I do with malicious intent. I will not now, nor ever will I, strike out against someone else maliciously, and if it is found that there has to be a lesser of two evils, I am always going to choose to do what is lesser.

And when I have to choose lesser, I am usually okay with it, because I am given a heads-up to the likelihood that through the things that I feel I have to do, that I will be learning something new, even if it might hurt a little, and sometimes, what needs to be learned is the letting go of things, of people, of situations, of thoughts, of energies…of everything, if that is what it will take, and for about five years now, that is always what it has taken. When this journey these last five years began, I was at a loss, in every way possible, and here I am, alive and well and stronger than I have ever been in my life.

Be very careful what you do and who you direct your “as ye will” at, seriously

There are a whole lot of ways that this statement can be taken, and all of them are cautionary. I will use myself and the way that I once thought was the only way that I would be, and I felt this way because I was very good at being someone who had a buttload of money. Yes, folks, there was once a time when I was a golf course community snob. While I was not the only one who was this way, I will say that I was the only one who was pretending to be this way. What I wanted people to think I was is “classy,” but what I was is a boorish snob who needed BADLY to not be one. The best way to de-snobbify anyone is to take away that which makes them believe that this is really who they are.

It was not the money, neither the big house, the golf course, the cars in the drive-way and garage, the ‘papered’ dog…it was not a snob that I wanted to be, but instead, to be thought of as someone who has manners and style, who is, even when in her weakest or her lowest moments, still the very picture of class while maintaining who she is, metal horns up, no shoes on her feet, and a beer in hand, pinky out, of course haha…I was reminded that when I was a kid I hated the idea that people thought they were better than anyone else was, and that is what I turned into, but I will not ever say that it did nothing good for me, because it taught me a whole lot. The most important thing was that things that look costly are not the picture of class and high manners, but that actually being a respectful and dignified woman, one whose strength she wears proudly on her sleeve, and whose Love for herself is real and apparent, and most of all, who knows she is loved.

But this wouldn’t have happened for me if at one point in my life, I did not wish that every rich person who had everything they wanted would suddenly lose all of it, and more than that, that they would also and suddenly lose their means of getting the income that it would take in order to be considered “rich.”  I might have lost all of my stuff, but in losing that stuff, I regained my Self.  Because of this very harsh life lesson in wishing things on other people, I learned that what we wish for, ask for, happen to intend through doing “as ye will,” is ours, but that we need to be concise with what we ask for, and most of all, it can bring harm and calamity to our lives and not at the time when we will expect it to happen.

I learned about the real me in asking for the things that I wanted, but more, I learned very well the meaning of the last eight words of the Wiccan Rede

“An’ Ye Harm None, Do as Ye Will.”

I wouldn’t have things any other way.




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