The Two Sides of Being

In life and in living, there are always two sides to everything…

You have heard it many times in your life, that there are always two sides to any story. While this is the truth, rarely do we think of those two sides as anything more than a lot of “he said/she said,” and really,  two sides to anything applies, everyday, no matter what, to everything and everyone. Nothing in life exists without the other side of things. If we pay attention to nature, we see that there is night and day. If we pay attention to our world on the inside, there is a darkness and a light. If we pay attention to our bodies, there is a left and a right, and while those two sides make the phenomenal whole and match perfectly, they are decidedly different.

No person on this planet is all good or all bad

Humans are either leaning more to one side, or leaning more to the other, and somewhere in the balance of things, we each find out where it is on the scale of things that we are better at being…the wicked sorceress or Glenda the Good Witch, but either way, these are the same person found in the same body. Each of us has the power to make or break a person, but mostly, it is ourselves that we break and how sad a condition it is that there are LOTS of us on this planet who seem to believe that they are the bringer of Karma that is bad (and then they wonder why bad things seem to keep happening to them).

If we bring it up to other people like this, that we are their Karma, we suddenly are thought to be arrogant and full of ourselves, but when you are like I am and like many others are, and you can see things from both sides, you will be able to also see where it is that something went awry.  When you are like me, meaning human, flawed and sorta on it with the human condition, you can see where it is that things went and continue to go awry, not only for yourself, but for a lot of others, too.


Things go awry and no matter what there is always someone in the mix who can point out who is the fly in the frosting, and the reality is that most of the time, no one wants to really know how things got the way they got until well after things get that way. This is not my rule and neither that of the Universe but simply and only is human nature.  It is not Spirit that makes us think we have to choose between being dark versus being in the light.  It is not Spirit that cares what so and so said, not Spirit Who tells us to only be one way or another, and it is not Spirit who can do more than only Be Who She Is (which is everything, duh).

Meaning that it is also not Spirit who creates unneeded havoc. Sometimes, when we are not willing to see both the light with the dark, it is Spirit Who will create options for us, and all of them lead to the same end, no matter what.  Spirit ALWAYS makes it so that we learn, in the most basic manner we can, and She uses us as the tool for learning. We are who turns things into a circus, and we are who also has the power to turn the circus into a party. Yet, most of the time, we only want to see one side, and we only want to hang on to the part of us that garners us the most attention, no matter what kind of attention. In that attention grabbing crap we employ we do not realize that when we cry out to Spirit to please bring us out of the darkness because it is only darkness that we understand and we want to know what is the light, we do not realize that at that point, we are about to be dragged through the garbage so that we can know what is not garbage.

Harder than I am making it sound

It is NOT easy to see the light where we would rather and where we choose to see only the dark. That is the ridiculous part about growth, that some of us do not realize that we are who is setting the standard for our own learning, and that what we end up with is meant to be the thing that teaches us the best, because it is usually something that we know, very well, and something that makes us hurt, very dearly, and for the life of us we are not thinking in terms that if we could see the beauty in all of this darkness, we would be able to create from that void what is meant to be there.

But we are spoiled children, the very lot of us, and we want what we want and we want it NOW! And normally, the things that we want cannot be right this moment, because we have not yet learned what we are meant to learn in order to appreciate what we have.  We take SO MUCH for granted, that when we see something that is not quite right, we are more inclined to judge it than to bother with scrutinizing it to the point where there is nothing left that looks like what it started out as.

It is not until we become very circumspect that we realize just where we have been, what we have gone through and what we have allowed that sooner than later, it is that same circumspection that guides us, and that is truly what having to go through, at least in part, the things that we go through and ultimately learn from is all about.

The Two Sides of Being

There is not one human person on this planet who is not prone to learning, only human beings who are prone to the hubris brought about by one’s own ignorance that was created by the ignoring of the things that one must learn. There is not one person on this planet who does not have a darkness about them, and who also does not have the equal part of light within, and who, for the life of them, can continue to be totally one way or the other and still be able to claim being a whole person. This is not going to happen. They can lie to us and tell us all the pretty stories they want, but the truth brought about by the denial of it all is the evidence that there is something not right on the inside, in the soul, and that those who would ignore the two sides would also be ignoring that thing called common sense.

There is no common sense in trying to deny that all of us has a darkness, a shadow side, and there is no common sense in behaving as though somehow, the dark side will win over the light – it just will not happen, ever, because that is just NOT how humans roll, at all.  Not one person on this planet can be all light, or all dark, but we are all able to be both. No Guru, teacher, expert, anything who says that you need to be always in the light without making time to take part in their own darkness is going to be an effective teacher because of the fact that they, themselves, are scared to look at the darkness that belongs to them.

While I understand that we all want life to be grand a gorgeous, the reality is that there are always gonna be those two sides to every single one of us, and if any one of us tries to remain without ALL of our human emotions, eventually, like a sneeze which is not allowed to come out of us the correct way ALWAYS has another way to get out (and one that can be very embarrassing if it is that typical escape route through which stifled sneezes travel), so, too, does our darkness. Our darkness unacknowledged can turn into deadly things, like addiction, and medical things, like depression,  and social things, like STDs, and I could go on and on.

If our darkness has but one exit, which is through the light, then perhaps it would be a good time to be able to stomach looking at both sides of yourself. Just because you are scared of the dark, it doesn’t mean that there is anything there in that darkness that is not there when there is the Light.

No dragon underneath any beds, and no monsters residing in closets ever survived the Light…



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