Your time is now meant for YOU !

While we are well meaning in our endeavors with trying hard to help others, the time is now that each of us HAS TO worry about ourselves. Without self-care and being mindful of ourselves we are ineffective in our quest to help others heal.

I will be the last one who will tell someone else that doing things for other people is bad, because that is not the truth. The truth is that we are meant to help others. The problem is that in our quest to help others we more often times than not neglect to think about ourselves. And a lot of the time, it is to our detriment because what most folks who have chosen the healer’s path are not aware of is that there comes a time when what we are able to do with and for others has to also be for ourselves. An effective healer, regardless if whether or not that healing is for others or needed by us and for us, will never be as effective as we can be if we are bogged down and worn out from the energies that are given to us by others.

Worn down and worn out light workers need to learn to set boundaries

I am a light worker. I have been aware of this since a very young age and know well the constant feeling that I have to do something to help anyone else. I know that this alone is dangerous for me in regards to my own health on all levels in that there are a lot of people on this planet who really need the efforts and the energies of light workers in their lives, NOT to heal them but to teach them how to heal themselves AND to also teach them how not to become bogged down by all of the superfluous energies that some folks just do not want to deal with on their own. There is a stark difference between people who need to be healed and people who are able to heal themselves with the proper training. Sometimes, as healers, we need to step away from people, not because we don’t love them or because we are angry with them or anything ridiculous like that.

The simple fact is that sometimes we just need to step away so that we can catch our breath and make ourselves whole again. We make ourselves whole again by first recognizing that we are bogged down. Like, right now, it would not be fair for people like me to just take away our energy from others, because in doing so, at this very moment in time, and unless they are somehow misusing that which we give so freely, there is a great need for extra support in the manner and the realms of the healers and weirdos of the world. This is because there are a lot of crazy things going on in the cosmos that require a bit of strength on the part of the entirety of mankind because right now, there is a LOT happening up in the realms of the Universe.

At the same time, though, it is the perfect time for those who are learning the ways of Spirit and who are carving out their own path toward wholeness to let go of the idea that you all need training wheels, that you are in need of someone there to hold your hand the whole way through. It is not that we do not want to be there for those in our care as much as it is that the more we worry about those who we care the most about and do the most for, at some point we, the healers and weirdos of the world, end up tired. It is like when there has been too many hair products put into the hair and the hair becomes weighted and dull and even hard to the touch, and we know that we need to get some clarifying energies happening for us or else we also end up sick in the soul, which can end with us being physically sick as well.

We tend not to think about the idea that as healers, we also and sometimes need to be healed, and that healing HAS TO come from ourselves. When we take on the sicknesses of the body, the maladies of the spirit, we are automatically opening ourselves up to the energies that are making our charges sick.

The mistake we make as healers and light workers is that we believe that it is our job to be selfless to the point that we ourselves are physically ill.

When a light worker has become ill in the body, it means that they have either taken on the ailment of one of his or her charges, or it means that we have worn ourselves out. We wear ourselves out when we take on so many energies that are not our own and choose to be the messiah for all the people who come to us for our abilities to heal through our listening, to our energetically reading their bodies for the spiritual source of what it is that they come to us for in the first place. We cannot any longer be worried to the point where who it is that we are meant to help has now somehow made it so that their situation is now our worry.

When people become dependent on a healer or a light worker is when the reality of being powerful becomes evidently and also something that needs to be balanced. This is a difficult lesson for anyone to learn, for anyone to be able to perform, not for others, but for ourselves. We believe that we have the power of Christ and we end up martyring ourselves for other people. It is not that we do not want to help, but that sometimes, we just cannot. We become drained, ending up falling off of our own Path for the sake of other people. The hardest time that we have is the time that it takes for us to separate what we need versus what other people need from us.

When we think that we are responsible for what others learn and we take the idea to heart that since we are the healer, that we are the ones who are supposed to care to the point of our own ailment, and when we think that someone else needing us to heal them is our responsibility and where it is that those who come to us for our healing abilities take an unwitting advantage of us is when we feel drained to the point where we can’t even help ourselves.

As hard as it might be, take the time to NOT worry about anyone else but you

It is difficult for healers to NOT heal others, even when we are not feeling well. When a healer is not feeling well it normally means that at some point in our activities we have taken on too many other peoples’ stuff, have become so overly worried about things and situations which are not our own, have taken on way too much and now our physical self is telling our soul-self that we need to take some time out and that we need to create boundaries and that we have to stick to them. When a healer tells us that they have no time to help us, it is not something that is forever, but it is something that anyone who seeks our help needs to dearly think about.

If a person with whom we have much closeness decides that the only way that we can be healed is if we choose to take away from others, no matter who they are, the right to say ‘no’ and the right to remain well, this is not a person who is bothering to see what is in the lesson for themselves.  If someone keeps on bringing to us the thing that we know that they need to heal, and we are not willing to see it, and we are not willing to act on our own stuff, and we continue to pile our stuff onto them, we are not making ourselves or our situation any better. In fact, we are making it worse- worse than we can imagine it being, because we are not willing to see how we, ourselves, can help.

If we cannot bother to help ourselves, and we see where it is that we are, ourselves, not okay with what someone else is doing in their lives and in their healing, and we have the very nerve to tell anyone, namely them, that what they and we have been through is somehow only one person’s fault and there is no claim to the difficult energies involved and we are totally involved in a situation, we are not ever going to heal.

The reason is that we have not bothered to even want to learn to heal. Our first ‘patient’ is always our very selves. If we cannot see in our own selves the sickness that is there and in others, and we can only option ourselves to point out their sins without also acknowledging our own, we are not anywhere near being able to heal anyone else, because through our ego we cannot see how it is that this same energy within us as being the sickness in someone else.

And sometimes it is not a sickness at all, but really is a manner of being that is alive and showing through in someone else that bothers us to the point where we would think that somehow, it is fine to point it out in someone else – anyone else – and that is so not okay. Not one of us has the right to judge. Not only that, but we cannot effectively be any good to anyone else if the only thing that is in our line of sight is the ugliness in other people. My theory is the same as anyone else’s would be, and that theory is that if you can recognize ANYTHING in anyone else, good or not, it also exists in you in some way, shape or form.

If you can see jealousy in another person, it is also in you. If you can see hatred in someone else, and that hatred causes you to be very angry, it also exists in you. if you can see insecurity, addiction, arrogance, loathing, anger, rage, anything, really, no matter what it is, it also is alive and well within you.

There comes a time when you have to save yourself before you can think to try to even help anyone else at all

There comes a time when any healer must pay attention to what they need for themselves. There comes a time when any healer needs to step back from something, stop taking on the energy that is depleting them, stop being a martyr and stop allowing the ego to continue to make you believe that somehow you are the only saving grace for anyone else or in particular at all. No matter what, we know when we need to stop trying to help other people, when that help becomes something that is important to our ego (so that it doesn’t make us feel guilty – that is where most of the idea that we are responsible for other peoples’ feelings comes from) but is a detriment to our entire self.

There comes a time when a person has to stop and think about everything they have gone through on behalf of someone else and just STOP. There comes a time when there is no more guilt to be laid on someone else, a time when what we go through personally has gotten to the point where who we are and what we believe crosses the line between being helpful and being helped in our own depravity, when we will stop the madness that we suffer on someone else’s behalf and when we are more willing to save ourselves rather than try hard to be the savior for anyone else at all.

We can only do so much for anyone.

We can only be brow beaten to the point where what is bothering someone else to the point of them blaming us becomes old and ineffective. When we feel like we have to fight with anyone just so that we can justify the pain we are willing to be in (because someone else won’t do what we want them to do on our behalf) and when we know that we have been made to look like a fool, when we know and can anticipate fighting over anything at all (when in reality there should be no fighting) and when we have to suffer through more than the normally expected amount of bullshit – this is the very big “duh moment” for anyone at all. Healers and light workers are very bad at setting boundaries, at least those of us who are relatively new in our abilities.

Too often we are more willing to believe that somehow what we are willing to do on behalf of anyone else is somehow the right thing to do. It is not always that way. Sometimes it is to our detriment that we will offer up our soul and our self to anyone just to make them feel better about anything. When we get to the point where it is that we think we are the only answer, or that we have the only right answer, or that someone else has to change because we want them to, and we end up making ourselves bat-shit crazy over things that, in the Bones of the Soul, we know that we will not win, this is when the healer within needs to go outside of themselves to seek energy healing from others.

And really, it never needs to be this way, at all, because in all of this weirdness that has become my very life’s blood and work, the one thing that I had the hardest time learning to do is to NOT rush to anyone’s side just because I am able to do what I am able to do. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I always should rush to someone else’s aid.

Healers need to learn to keep some of our energy for ourselves.

Stop fretting over the things that cannot be changed by you for anyone else. You cannot change anything for anyone else, and by no means can you change ANYONE else, either. They have to want to do it on their own.

And more than that, sometimes, the fight that we fight is the indicator that things, as they are, are not okay, that they might never be okay again.

Again…it will be the healer within who will point the way for any one of us.

We need to be able to see the “duh” before we have to live in the middle of it.

Just sayin’…




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5 responses to “Your time is now meant for YOU !

  • julienmatei

    Very, very wise and truthful words. I found some pertinent answers here.


    • reverendroxie22

      Thanks very much for your comment ! I am happy to know that you found some answers. Aloha and Mahalo…ROX

      • julienmatei

        Can you ever help “someone”, or the sole work is to heal yourself thoroughly?

      • julienmatei

        Just a question to you:

        Can you ever help “someone”, or the sole work is to first heal yourself thoroughly?

      • reverendroxie22

        It can be either. Depending upon what the issue is that is the initial cause of the ailment. Ailment is physical, but the physical part of ailment is typically attached to an emotional or spiritual cause. So, in answer to your query, anyone can help anyone else, but those who seek healing must be open to it, and, as well, the practitioner MUST be as open and honest. It is always wise to figure out on one’s own why we ail. WE are who fixes our own ailments. NO one else can. Even in the case where there is a real medical reason, the wisest physician will ask questions about what is happening at home or work AFTER the patient gives the physician the reason for their being in the physician’s presences in the first place. Yes, it is best to heal one’s own self first, so that one can be well enough to be out in the world and be able to be of good and purposeful service to all.

        Thanks for your question !!

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