As above, so below

What you think about, that is also what you will become both witness to and creator of

The reality of life is that what we see around us was first a thought. Given that much and knowing that much, the question “What the hell are you thinking?” dearly comes into play because, let’s face it, guys – things from anyone’s perspective, at least in certain circles and in certain ways, are not that great. However, it also goes to say that what we have thought ourselves into on a collective level, we can also think ourselves out of.

Whatever it is that we were all thinking at the time that the thoughts were thought about in regards to what we see now as far as what the global economy looks like all happened because this was the energy, and to some extent, my opinion is that those in power also know how powerful thoughts as things are, and it was those guys who took advantage of all that they have at their disposal and helped to create the mass thought that we are on the verge of financial ruin. The truth is that this “ruin” was seen by many astrologers, for many years, and those who followed the advice and what the astrologers saw are also the very ones who, for the life of us, have come to this point where, in our lives as professional weirdos, we knew, we warned, and now we are the ones who are being sought out for nothing other than a way out of this mess. (Yes, me included as one who has been sought out…and that’s all you are gettin’ outta me)

No lie…thoughts ARE things

So I have this friend. Her name is Melody, Fletcher, to be exact, and my friend Melody can be thought of as the Goddess of Gettin’. I have been in contact with her for long enough to know that her mantra is and always will be that our thoughts are powerful, that the things that we think are the things which we create our lives from, good or bad, and no matter what.  And basically, if we would bother to at least, for a little while, think about what we are thinking about and lend a few queries to those thoughts we would see inside of the answers that we give to ourselves about anything at all why it is that we are seeing the mess that is on the outside of us.

When we think we won’t get what we need, we are sending out that energy through that thought that we are worried that we will be without the things that we need, and we continue with that thought pattern and then end up with the reality that is the reality that we did NOT want. The bitch of it all is that we are who brought it into being through believing that we would not get what we needed through the thought that might look like “I hope we get this” which can, most of the time, be really “I am not going to get that.” The reason that I say it that way is easy.

Think about the last time that you wanted anything at all, and about how badly you wanted it, and how, when it came down to the bottom line, you may have technically gotten what you wanted, but it was so not what you wanted in reality. What you wanted in reality was the energy that is “Yay! I got my way” and in reality and when you got what it technically was that you wanted, the energy was more like “Oh man, that’s IT?” The reason that this happens is because when you are thinking about how great it could be to have what you asked for, you are not believing that you will get what you want.

Yes. It really is that simple.

As Above, So Below

Think about the things that you think about, and realize that your entire world is colored by those thoughts. No one ever really stops to think about what they think about. Ponder the things that cross your mind, think about the things that you would typically be thinking about anyway, and think about how it is that all day long, the thoughts which prevail are the thoughts that run your life.

Let me say that again for you – the thoughts which prevail and are the ones that you think about the most and for the longest periods of time are the ones that create the energy that is your life and through that energy, whatever it is that you are thinking about the most is the thing that creates the energy that is your life and your living of that life.

When we are happy and our thoughts are aligned in that manner, everything else in life is made to be what they are for us and only us through that thought about things. When we are unhappy, and when we think about the things that are part of our lives and according to those unhappy thoughts, in accordance with those thoughts is the energy that is our lives. This is not my rule. This is the rule of the Universe.

When we choose to think about what we haven’t got, and choose to see only what we wish was there and what it is that we know we do not have but that we totally want, the energy is that of the void, is that of missing something in your life and the energy that is the emptiness that is created by the thought that the void is meant to taunt us is what will be experienced.

When we choose to think about what we have got, and what we have at our disposal to make what we do not yet have but know that we can have, and we go into the energy field with the thought in mind that everything changes and that also the changes include our being able to change the energy field that is “have not” to “working toward.” And really, that is another part of manifesting that not one of those professionals,,,the ones to whom I can only refer to as “Teachers in the Kindergarten of Spirit”…thinks to tell people that there is work behind the getting and acquiring of the life that we each want to have.

That’s right – there is work involved in all of this thinking what we want to see in our lives into being. There is work involved in that we have to learn to think apart from the way that we have thought in the past. There is work in learning to trust who we are is good enough in the eyes of Spirit to be able and powerful enough to bring our lives the goodness that we each deserve to have. No one ever said that there is work involved or that the work involved is not about actual physical work, but the inner work where we need to learn to trust is the place that will bring to fruition the things that we need to see in our lives.

So…no matter what, you create your life, even if what I see there is one thing, and what you see there is another thing, and the thing that we are seeing at the same time is the same thing. How you see something is not the same way that I will see things. This is how our reality is created – by our having any sort of judgment on anything at all.

What you think about what it is that you see is yours alone. How you perceive anything at all creates the feeling and the experience that you have.

You create your life through your thoughts.

Knowing and realizing this much alone should prompt you to wonder, at times, what the hell you were thinking about!




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