Assume that you do NOT know

Assuming means that you think you know, and really… you might not know

A lot of people believe that they know what someone else likes, wants, thinks, and they assume they are right because of how they particularly feel about anything at all. The problem with assuming anything is that when we assume anything we are giving the impression that not only do we know what someone else is thinking, but that what we have assumed is also their truth. It may well be the truth, but only to ourselves. It is like assuming that a pentagram is a symbol that is indicative of the devil when in reality it is a symbol of non-secular spiritual belief. The reason that a pentagram is thought to be the mark of evil is because for centuries it has also been assumed that any belief that is not mainstream and that does not have a man in charge of a congregation is somehow evil. It is assumed that belief systems that are Feminine in nature are weaker, but if that is the truth, then why is it that an entire generation of men, and the generations which followed, have assumed that if you follow anything that also follows natural law that you are a heretic and that you are evil.

Feminine based beliefs are rooted in the Earth, are rooted in nature, follow the changes of the seasons, and above all, these beliefs never ever promote anything that would cause harm. In feminine based belief systems, one must remember that in general, mothers are not assumed to do anything wrong to their children. I mean, yes, there are some douche-bag types who do horrid things to their kids, but most of the time, it is the moms of the world who are also considered the safest. It was men and the religions that they created for the purposes of perpetrating political agendas that made it so that earth based religions were labeled as being ‘evil.” It was these men who felt threatened by the things that they could not see and assumed were evil.

It was due to patriarchal superiority in ancient times that brought to the world the assumption that beliefs which did not honor anything that wasn’t “male” were also evil. The way that a great majority believes has been made possible by the assumption, not only that the patriarch of ancient days was better, but that anything Feminine was somehow not good enough to be anything but evil. This is why, for a long time, and even now, even here in America, women can be seen as that which brings good men down. It is not women who bring good men down, but the very dirty thoughts that a few who want to turn us into evil beings who give the world the assumption that because they are men, because they are bigger than we are physically, that somehow, it should also be assumed that we are weaker.

When it is found out that perhaps we are not weaker because we are smaller in size, but that who we are is what makes us as powerful as we really are and more, what we can do physically is when the ‘evil’ becomes real on a level that only a politician could make “true.” Yet, this writing is not about women, neither a short historical review about how it is that women were assumed to be the weaker gender for the last few thousand years.

When we assume anything, we are telling other people that we know the truth about them…and that might not be the truth that is theirs

When we assume anything about anyone else, no matter what it is that we are assuming we know more and better about, we are not giving the other person the respect that is the truth of them. When we assume that what we have as our own truth about anything, that other people are going to agree with us, no matter what it is that they think we will agree to, the truth is not being allowed and therefore an assumption about something or someone has been made. When we assume that what another person believes in as being evil, we are making a judgement call on them, and from the Ego’s point of view, we are telling them that no matter what is important to them, what we have as our own truth and what they believe as their truth are different. This usually means that someone who will assume the worst of us will just believe what they think is the truth for no other reason than that they fear being wrong.

People who assume they know better than we do about what is right for anyone are not giving others the right to their own freedom of being, their right to be all who they are and their ability to be able to see the entirety of someone else as being the truth of them and more, as our being able to respect the difference in belief that is the similarity between two people that says “at least you believe something outside of yourself.”

To Assume is to have a false sense of empowerment. 

To assume that we are right about anything, and to continue to push what is our assumption of things as being the absolute truth is not giving way to other people who actually have the absoluteness of truth about them.

It was assumed by a LOT of people who I have known for years that I am somehow evil because I no longer follow the guidelines of belief as set out by what it was that I was brought up to accept as my truth. While I did not stick with that religious belief, what I DID stick with was the ferocity behind the belief that my parents hold in the Christ they adore and the Christianity they follow. That I am more Pagan in my own beliefs anymore is beside the point. That I follow and adhere to what is right for me with a certain fiery passion and an absoluteness of ferocity was the important thing. It is the thing that I never assume anyone else to be like unless I know that this is the truth of them.

When we assume that we know more about what is right for someone else according to what we think we know about anything, and when we enforce that belief onto others because we believe what we want to, and we do not give someone else the benefit of the doubt about their own thoughts, we are in the wrong. A woman will assume what she will of her mate, and whether he is a cad or a prince in her eyes, it will be the assumption, either way, that will make the difference for them both. The woman might have been cheated on, left, beaten, whatever, but whatever it is that caused the issue will not be the thing that guides her. What will guide her is her assumption that she knows the truth of why her mate did whatever it was that he’d done, never giving thought that what she did or did not do, regardless of how scathing it may have been.

Regardless of what was the trigger of his actions in response to her initial action, to the woman, because of society’s standards that are sometimes double, even when thinking in terms of men, the assumption will be the worst of him because of what is already thought about us.

Never mind that she might have been accusing her mate of cheating, or of doing things that might not be happening – that she is assuming he is responding to her action the way that she intends for him to, thereby making it possible through her implanting those thoughts in his head and cementing them in hers, to the woman, it is the man who is at fault because she assumed that his looking at other beautiful women means that he is going to cheat on her. To the woman, his appreciating beauty in other women is a sign that she really is not every woman in the world, that he is somehow blind to all other examples of what is beautiful to him, that he is no longer human but now her puppet.

It means that she thinks that he stopped being a biological creature the moment that they met, and this is not the truth of any man.  She wants it to be his truth because she wishes it was HER truth. See how messy assuming things can make your life?

Assumption actually promotes intentions that are not going to manifest what we want to see manifest

That’s right. You read it correctly – when you assume the worst, you will get the very equivalent of what is the worst in your thoughts and mind. When you think the thoughts that you think and those thoughts hurt you in any way at all you not only hurt at that moment but you continue to hurt until you see what it is that the hurt brought about. The manifestation that is brought to us through that thought energy is normally what you do not want to see. Thinking and assuming that the worst is to happen only means that you are putting the pain on layaway.

Yeah, I know…it is VERY DIFFICULT to not go there to that place where we hide what we are afraid to admit to not knowing with the arrogance that is the know-it-all, that is the right-wing super-tight-butt-hugger conservative who thinks that being pro-choice means that you are a baby killer, or that you are a practitioner of black magick because you are not one to follow mainstream beliefs. This is like the elderly war veteran thinking that what our troops go through now (PTSD) is easier to deal with because it was harsher to be a soldier back in the day. It is like a mother vicariously living through her daughter, putting her in pageants, not because of the kid but because she assumes the kid wants to be told she is pretty when in reality it is not the kid who believes she is not pretty but her mother than assumes that her daughter has the same issues that maybe other daughters whose mothers are that creepy might.

When you no longer care to assume, you give up the craziness that comes from a lack of clarity

Assuming things about people and who they are and what they believe is another way of impeding their free will, at least where we are personally concerned with them. We assume what we will about others because we want our belief about anything to be “right” when in fact it is neither right nor wrong but just something that is personally our own. Assuming things about others keeps them in a safe place where we can deal with our own issues about how we feel about what it is that we really believe about us.  When we assume something we are believing something that keeps our judgement about something or someone in line with the truth that our Ego wants us to keep as “the truth.”

Assumptions make it so that we have control over the fear of being hurt by someone else letting us down by being who they really are and not what we assumed them to be for very long periods of time. I know that it was very difficult for my parents, namely my mother, NOT for her to accept that I am a bit on the Earth Beliefs and Feminine Divine side of Life as much as it was knowing that the very thing she feared the most – that one of her kids would no longer believe in the God they were raised to fear would turn their back on religion.

And I did…I did turn my back on religion, but not on Spirit, and only on the uptight, patriarchal , jealous, domineering, fear-mongering God. I never gave up on Belief.

I only turned in my Holier-than-Thou membership card.




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