…in the Interim

The Interim is where we sit petulantly and impatiently (and where it is fine to do so)

I am impatient. I have always been. Yet, I am not impatient enough to make a fool of myself anymore just to not be bored because I am impatient. Not a lot of people would know this about me if I didn’t say it. It is because I have either learned how to deal with my impatience in terms of waiting for things to happen in my life…or I really have just grown out of it and am now learning how to grow out of that thought that people who have known me a long, long time about my being very dearly impatient.

And I am impatient because my entire life has been a remarkable show of people telling me one thing and me getting happy and anticipating the outcome and then when I am let down, because I got overly happy about things without regard to the idea that things that are great and things that we desire and things that we are manifesting no matter what they are take time for them to happen. This is not news. This is not something that we do not know. This is not something that has not been around for as long as humans have been on the planet to see the sun rise and set. Impatience. It is something I know well, is something that I wear well (because I am so good at not showing my impatience) and it is something that all of us knows is not going to go away anytime soon…at all.

It is called “The Interim.”

The Interim

This would make a great name for a new thrash metal band or for the title of an album by a thrash metal band, but in reality, the Interim is that place where all those great things that we want to see in our lives that are meant to come along and fill that Void we all dislike so much  brew or simmer and come to their full fruition. It is that place where our impatience and our doubt and everything that scares us like so many spiders, lives, and it is where all of those things that we don’t like and don’t want to face are at. The Interim is that thing where, just like being upset at the idea that we are told that we have to check in for our flight hours in advance, only to have to deal with our flight being delayed (and now we are heavily annoyed at the idea), we are meant to think about if what we see with our mind’s eyes is really worth the wait, is worth the pain that we know we have to endure in the soul and is that place where, without it, we would have nothing worth having.

Of course, when we are in the Interim we are not thinking this way. In fact, when we are in the Interim, we are doing and thinking anything other than why we are in the Interim. And the truth is that while we are there, a whole lot of doubt is there, too, and so is a whole lot of thinking that maybe what we are asking for…that maybe we are not worthy of it.

Well of COURSE we are worthy of it, all of it, no matter what it is. If we know that it is what we are headed for, and we know, too, that who we are deserves what we want, and we know that what we want is ours anyway and that all we have to do is brew over it in the Interim, and the Interim is that place where who we are matters the most, then why would we not see the Interim as somehow being a valuable and worthy place to be? Why is it that we are not realizing that we are waiting for our very selves in the space called “The Interim”? The Interim is that place where what we are made of is put into practice long before the reality of the Void which needs to be made full with the Truth of us is made full. It is that place where all of those dreams and all of those desires and everything we have ever wanted is at, but is a mess, just like we will be when we are in the Interim.

It is the ultimate void 

The Interim is the ultimate Void in that without it, we would be too well aware of the idea that the actual void is what is being seen to at that moment. It is that place within that feels empty, and that place where what we think we want versus what we know we need can become the same thing if we are willing to ponder it as the truth in manifest. When we can see things from a new point of view and when we are able to truly accept things as they are and look at them everyday and every time as being a brand new sheet of paper upon which the end of the story, we know, does not change, the way to getting there can.

The Interim is that place within where we keep our tears and our anger and also where it is that we believe we are meant to hurt and to feel like a fool. In reality it is like the Great Cave, the great space in which those blessings and those wishes and dreams are able to become all they are meant to, right there in the meantime which is also and can be thought of as the Interim. It is that place where, in times of the greatest trials we are talking to the angels, and understanding, eventually, that the pain is meant because without the pain we will not know what is not pain.

We cannot know what is loss without the Interim, because loss does not come about without our having something to lose. We cannot know what it is to have our heart broken if we also do not know what it is that we want to believe is Love but is not and never was. The Interim is a place of wonderment and finding out things that we have only heard about and is where we get the messages from Spirit in the most magnificent ways and in ways that before the Interim, we would never bother to believe were meant to be what they are.

The Interim is where we are told by our soul that we are not right intended and that while it is that we know what we want is great and awesome and good, it might not be what is right for us at all and at that point the Interim is a place where, like a good mother does her children, we get schooled by the Universe. It is that place where we do not want to be patient, and where, like a kid at a birthday party who waits for cake and ice cream eventually gets their piece of cake but when they do, it is no where near what it was when we first wanted a piece of cake and it sucks because it is our birthday cake and still, we were made to wait.

The next time that any one of us has a “why me” moment, and we want to know why it is that we are hurting, and why it is that we are seeing everyone else get what they wanted for so long and so badly, remember that in the Interim is where we are, and in the Interim is the thing that has to be in order for us to know our value through our measure of strength and our measure of character. The Interim is where our integrity is tested, and the Interim is the place where how strong we are matters, and how patient we are also matters. It is where we know that we are supposed to be, even though we also know for sure that it sucks, a lot.

The Interim is like the dentist’s office…no one wants to go there, but sometimes, the pain of going there is lots less horrible than is the thought to have to go without what it is that we know we are headed to.

What we are headed to, by the way, and no matter who thinks or says what, is going to be anyway, no matter what. In my case, the Interim is filling the void. In my case, the Interim is seen as being more of a place where I am creating the reality that is in manifest and in the Interim that is my own are also the bricks which lay upon the foundation which heartache and loss and disappointment and shame built.

The Interim is that place where we get to have control, of everything…even though we think otherwise. The Interim is that place where really, we can tell ourselves and believe that what we initially thought, the part of us that tells us that whatever is going to happen and is meant to happen is going to happen anyway…that part gets to have fun and have a party and be happy that, in the Interim, we are the star of the show and we get to direct the flow of things.

And unlike Las Vegas, what happens in the Interim never, ever stays in the Interim, because one day, it becomes what was the Void.

I Love You All !

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