The Universal Law of Discipline

Unbridled, but Disciplined – this is how we should be, but this is how we are not

You need to take a look at your damned self and know that you are so not the cat’s okole that you think you are

Get over yourself already, seriously. There are a whole lot of people on this planet who seem to think that they are just THE cat’s ass and you are not. If you were, you would not need to be out in the world and telling people that you are the cat’s ass. The “cat’s ass” is that person who thinks that they are just the best at everything, who does not screw up, who thinks they know better and more than most do. I am sorry, geniuses, but there are no people on the planet who are able to not screw up. Period. You are not that great at a whole lot of things and you KNOW you are not, because we all know we are not all great at everything that we do. We have been great at a whole lot of things, all of us has been, but we cannot now nor ever say that we have always done everything perfectly.

The difference between excellence and perfection

No one is perfect, but everyone has the opportunity at being their most excellent at anything they do, and all it takes is being focused. Being able to focus on anything takes discipline. Parents know that teaching very young children not to be distracted is not an easy job and it requires discipline on both the part of the parent and the child. The parent has to be disciplined enough to not lose their patience with their kid as they learn to focus, and the young child has to not lose focus on learning whatever it is that he or she is learning, and all of disciplined behaviors take TIME and PATIENCE and a LOT of screwing up, over and over and over again until everything that you are trying to learn is at its best and highest level of excellence that it can be.

No one can ever be perfect. Perfection is meant for those of us who have gone on to the next consciousness, and also for those who like being made crazy by not wanting to believe that they are not perfect. There are a LOT OF PEOPLE on this planet who think they are perfect, and more who, if you tell them that they are not, will end up coming unglued with you because you had the guavas to say it. This is why discipline in learning your own soul’s mission and purpose are SO important. If you already think you are so perfect, and then someone else comes along and tells you otherwise, and you get ass hurt because of it, that might be a sign that you already know the truth and the truth is that you know that you are not all the cat’s ass that you think you are.

You are anything but perfect, really

Perfect is boring, pretentious and snooty. Perfect is someone trying to hard to be better than anyone else, but the truth is that no one is better than me, or you, or anyone, really. The pursuit of perfection will drive a person to the brink of madness and the pursuit of perfection is something that we are taught by someone else, usually our parents.More than that…perfect is a lie, because no one is and no one can be truly perfect. To be perfect means that you are without flaws, and last I checked we all have the ability to screw up. Without the ability to screw up, then and only then are any one of us on this planet perfect.

Perfection and excellence in the things that we do are different. We can hope for a perfect outcome of something, but to get to that outcome, the conditions must be excellent for it. We can be perfectly matched with people who could help us with the things that we do in our lives and in our work, but we, ourselves, are not now and nor will any one of us be truly perfect unless we are talking in terms of being imperfectly perfect. Then we are as perfect as we can imperfectly be.

To be excellent, you just have to learn to focus, and to learn to focus takes discipline

Humans are the most undisciplined group on the planet. We are this way because we have the ability to reason, and the ability to reason makes it so that we have the option to be, or not be, a douche bag perfectionist. No one taught or teaches a perfectionist how to not see what is not there – they only see what is not perfect and already there, and they judge it. This is the reality of someone who thinks that they are perfect. Perfection means that you have no flaws and that who you are is the standard that everyone else must live up to or be told is not good enough. The mark of a perfectionist is the same one that says that yours is good, but they know someone else’s that is better, and normally it is theirs.

Yet, to be excellent (yes…hello to all of my San Dimas, California friends !! Bill and Ted RULE !!) requires diligence, the sort that it takes to get the job done. To be able to discipline one’s self to that point of being able to focus on one thing at a time, knowing that all of the ‘things’ involved in the entirety of the whole, no matter what it is, will benefit. Yes, you will screw up, but no one doesn’t. You will make a fool out of yourself, but no one doesn’t. You will do a whole lot that is less than attractive and you will be horribly and terribly dismayed at the idea that you are not perfect. You will think that the only person in the world who is as big a loser as you think you are is you and that you are alone in that loser energy. Lemme tell you this much, you are not a loser if you are trying your hardest, and you are not a loser if you know you have done your best and have done all that you are capable of doing. You are not anything that you know you have never been on the negative side of things as long as you know you are on the right Path to wherever it is that you are meant to be.

No, you do not now nor have you ever had to be perfect. Perfect can not ever be, because perfect means that we have to die from this life time, and we – the all of us – we have a whole lot of work to do still.

The Universal Law of Discipline makes us have to go from the coal, which is rough and wild and harsh and dirty, to the gem contained within, which is brilliant and shiny and gorgeous. We have to make it through the fires of refinement, also known as the hard times, in order for us to become the person who we are meant to be.Heartaches hurt us, but they teach us, and adversity makes us know that there are times when we have to think quickly and be on top of things.

I Love You All !!


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