The Warrior’s Path is Lighted by The Violet Flame

‘Tis the Violet Flame which Lights the Path

I am talking to you.

You whose heart has been smashed into a million tiny pieces, and you who has been shamed and humiliated and loathed. You whose life has been turned inside, out and upside, down and you who feels like he has been owned. You who has hidden her light so as to meld with the darkness, and you who has fought until your fingers hurt and your soul bled.

I am talking to you, the ones who fight on everyday, against an enemy who you cannot conquer, and a foe who seems impossible. It is you. You are the Warrior, the one who was chosen to walk the path of unease, and the path of the impossibly impossible way. You are the Warrior, the one who chose the battle and the war and you who ran headlong into the fracas and you, ultimately you who comes out the victor each time.

NEVER forget your place in the Universe. It is an important place, yours is, and it is a place that only you can fill. You, who has cried through blackened eyes and a bruised soul, who has scaled the mountain and tumbled down it only to pick yourself up and start right back up the mountain again. It is you. You are who makes you the fighter, of injustices placed upon those of us, like me, like you, who have only been seen at our weakest point.

What others do not realize, what they cannot see is the Warrior who you really are. You fall, and you get back up. You cry, and then you stop to wipe the tears, and through the blurred vision which is born through the pain, you battle on, not worrying about who it is who will see you, and not interested in much else than your place in life, which is that of the Warrior, and this, my Love, is the Warrior’s Path upon which you trek.

It is the Path lighted by you, for you are the Violet Flame come to life, and you are the breath and the life that is the spark of creation, and the spark that is given to the raging fire which glows purple and hotter than the blueness that was the pain which beat heavily in your heart and soul, and all the while, you knew…you knew then what you know now, and what you know now is that which you must know, for this is the Path you chose and for which you were chosen.

You have fought and won, and you have fought and lost, but never did you quit. You never ever gave up the fight, no matter what.

You are the Violet Flame. You are the Warrior whose path is lighted by your own brightness, your own light…



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2 responses to “The Warrior’s Path is Lighted by The Violet Flame

  • carol roberts

    Beautiful ~~ it's an honor to be walking this path along side you sister ~ your words of validation, support and encouragement are a constant light to me ❤

  • Roxanne Cottell

    Carol,Much of our lives we do not realize that we are meant to be with one another. It is when we feel like we are at our lowest that someone comes along to remind us why we have gone through much…thank you always for traveling the Path with me !! ALoha ! LOVE YOU !! ROX

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